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I’m sitting in the hotel waiting for Jeremy to come back from his photo shoot.  I don’t remember what this photoshoot is for because there have been so many of them since we have arrived in China.  Every day it seems like he has an event to go to, plus he has to train as well.  I feel bad for Jeremy because he doesn’t get a day to himself to just rest and relax.  He’s always going here or there, for this or that.  I’m exhausted and I’m not doing it with him every day!!  Just then I hear the front door of our hotel suite open and close; I knew it was Jeremy coming back from his photo shoot.  I’m sitting on the bed with my iPad browsing Facebook when Jeremy enters our room.  I guess he has to wear a suit for today’s photo shoot because he was still wearing it.  Jeremy looks good with anything on, especially suits.  It’s not just me who finds him ooh so attractive and sexy with a suit on.  I’ve read fans reactions to him in suits when he was injured.  The females went ape shit over him in suits, and I mean can you blame them?  The man looks so dashing in them it’s hard not to go ape shit.  I have a weak spot for Jeremy in suits.

“Hi, how was the shoot?”

“Hey, it was good.  Everything went well.”

“Why are you in a suit?”

“Oh, it was for China GQ shoot.”

“Ooohhh, so fancy Mr. Lin.  Do you get to keep the suit?”

*chuckles* “No, I just borrowed it, someone will come by tomorrow and pick it up.”

I can tell he’s really tired and just wants to take the suit off and lay down for a nap.  He has that look on his face again, that look where his eyes are droopy and his mouth is slightly hung open..damn that look always, always gets me weak.  Before I realized it I was biting my bottom lip as I placed the iPad on the night stand next to me.  Jeremy’s long, soft, slender fingers were moving to the top of the tie to slowly loosen it up…

“Wait…let me…” I say as I’m on my knees walking towards the end of the bed where he was standing.  I get to Jeremy, still biting my lip; I slowly grab his labels and pull him in.

“You know…you look really handsome in suits.  Has anyone ever told you that Mr. Lin?”

“Oh yeah?  How handsome?”

I lean into his left ear and whispers “…panty wetting handsome…”

I hear a little gasp escape Jeremy’s mouth.  His lips were looking extra plump and juicy at the moment.  I couldn’t help but want a taste.  Slowly my lips leaned towards his, while my arms were swung over his broad shoulders.  Our lips gently met, Jeremy’s lips were warm and soft.  Using my tongue I softly lick across his lips, wetting them a little.  I started to nibble and pull at his bottom lip.  Jeremy was still standing there; suit and all, letting me assault his lips as his hands were resting on my hips while I ran mine through his hair.  Our kisses intensified; lips and tongues clashing against each other, moving and twisting to get the better of themselves.  Jeremy’s hands slowly moved up and towards the front of my shirt and squeezed and held my breasts in his hands as his lips moved down my neck.  I could feel arousal building up with each kiss down my neck; my wetness has seeped through me and onto my panties.

I broke his lips away from my neck, held his head in between my hands, as I gazed deep into his eyes…

“Let me take your suit off for you…” I said in a hoarse whisper.

My hands moved from his head, stopping at his ears to give each one a little caress before it got to his tie.  Still gazing into his eyes I slowly and gently loosen his tie and toss it onto the bed saving that for some fun later.  I placed my hands on his torso and slowly moved them up, towards his hard, defined pecs, over hard biceps as his suit jacket slid off his arms and onto the ground.  Hands at his waist as it pulls out his tucked shirt, starting from the bottom I unbutton each button slowly; my eyes never leaving his.  I got to the top and last button of his shirt, slowly opened his shirt to reveal soft, almond skin rippling with muscles.  Eyes still locked I bit my bottom lip as a small smirk etched across his face.  I finally looked down to soak in the gorgeousness that was in front of me.

My head lowered itself to tenderly kiss each of his pecs, as I hear gentle moans from above.  I tenderly kiss down his torso not missing any of his six packs. I can see Jeremy’s arousal outlined on the front of his trouser.  I quietly run my hand over his arousal, feeling it pulsating and getting harder in my hand.  Kissing his arousal I made my way up his torso again, trailing kisses along the way…Jeremy was on his back, shirtless, as I straddled on top of him.

“Put your hands together” I commanded.  He did as he was told.

“Good boy.”

I took the tie from the bed and proceeded to tie his hands together.  I made sure it was tight enough so his hands wouldn’t slip out.  I tossed his tied hands over his head.  I undid his belt buckle, popped the button out and unziped his zipper with my teeth.  Sliding down the bed I pulled his pants along with me.  As I stand at the foot of the bed Jeremy was laying in the bed, hands bound and all that was left were his black briefs.  It was a marvelous sight to behold.  I quickly pulled my shirt off as I stood there letting him drink me in.  Now he was the one biting his lip and I had a smirk etched on my face.  Crawling back onto the bed, I position myself in between his legs as I dug my fingers into his legs, starting from his knee caps I ran my hands leisurely up his thighs, not directly touching his arousal.  Causing Jeremy to moan and hiss at my touch.

“Tell me what you want me to do Mr. Lin.”

“I…want…yo..you to take me…now.”

