My individual posts can be found by clicking on the left hand side of the screen, under the category “fauxscandinavian” or by clicking on the links below.

Chapter 1: Liplock

Chapter 2: Awkward Aftermath

Chapter 3: Absence Makes…

Chapter 4: Sleeping

Chapter 5: Well worth the wait

Chapter 6: Now and forever

Chapter 7: Saturday Seduction

Chapter 8: In Plain Sight

Chapter 9: All Star

Chapter 10: A friend in need…

Chapter 11: Transitions

Chapter 12: Long Road to recovery

Chapter 13: For the team

Chapter 14: Moving On

Chapter 15: Not letting go

Chapter 16: The glue that binds

Chapter 17: Always

Chapter 18: Ending with a Beginning

Here are other fanfics I have written:

Off the record

Together with PrincessofJLin I am co-writing The Serendipity series under the Crossing Language Barriers:

Book One, Serendipity

Serendipity, part 1

Serendipity, part 2

Serendipity, part 3

Serendipity, part 4

Serendipity, part 5

Serendipity, part 6

Serendipity, part 7

Serendipity part 8

Serendipity, part 9

Serendipity, part 10

Serendipity, part 11

Serendipity, part 12

Serendipity part 13

Serendipity, part 14.1

Serendipity, part 14.2

Serendipity 15

Book Two, Serendipity


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

And the shoot-off from Serendipity:

Karin and Landry 1

Karin and Landry 2

Karin and Landry 3

Karin and Landry 4

Karin and Landry 5

Karin and Landry 6

Karin and Landry 7

Landry and Karin 8

Pansy and Shump

Joseph and Dylan


11 thoughts on “fauxscandinavian”

  1. Hi Fauxscandinavian,

    I had a great time reading your fantasies. I appreciate your detailed descriptions and the passion. Your stories have enriched my spiritual world; it’s like keeping such an exciting secret that I can’t keep quiet anymore– just want to say thanks and look forward to more of your work!

    • Wow, I am flattered, Ashley. Thank you so much for the kind words. I feel the same way – I, too am discovering a whole new way of understanding myself and other people. Follow the blog, so you’ll get notifications on when new posts come out. Enjoy reading!

  2. Is there any chance I can post my iPhone X Novel here?

    • hey toffee….what is an iPhone X Novel??

    • What do you mean, toffee? Is it a story or a whole novel?

    • Dear Toffee,

      One of the LinLadies has read your stories from your blog today. Though she finds your stories good and interesting, it is unfortunate that they do not fit in with the main theme of our blog.
      On the other hand, some of us do think that Asian readers may learn something about basketball, which write so well about. K would therefore like to post your blog link on her confessions blog and I can make a post about it on Tumblr.

      Hope this helps you get your work out there.

      • Appreciate your comments.

        But.don’t bother,both K and you.

        I am a full time biotechnology engineer, it’s a demanding job!
        writting , just for relax.
        I have fun. of course.

        I shall be a fan for your blog all the time.

        Maybe one day when you come to visit Taiwan, be my guest.
        Won’t need to sleep on couch, I promise.^-^

  3. Why not?

    Try my best to promote “Lin Ladies’ Fan Fiction” blog
    to Asian’s Fan.

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