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Bright sunlight washed into the room as Chandler was stirring in the bed.  Hands to his head as if he was awoken with a hung over; maybe this was his version of a drunken night.  In reality he was drunken, drunken with needs and desires.  The event of last night came back to chandler…no, no…what have I done?  What will I say to Jeremy when I see him?  How can I face him?

They kissed…soft, warm full lips pressed against his own…that image was still fresh in his mind, along with the heat he felt.  Bringing his finger to his lips he traced them as a smile crept across his face.  The kiss…Chandler closed his eyes to allow himself to recall last night’s kiss once more.

Noises coming from the other side of his closed door recalled Chandler back to the present. Jeremy must be up,  he thought.  Hand on the door knob Chandler took a deep breath before turning it.

Jeremy was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.  He looked up upon hearing Chandler’s approach, and gave him a bright smile.

“Hey, good morning, buddy!”

“H…hey, good morning, how did you sleep last night?” asked Chandler nervously.

“Good; your couch is nice; but your pantry is even nicer!” said Jeremy with a chuckle.

Chandler had to laugh at that, “Thanks, yeah help yourself.”

Chandler was nervous and scared.  He didn’t know if he should wait for Jeremy to say something; or if should he say something first.  He opened his mouth…about to get the words out…

“Chandler, would you like some breakfast?”

“Huh?!…uh…yeah sure.”

Chandler didn’t know whether or not he should be grateful for Jeremy’s interruption… maybe this can wait for a little later, thought Chandler. Besides, today is media day and he didn’t want to ruin the day for himself and Jeremy.

“Man, I must be allergic to your detergent or something ‘cause the bottom of my face was itchy this morning; I think it might be a rash.”

Chandler looked at Jeremy’s face and noticed little red spots around his mouth.  Horror set in as Chandler realized that his beard had probably caused the irritation around Jeremy’s mouth.  He flashed back to last night’s kiss and remembered how hard he was pressing into Jeremy.  Dammit Chandler!  The kiss…oh the kiss! Stop thinking about it…stop thinking about it.

“Sorry about your face man, today is media day too!  People wanna see that pretty face of yours and now they have to see that.”

“Haha, you got jokes huh, gator boy!?”

“Go, Gators!!”

They both laughed before they settled down to the breakfast Jeremy made.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs, turkey sausage patties and some fresh fruit.  It was delicious.  As they ate, they talked about the upcoming season and how excited it will be to play with each other.  Jeremy was so giddy and excited like a little kid, Chandler was hardly listening to him; he was too busy staring at the man sitting across from him.

The way Jeremy moved his head as he talked, a smile constantly on his face as he’ chewed and talked at the same time.  Chandler couldn’t help but notice how simple and down to earth Jeremy was, so much had happened to him yet he was still the same person Chandler met late last year at training camp.  That was Jeremy’s attraction; his friendliness, simple and down-to-earth personality; plus, him being really good-looking helped too.

His eyes mentally caressed Jeremy’s face as he chatted away.  He could get used to this, he thought, having breakfast with him every morning.  Soon they were both finished with breakfast and getting ready to head out the door to the Toyota Center for media day.  As expected, as soon as they pulled into the players’ entrance at the Toyota Center a throng of reporters were already waiting.


“Man, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this…”

“Just smile, you’ll do great.  You ready?”

Jeremy took a deep breath…”Yeah, I’m ready…”

As soon as Jeremy stepped out of the car all the reporters swarmed around him, pushing their mics and cameras in his face, all vying for his attention; Jeremy being who he is just smiled and waved to the media.  Toyota Center’s personnel came to our aide and escorted them to the locker rooms.  Once inside Jeremy greeted his new teammates and the coaching staff, who all greeted him warmly.

“Welcome to H-Town” Said Patrick Patterson.  “This season will be good bro, can’t wait.”

“Hey, there he is…” added Toney Douglas.

“Hey, Toney” Jeremy warmly said as he gave Toney a hug.

