Crossing language barriers

A different language is a different vision of life.  (Federico Fellini)

The majority of our stories will be written in English since that is our common language. But to celebrate our ethnic diversity, we Lin Ladies, thought it’d be awesome to have fanfics in other languages.

‘Cause we do write with the language of our hearts…


July 19, 2012

Today we published a new fanfic series called, in Chinese  緣是你 – in English Serendipity.



一起創作這故事時無數的討論和腦振給予了我們極多歡樂,笑聲通過互聯網也可感受得到。我們在美國的Lin Ladies亦常常給我們很多寶貴的意見。

於是,這篇新fanfic<緣是你>就這樣誕生了,是林書豪和文慧嘉的故事。故事開始在2011年的夏季,NBA的停罷期令林書豪不得不留在老家Palo Alto。



The best part about making this blog is that we get to interact with three outstanding ladies from other parts of the world.  We have used HOURS sending each other messages on-line.  Everything gets discussed – and I mean everything.

While exchanging messages between Southeast Asia and Northern Europe, we came up with a storyline.  What if Jeremy Lin fell in love with the girl-next-door?

We’ve had lots of fun developing this idea and brainstorming between two continents.  We’ve also gotten  feedback from the Lin Ladies from the States.

And the result is a new fanfic series – called Serendipity – the story of Jessica and Jeremy.  This tale starts during the summer of 2011 where a lock-out forces Jeremy to stay in Palo Alto.

One more thing – this series will be bi-lingual – in Chinese and English.

Well, yes it is!  It is our first cross-the-language-barrier collaboration.

So we hope the English- and Chinese-reading fans appreciate our work.
The series starts tomorrow.

Enjoy reading!

From PrincessofJLin and fauxscandinavian


To read a fanfic by PrincessofJLin in Chinese, click on the following link:


To get to know PrincessofJLin, visit her page at:



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