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Authors: PrincessofJLin and Fauxscandinavian

“How’s Jeremy doing in Houston, Jess?” Karin asked as they shifted pose from Downward Facing Dog to Child’s Pose.

“Mostly irritated at himself,” Jess answered with a sigh, concern discernible in her voice, as she mirrored her friend’s pose.  They were gathered in Jess’ apartment and were doing a round of yoga led by Karin.

“Let’s take a breather,” Karin decided after sensing their friend’s need to talk. “Is his knee still bothering him?” Karin asked.

linarm1“He says it’s not.  His shots are just not falling,” Jess replied.   She lay on her back at the moment and stared at the ceiling.

Christine sat cross-legged beside Jess. “He’s bound to be rusty,” she reasoned.  “Have you sensed if he’s putting too much pressure on himself?”

“Is he having problems adjusting to his teammates?” Pansy inquired, while taking a sip of water.

“That’s just it,” Jess shook her head.  “As far as I could sense while I was there, his teammates are great and friendly.  They’re young and fun – like Jeremy,” she continued with a laugh.  “Jeremy said he didn’t really read articles about him, so he doesn’t think about pressure from others. ”

“Hmmm, but he’s the type who puts a lot of pressure on himself, isn’t he?” Christine continued.  The girls have followed the course of Jeremy’s career since his debut in MSG and remembered how hard-working a person he had always been.

Jess nodded and sat up to look at her friends.  “He’s struggling with his shots and I can’t do anything to help him,” she buried her face between her knees in frustration.

“Stop right there,” Karin interrupted Jess.  “I don’t like the feeling that you think you could do more if you moved to Houston and be there with him.”

“I’m not…” Jess started to say.

“Yes, you are,” Pansy agreed with Karin.

“You’re ganging up on me?”  Jess was amazed.

“No. We’re telling you that you can’t solve Jeremy’s shooting problems,” Christine said in a soothing tone while shooting a quick glance at Karin and Pansy.

Jess looked at their faces and conceded defeat.  They were right, of course.

“With all the money that team has invested in him, I doubt that they’re just letting Jeremy get stuck in a shooting slump.  Jeremy knows how to solve his problem – he’ll be fine,” Christine said.  She reached out to give Jess a hug, because she knew exactly how difficult a long distance relationship can be for people.

“I wish I could help him,” Jess said.

“Of course you do,” Karin put a hand on Jess’ shoulder.  “’Cause that is what we want to do for the people we love.”  A glimpse of sadness crossed her eyes, but it was quickly gone.

“Maybe he needs to, you know, de-stress,” Pansy said with a smirk.

“What?” Jess asked; she wasn’t sure what Pansy was talking about.

“Have you tried phone sex yet?”

“Pansy!” Christine was laughing.

“What?” Pansy asked.

Jess was so shocked at the question she didn’t know what to say.

“So?  Have you?” Pansy insisted.

Jess could feel the heat rise in her cheeks and shook her head.  “I…we…” she started to say, “I don’t think we’d dare do that.”

“Well you should,” Pansy.

“Sometimes he has some teammates in his apartment.  It would be awkward,” Jess blushed.

“Oh, that Parsons hunk is soooo fine,” Pansy commented.  “Sorry, got distracted.  Send him a text to make sure he’s alone.  Not only would he be relaxed afterwards – it’d spice up your long distance relationship.”

“You’re giving Jess relationship advice?” Karin snorted a laugh.  “You’re not even in a relationship.”
Pansy just grinned, “Does not mean I don’t know sex. I have a friend with benefits.”

“Yeah?” Karin asked sarcastically.  “Who?”

“Shump.” Pansy deadpanned.

Jess nearly choked on the water she was trying to drink.  “Shump?”

Christine was giggling like crazy at the expression on Karin’s and Jess’ faces.  But the serious look on Pansy’s own made her stop.  “Seriously?” Christine asked.

“Oh yeah, he’s awesome,” Pansy sighed. “Totally addictive.   Sex with an athlete is… yeah, you two know all about that,” she looked at Jess and Karin who still had not said a thing.

Pansy cleared her throat, “Okay, since I opened this can of worms… we ran into each other shopping a couple of months ago, after I came back from California.   He’s such a flirt, and one thing led to another.”

Karin shook her head, “Wow, I never thought he’d be your type.”

“I don’t have a type,” Pansy replied.  “It wasn’t like he was a complete stranger.  He and I have been texting before and I like him – he’s fun and friendly.  He thinks the world of Jeremy – and misses him, by the way.“

“Are you d…” Jess wanted to ask.

“No,” Pansy answered before Jess could continue, “We are not dating – we are just two adults who meet once in a while when a need arises.”

There was silence for a few minutes.

“How did we go from Jeremy’s shooting slump to phone sex to Shump sex?” Christine wondered out loud.

Karin’s grunt turned into a giggle to a smirk then a laugh that infected the others in the room.  They sat laughing for a few minutes.  When they settled down, Pansy sighed.

“All the sex talk is making me hungry” she said, “– for food!”  she pointed out at Jess’ facial expression.

That was what they all needed to laugh all over again.

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