Name: Emily

Occupation: English professor at Harvard University

Age: 27

Height: 4’10”

Who she is: Emily is currently Jeremy’s girlfriend (who stars in ksoranna’s posts). They met when she started as a student teacher at Harvard University while he was finishing his senior year of undergrad. They have a secret relationship due to the media frenzy that has surrounded Jeremy and his role in the NBA. She is a very private person, so most of their interactions occur in the privacy of Jeremy’s NY apartment. She is a career woman by day, and a sexy siren by night. She is very much in love with Jeremy but she can tell his love for her has changed since his basketball career has taken off. This struggle in their relationship leads to self-doubt in her, which causes her to do reckless things, like seek out the affection of Jeremy’s friends and fellow teammates.


2 thoughts on “Emily”

  1. I think the two pictures are not the same person. The upper one is 鞏俐, much older than 27, while the next one is 章子怡.

    • hey ym…I know they are not the same actresses but I liked how they presented themselves in these pics. I never got to finish the Emily series but I think she embodies the professionalism and the sexiness of both of these women. I hope to continue writing soon! 🙂

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