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Dear readers,

First of all, we would like to say that it has been wonderful hearing from you and receiving positive and constructive response concerning the fanfic series Serendipity and its Landry fanfic shoot-off.

Thank you once again.

Which is why it is with heavy and sad hearts that we have to write that with the publication of Chapter 15, we close Book One of Serendipity and end the story of Landry and Karin.

While it has been fun living in fanfiction, reality is never that far away, unfortunately.  It will be a busy few months ahead for the both of us, which means less time for brainstorming and writing.

If you sometimes miss Serendipity and Landry and Karin, all the chapters can be found under fauxscandinavian.  They will always be there to make you smile, cry and sigh.

We will get back to Jess and Jeremy’s story in the future, don’t worry.  Hopefully, with the new NBA season opening and Jeremy’s start with the Rockets, we’ll get a fresh dose of inspiration with regards to where their story is heading.

On the other hand, the other LinLadies will revisit LinLan and introduce a new series.  The story takes off from Chapter 13 of our first LinLan series when Landry and Jeremy were broken up.   It is an alternative take to their relationship which we are all looking forward to reading.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the fanfics so far and that we will continue to  entertain you all in the future.

Enjoy reading!

Hugs, Fauxscandinavian and PrincessofJLin