“Take you how? Like this…”  My hand caressing his arousal up and down through the thin material of his briefs, feeling it reacting to my touch.  My lips met his arousal as soft kisses trailed his hard cock.  I crawled back up on his body; lying on my side I kissed him while my hand sliped into his brief to stroke his cock.

“Ugh…ugh…” were all I heard coming from his throat.  Working the kisses down his nipple I pulled his cock from underneath the briefs and start to gently move my hand up, down, up, down on his hard shaft.  I looked up and saw Jeremy with his head back, eyes closed, tied hands grabbing hold of the pillows.  I love being in control, knowing that I can drive him crazy and he’s in my control, I control his needs and wants.  I increase the pace of my hand as I felt his pre-cum coating my hand and his cock.  I wanted Jeremy so bad, as he’s laying sprawled out under me, ready for me and I for him.  Before we get to the main attraction I wanted to touch every inch of Jeremy’s beautiful body.

“Turn to your side, so your back is facing me.” I commanded.

Jeremy did as he was told.  Starting with his right ear I bombard them with kisses, my lips moving down the nape of his smooth, long neck, leading it down towards his broad shoulder; while my right hand reached in front of his torso to quietly caress his nipple, feathery light one second and pressuring the next.


I can feel her lips and hot breath against my back, while her hand pull and twist at my nipples.  Ooohhh her touches are too much…making me harder, almost to the point of pain.  Her nipples are hard and erect as they grazed against my back.  Her lips are making their way to the middle of my back as I felt her hand slip past my erection and grab hold of my balls.  My eyes opened wide while moans and groans escape my lips in reaction to her fondling my sensitive balls.  She’s pulling and tugging at my balls while lips are trailing kisses down my back; as smooth, soft legs rubs against my hairy, muscular legs.  I am feeling overwhelm with all these sensations happening at once to my body and mind.  I don’t know if I can hold on any further, especially with her fondling my balls at an increased pace.  All I can do to hold onto my sanity was bite my lip, trying to hold on.  Just then she released my balls from her grasp and moved them to my buttocks, squeezing each cheek while whispering…

“When you hunch and do your dribbling warm-ups, all I want to do is grab these.  They are perfect!!!”


I think I have tortured Jeremy long enough…

“On your back again.”

Jeremy was once again on his back as I’m hovering over him.  Gingerly I lowered myself onto his hard, waiting cock.  That first penetration is always amazing as his cock instantly fills and stretches me.  With my hips I gently rocked back and forth as my clit rubs against Jeremy’s base, the sensation was amazing as pleasure traveled from my toes to the ends of my hair.  Our breathing was getting heavier as I begin to lower myself up, down, up down on his cock, with each downward motion I’m full as I take all of him in me.  I feel my first orgasm building up as I slam my body into his.  I feel my walls contracting around his cock as I move up his cock and down towards his base.  Here it comes…slamming my palms down onto his stomach I rode out the first wave of ecstasy as it hits me.  The orgasm lasted longer than it normally did as my whole shook as I’m trying to suppress my gasps and moans.  Finally it stopped as I see Jeremy looking at me with a smile on his face.  I held my outstretched hands for his and pulled him up in a straddle position.  I untied his hands because I know Jeremy likes to touch and feel.  Once his hands were freed he buried his hands in my tangled hair to gently pull my head back exposing my neck.  His mouth was hungrily on my neck as his hips work feverishly, plowing into me.

“Ba…baby…baby…slow down…I’m…aaahhh…gonna…cum again…”

Wrapping my arms around him I came once again.  I buried my face into his nape as I rode out another intense orgasm.  I felt his strong arms wrapped around me as he caressed my back and sent kisses upon my shoulder.  Our bodies begin to move as Jeremy shifted our bodies up, my back was now against the mattress.  I was still panting when Jeremy began to move in and out of me once again.  His head leaned down towards mine, kissing my forehead, nose then mouth.  His kisses were hot and heavy, filled with needs and wants.  This is the man I love and I’m willing to endure whatever he wants from me.  His pacing wasn’t as fast as before, it was now at a slower, gentler pace.  I ran my hands up and down his sweaty torso feeling his beating heart.

Our eyes locked as our bodies continued to move.  I can tell Jeremy was close to cumming, placing my hands behind his head I pulled him in causing our foreheads to touch…

“Let it out baby…I’m ready…”

Jeremy’s thrusts became more aggressive, causing my body to react to his needs.  I feel my own orgasm building, for the third time, I can tell it’ll be one of the most intensive orgasms I’ll have.  The tingling sensation starts at my toes as it quickly travels up my legs, my loins,my body, and then rushes into my mind.  Eyes closed, mouth gaping open as I can feel the release soon…

Burst of stars and fireworks were all I saw around me, along with the sounds of heavy panting, but that sounded so far away; my body felt raw and used; but in the best of ways.  I slowly opened my eyes and saw a glowing man lying on top of me, all sweaty and exhausted.  I wrapped my arms around him, cradling him to my chest, as I try to sooth away his exhaustion.  We both came at the same time as I felt my juice flowing out only to be met by his hot liquid shooting into me.  Jeremy carefully lifts himself off and out of me to lay by my side.  He scooped me up in his arm as I nestled my face into his chest.  Sleepiness and tiredness consumed us both, soon we were both in dream land.