It was nice to see a familiar face.  Toney had been nothing but a gracious teammate and friend in New York.

After meeting all his new teammates, Jeremy and Chandler got dressed.  Having a locker next to Jeremy’s is going to be a problem thought Chandler.  He didn’t want to glance over, but he couldn’t help himself.  Chandler was trying to be discrete as possible because he was afraid someone might notice him glancing too much in Jeremy’s direction.  When he did get the nerve to look,  Jeremy was removing his pants.  Standing there was a nearly-naked Jeremy with nothing on but his black Nike briefs.  Jeremy has a nice built, not too muscular, he was perfectly toned with silky smooth, almond skin.  What Chandler wouldn’t give to be able to reach over and run his hand down that toned back.  Chandler quickly snapped out of his fantasy to turn back to the task at hand.  He had to change out of his clothes and into his uniform as well.


Once they were all done changing, they headed to the media room down the hall.  They saw that a make-shift photo stage was set up in the back of the room.

“Ok, so first up, we have Jeremy Lamb and Royce White please,” said the photographer.

“Big smiles, guys!”

The mood was fun and relaxing for all.  Those who weren’t up for the photo shoot were hanging in the back chatting and laughing it up.

Up next were Patrick and Toney.  Everyone was teasing them to take a cute picture together.

“That was nice, Toney and Pat.  Ok last one, guys.  Great!  Next up can I have Jeremy and Chandler, please?”

Jeremy was busying fixing his shorts and jersey as the photographer was barking out instructions for them; before he knew it, Chandler instinctively wrapped his right arm around Jeremy’s entire upper body.  Jeremy had little time to react so all he could do was look up and smile big for the picture.


*snapped* The picture was taken.

“What was that about?”  asked Jeremy before the photographer took a second picture of them.

“Just showing my new team mate some love” replied Chandler as he flashed his sly, handsome smirk towards Jeremy.

They continued to take more fun and flirty pictures together.


“That’s great, Chandler and Jeremy.  I think we have more than enough good pictures of you, guys.  OK, Omer you’re up.”

Chandler and Jeremy were all smiling and chatting away in a corner and for a moment they both felt a charge in the air.  This was the moment Chandler thought, maybe I should confess about last night to Jeremy.  Before the words left his mouth the photographer called Jeremy over to take a few pictures with Omer.  Dammit!  Another lost moment.

Remembering Jeremy’s body coming into contact with his own, Chandler had to smile to himself.  Feeling Jeremy’s warmth and inhaling in his fresh, clean scent caused Chandler a moment of intoxication.

After everyone had their pictures taken they moved to another room down the hall which was already filled with reporters and camera crews.  Jeremy was up first for questions and answers from reporters.  Chandler found himself a seat in front of a big screen TV to watch Jeremy’s Q&A.  As always Jeremy was funny, charming, intelligent, humble and sincere with his answers.  He made all the reporters laugh and fall in love with him.  It was easy to love Jeremy as Chandler recently discovered.  It was Jeremy’s easy personality and charm that drew people to him.  Having gotten to know him for a short period last season nothing had changed with Jeremy, even after what he had gone through in New York and Linsanity.  None of it had gotten to his head.  If anything Jeremy being himself was the biggest turn on for Chandler and the reason why he had fallen for him.


It was Chandler’s turn for the Q&A.  As Jeremy was watching Chandler do his interview session the memory of Chandler wrapping his arm around him put a smile on Jeremy’s face.  Every time Chandler flashed that boyish smile of his, it gave Jeremy little butterflies in his stomach.  Chandler had been such a great friend to him ever since he signed with Houston; he even let him stay on his couch.  Jeremy knew something was happening between them but he wasn’t sure, maybe he was, but he needed to hear it come from Chandler.  Jeremy was comfortable in his own skin, but he wasn’t sure about Chandler.  He didn’t want to push Chandler into something he wasn’t ready for yet, he needed to discover that for himself.  For now having Chandler in his life as a friend was good enough for him…as for the future, that was still unwritten.



