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written by fauxscandinavian

I wasn’t one of those people who caught Linsanity on February 4, 2012 – the night Jeremy Lin lit up Madison Square Garden with his off-the-bench do-or-die performance that would eventually catapult him to international stardom and dub that crazy seven-game winning streak “Linsanity.”

Then again, this post is not about Linsanity, but about the lasting effects it has brought to my life and of three other women.

This is our story – we who have been touched by Linsanity.

Morning, Ladies – so goes the start of nearly every morning I’ve had since the middle of February last year.  I’d usually wake up to a long conversation thread on Facebook – that was not unusual.

What was unusual about this conversation thread was that the four women communicating were spread out  on three continents and four different timezones.  We were usually “together” at around 6 in the morning or six in the evening (and I am talking in terms of my Northern European timezone).  One of us would be on the way to bed, another just getting out of one, another halfway through the day and the last trying to get off work earlier than she usually does.

We met each other on-line on a Lin fanblog, where we knew each other only by the first letter of our blognames.

Don’t assume that we’re in our teens because we’re Lin fans.  On the contrary,  our average age is 30 – we’re all working women. Besides our common admiration for Jeremy Lin, we later found out that we have shared interests and that we were all of Asian descent.

With what I’d assume the ease with which we connected, we decided to become Facebook friends.  The only condition was that anyone would be able to back-out without judgement.  Our mail thread was a no-judgement zone – that was what we believed in – that was what it meant to be a LinLady and we’ve hung on to that belief.

We obviously talk about Jeremy Lin – that’s a given.  I think it’s called fangirling.  

We do that – a lot.

Don’t worry, we don’t  always talk about Jeremy Lin.  We do talk about other stuff, too.  Topics have included women’s rights, being young female Asians in the the 2010’s, democracy (since we live in various countries), family, love, fashion, sex, religion,  freedom and politics.

We’ve given advice on what one of us should wear to a wedding, on  relationships and career,  and  helped the other survive a long and tedious day at work by mailing her funny pictures of Jeremy Lin.  If you’re one of our fans at our LinLadies fanfiction blog, you’d know what I’m talking about.  Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot – we write fanfiction together, too.

I haven’t written anything non-academic in a long time – without their encouragement I never would have dared write fiction, let alone fanfiction.

We now adress each other by our real names – when we started doing that, I can’t really remember.  These past months – almost a year – has been the most fun I’ve had for a while.  I can’t even explain it – I am trying to.

Hopefully you’ll get it.

The first time Princess called all the way from Southeast Asia, I screamed at the phone.  She was stuck, yet again, in her office and needed a break.  She dialed my number since the other two LinLadies we’re still asleep on their continent.

“You sound so European,” was her comment.

“You sound Brit Asian,” I laughed.

Needless to say, that was a very funny and surreal afternoon for me.

You might think it’s weird to have such affinity for someone you’ve never met.  I might as well say that this is NOT a T’eo punchline.  I have never had truer friends – despite the fact that we’ve never, ever seen each other in person.

We’ve followed each other through frustrations, sadness, anger and disappointment.  Hey, our periods are even synched.

It’s a rare day when we don’t write to each other – but it has happened.  We do have our own lives to live and we can’t just lock ourselves away from the rest of the world.  There is something soothing, though, with knowing that if one of us types a message – somewhere, whether it be in Europe, Asia or the US – a reply will come.

Our words have consoled each other across the thousands of miles between us.  With all the trials some of us have been experiencing lately, it has been awful not to be able to give another Linlady a hug – that comfort she obviously needs.

I guess, that is just how we’ve been touched by Linsanity.

I do dream of being able to one day actually meet these wonderful ladies.  We’d sometimes joke how great it’d be to win in the lottery – so we could all just hop on a plane and meet at a Rockets game.  None of us are rich – we’re all basically the same – women trying to figure their way through adulthood, through life.

It’s just appropriate to share our story on this historical day – the day we celebrate the birth of Linsanity.

We have Jeremy Lin to thank, for without him, I would never have met three extraordinary ladies from other parts of the world.

If I, at one point, ever stop fawning over Jeremy Lin, my friendship with these three extraordinary women is that which I will keep.  I can’t even imagine how I’d be if I had not met them – if only he knew just how he’d changed our lives.

So, Thank You, Jeremy!