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(Note to the Reader: The next four posts Princess and I are publishing will be a mash-up of sorts – within these four posts Serendipity and Landry and Karin will be sort of intertwined.  The four chapters will occur within the “same setting” and within the span of “two days”.  So if you are new to Serendipity and Landry and Karin, I suggest you play catch-up before reading THIS chapter. We hope you enjoy reading! – Fauxscandinavian and PrincessofJLin)

Jess was a bundle of nerves. 

She was giddy, happy, excited, nervous, terrified and feeling guilty all at once.  Jess looked around and went through her mental checklist of the things they needed.  She had tried to keep busy ever since she arrived at the beach house – it helped at little bit.

Jeremy had some training to do before he could join her later.  Karin and Pansy would be arriving tomorrow anytime before noon and so would Joe and Jonnie.  Jared and Landry arrive tomorrow afternoon.

The thought of Karin and Landry not knowing they would see each other tomorrow was another thing that bothered her.  Jeremy invited his former teammates on a whim when he found out that Jared would be in LA these coming days.  Jess wouldn’t deny Jeremy the chance to be with his friends just because she was afraid her own friend would get hurt.  Jess sighed; Karin will handle it.

She went into the room she’d chosen for Jeremy and herself to sleep in.  It had terrace doors leading onto the deck that wrapped around the house.   Jess could hear the gulls and the waves as she unpacked her bag.  As she looked at the clothes she had in her hands – all the emotions that had been churning in her gut on the way here came crashing back.

Oh, boy she thought.  A lot of things will change…

Jeremy could barely concentrate on driving.  His mind kept wandering to that morning Jess and he were at the beach – to that moment they were interrupted.   It filled him these last days – crept into his dreams – fueled his imagination.  A decision had been made.

The beach house came into view – and he could feel a clench in his stomach.  He felt relieved that he was finally there, but also apprehensive of what he had decided to do.

“Jess,” Jeremy called out as he walked through the door with his bag in tow.  No answer.

He went through the living room down the hallway towards the bedrooms and called out her name again; no response either.

He spotted her bags in one of the rooms he passed and figured that’s where they’d sleep.  As he dropped his weekend bag near the closet, a movement outside caught his attention.  Jess was sitting on the deck rail outside.  So that’s why she couldn’t hear him, Jeremy figured.

He managed to open the door without making a sound.  It was close to sunset; the sun hung low on the horizon.  Its golden rays shone on Jess’ face – she had her face to the warmth and the wind, her eyes closed.  The wind played with her hair; Jeremy could smell lavender. The scent was faint as the wind blew her way.

Jess gave a shriek when arms encircled her from behind.  When she felt hard muscle against her back and the smell of soap, she realized who it was.


“What? Hey!”  Jeremy protested.

When Jess turned to face him, she was laughing.  His face was illuminated by the fading sunlight – his eyes playful as he pouted and said, “I thought I was your one and only.”

“Keep on trying to give me a heart attack and you just might end up not being so,“ she quipped as she looped her arms around his waist.

“Hi,” Jess said, as she brought her lips to his.

“Hmm…” Jeremy murmured against her lips.

It was the softest of kisses – their lips slowly grazing – tentative, careful and mild.

Easy does it, Jeremy thought.

Relax, Jess told herself.

“So you found our room?” she asked him when they drew apart.

“Yeah.  I need to empty my bag,” he answered.

“Why don’t you do that while I find some dinner?”  she told him.

“In a little while,” Jeremy said as he leaned to taste her lips again.


Jeremy didn’t have much of an appetite.  Neither did Jess.

They barely noticed that they had both been pushing at their food – had barely tasted it.  They were so engrossed in their own emotions that they couldn’t see at how nervous the other person looked.

“Have you heard from Karin and Pansy?” Jeremy asked.

“They are on schedule,” Jess answered.

Jeremy looked at her.  “Sorry for springing Jared and Landry on you,” he added.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she reassured him.

“Will Karin be okay?”  Jeremy worried.

Jess thought about that for a few seconds.  “I think so; she’s resilient. Have you told Landry she’ll be here?”

Jeremy winced, “No.”

“That evens it up then,” Jess shook her head.  “Aren’t they old enough to figure this out without us fretting over it?”

Jeremy laughed.  “Definitely.”  I have enough on my mind as it is, he thought.

I have my own lovelife to take care of, Jess pondered.

They both finally gave up on trying eating.  Jeremy relaxed a bit while they washed the few dishes they used.

“Jonnie and Joe won’t think it’s boring to hang out with us, right?” Jess asked him.

“Who knows what they think,” Jeremy replied with a grin.  “They looked happy about driving my old car on their own, though.”  Jess laughed; she could imagine.

“That’s it – done,” she ended.  “Is it okay I go take a shower while you put the last things away?”

“Sure,” Jeremy answered.

A few minutes later, Jeremy entered their bedroom.   He could hear the shower running even with the door closed.  There was something he needed to take out of his bag.

He found and hid the stuff under his pillow.

He flopped on the bed, figured it was comfortable enough and looked around to find something to relax his nerves.  Jeremy found the remote to the TV.  As he flipped through the various channels, he decided a documentary on butterflies would be calming enough.

Jess was fighting a battle of her own in the bathroom.  As she toweled off, dried her hair and applied lotion on her body, her mind was in chaos.  Her heart was beating so fast.  She looked at her hands – they were shaking.

Come on, Jess, she scolded herself.   Get a grip.

She looked at her image in the mirror.  Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes sharp and clear.  Her hair flowed dark against her fair skin.  She could barely recognize herself.  A woman was staring back at her – someone she hadn’t seen before, but somehow knew was there.

I have to remember to thank Pansy, she remembered as she looked at how the outfit fit and flattered her.

She took a deep breath.  Go get your man, girl.