Media day was a great success.  To continue the happy day the team decided to head to dinner together to have more bonding time.  Dinner was a great success and everyone got to know each other more which wasn’t hard because they were all around the same age and had similar interests.  Of course Chandler and Jeremy sat next to each other the entire night.  Chandler was hoping they could talk on the drive home but…

“Hey, Chandler can I have a ride back to the apartment?” asked Morris.

“Sure, man, since we all live in the same building.”

There goes the plan to talk on the ride home, the thought of which made Chandler a little frustrated.  He wanted to get his feelings off his chest but every moment he tried to talk to Jeremy today they got interrupted.  Once they got back to Chandler’s apartment Jeremy started to pack his things to move to his apartment.



“Can we talk for a moment?”

“Sure, what did you wanna talk about?” Answer Jeremy as he was folding his clothes to pack it away in his suitcase.

As he was getting the courage to confess Jeremy’s phone rang.

THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS thought Chandler…as he stormed off to the kitchen to get something cool to drink.  He didn’t realize Jeremy was following him into the kitchen.  They were standing opposite of each other in the kitchen.  Jeremy was still on the phone as Chandler was chugging the water down, glaring at Jeremy.

“Hey, Landry can I call you back later?”

Landry…LANDRY!!  He’s talking to LANDRY FIELDS?!?!

Oh, that just made him madder.  Calm down Chandler, of course Jeremy can talk to whomever he wants to. 

“Are you ok, Chandler?”

“No…no, Jeremy, I’m not ok.”

“What’s wrong, buddy?  You can tell me whatever that’s bothering you.”

“You really wanna know what’s bothering me?”

“Of course!  We’re friends.”

Chandler took another swig at his water and with a deep sigh, he thought, here goes nothing

“ YOU…you’re what’s bothering me!”


“Yes, YOU…Jeremy!”

“What did I do?!”

“You…you’re causing me to have these feelings…feelings that I have never had before.  I don’t know what’s going on with me or even with us…but…I…I have feelings for you.”

Whoa…I did it!  I confessed!  Whoa. Chandler felt oddly relieved.

“Chandler…what are you saying? “

“I’m…I’m saying I like you, Jeremy and I have developed feelings for you.”

He couldn’t look Jeremy in the eyes or even in the face.  His head hung low, eyes looking down at his feet. He had just confessed his feelings for his friend.  He wanted to look up to see Jeremy’s reaction but he couldn’t; he was afraid to look up.  In that moment he felt small and exposed.  Eyes still focused on his feet as another set of feet came into sight.  Jeremy took the water bottle away from Chandler’s hands as he replaced it with his.

“Hey…Chandler, look at me.”

Head slowing rising to meet a warm, smiling face, which caused him to smile a little himself.  Jeremy took his hand and led them to the couch.  Hands still intertwined, Jeremy began to speak first.

“I know this is new for you and I don’t want you to rush into anything you’re not comfortable with, Chandler.  You have been nothing but a terrific friend to me and I don’t want to lose your friendship.  I want you to really think about this and only when you’re ready than we’ll see where this goes.  Ok?”

“Ok…” Chandler weakly replied .

“Good.  Well…it’s getting late.  We had a busy day today.  And we both have a lot to think about.”

Jeremy gave Chandler’s hand a little squeeze as they sat there a little bit longer before Jeremy got up to gather his belongings.

“Thank you again for being a great host and letting me crash on your couch.”


As Jeremy headed for the door something overcame Chandler as he rushed towards Jeremy…he only intended to hug him but his lips were reaching for Jeremy’s.  He gave Jeremy a soft, yet sensual kiss.  Realizing what was happening Chandler release his lips from Jeremy’s.  He had a dumfounded look at his face, surprised by the kiss.


“I’m sorry…I don’t know where that came from.”

“Don’t be.” said a smiling Jeremy.

“If you need anything I’ll be just down the hall. Good night, Chandler.”

Still blushing from the kiss Chandler replied with a soft “Good night.”