Jeremy heard the door open.  He looked up to see Jess walk into the bedroom – to totally knock the wind out of his lungs.

She stood in a short dark blue kimono.  The belt on her waist was tied loosely and he could see a hint of lace – the color of ivory.

WOW, Jeremy thought.  The word was trapped in his head – he could only stare at her – his mouth slightly open.  It’s Jess, yet not one he’s seen before. 

“Is it too much?” Jessica asked as she self-consciously lifted her arms to her hair.  The movement instantly lifted the hem of her kimono and gave Jeremy a glimpse of her thighs.  He felt his heart drop.  She doesn’t even realize how hot she looks right now – how she is turning me inside out just standing there, Jeremy thought.

This was a bad idea, Jess thought in panic.  He’s just staring.  She could feel heat spread on her cheeks.

When Jeremy saw her blush, he suddenly realized that this was a Jess she’d never shown before.  He rose quickly from the bed to stand in front of her.  His throat was so dry – he could barely talk.

“You are so beautiful, 寶貝,” as he touched her face with his fingers and his thumb felt her lips.   Jess shook as he kissed her; relief came, followed by anticipation.

He held her with a hand on her waist – itching to touch silk and skin; the other hand cradled her head as they locked lips.  Jess pressed her body against his; her hands rested on his chest and felt the fast beat of his heart.

“Tell me you want this, Jess, ‘cause I don’t think I can stop,” he gasped to catch his breath.  He opened his eyes to hers, pleading.

“I don’t want you to stop,” she whispered as she raised her lips to his.

As they kissed, they knew there was no going back.

He traced his thumb down her cheek and neck, along her collarbone and to the sharp V of her robe.  The contrast of rough against smooth felt electric.  Jessica’s pulse felt so erratic.  When his thumb grazed her cleavage, she felt a tug in her abdomen – the quick jolt of desire.  Jeremy loosened the belt at her waist and watched as the robe parted to reveal a silk ivory slip that covered the Jessica he wanted to explore, to taste and to unite with.

He felt the lace trimmings that bordered her breasts and followed them to Jess’ smooth shoulders.  As his fingers touched the slope of her shoulders and felt her smooth skin, the kimono slid from her body to fall in a pool at her feet.

“You take my breath away,” Jeremy uttered as his eyes devoured Jess.  The slip barely covered her thighs – all silk until the mid-riff where silk met sheer lace.  Jeremy lifted his right hand to touch the lace against Jess’ left breast.  Jess shuddered when his thumb grazed her nipple and made it strain against the thin fabric. She did not have a bra on.  Jeremy wondered what else lay in wait for him to discover.

He gave her a kiss and felt the heat between their bodies.  Jess tugged at his shirt, her hands impatient. She wanted to feel Jeremy – needed to feel him.  When he stood bare-chested, Jess reached out to run her hands along his firm chest.  They ended at his waist and hesitated.  Jeremy took a deep breath and took his shorts off to reveal black boxers.

When Jess lowered her head to scatter kisses where her hands had been, Jeremy could barely contain himself.  In an impulsive move, Jess licked at Jeremy’s left nipple before sucking at it.  The loud moan from Jeremy gave her courage to do the same with the other one.

“That is it,” Jess heard him say just as she felt him lift her towards the bed.  They were both laughing as their bodies hit the mattress.

Their laughter faded as they lay side by side, their eyes locked.

Jess ran her fingers through Jeremy’s hair and down his face and along his lips.

“One and only,” she whispered as their lips met.  She poured all her feelings for him in that kiss and felt just as much from him.  When Jeremy moved his wonderful lips to her neck, Jess sighed.  He followed a trail down to her cleavage to stop at the valley between her breasts.  His left hand cupped her right breast to feel and mold, his thumb found her nipple to rub – at the same time his mouth enclosed her left nipple through the lace.  The sensation of rough against soft, cool against hot coursed through her body.  She could feel heat from between her legs.  She strained against Jeremy – yearning for fulfillment.

Jeremy was getting hot and bothered as well.   Jess’ soft moans were driving him crazy.

He stopped – they were both out of breath.  He lay almost on top of Jess, their lower bodies flush against each other.  Jeremy eased off her to lie on his side.  His right hand wandered up Jess right leg and paused at silk and lace.  He saw Jess take a quick intake of breath and bite her lower lip, her eyes closed.

“Look at me,” he whispered.  Jess gazed up at Jeremy – her eyes slightly frightened, yet pleading at the same time.  She nodded.

Jeremy’s hand continued on its path under her slip, towards the junction between her legs.  It encountered what felt like a small patch of something soft and silky.   He never took his eyes of her.  Jess held his gaze, her hands clutched at the bed sheet, anticipating his next move.

Jeremy’s fingers slid under the fabric to feel her warm and moist center.  Jess gasped and strained against Jeremy’s hand.  Her cheeks were pink with excitement, her lips parted in a moan.  She was glorious, he thought.  Jeremy lowered his head to kiss Jess as his thumb found the sensitive nub in her core and rubbed it in circles.  When she jerked in surprises, he was afraid he had hurt her.  Jeremy absorbed the groan from her mouth; Jess hands linked behind his head to keep his lips against hers.

His finger was killing her, Jess groaned in her mind.  She thought she’d known the limits of pleasure his hands could give her – they have after all touched each other before – but not like this.  Jess could feel everything as he explored her core with his finger.  Her insides were burning up; it was an assault on her senses.

But even in her aroused state, she was conscious of Jeremy’s bulge against her thigh.  Jess wanted to pleasure him as much as he had been giving her.  Her left hand slowly and carefully made its way down Jeremy’s broad chest to end at his boxer short’s waistband that hung low on his hips.

She followed the contour of his arousal and felt Jeremy’s sudden jolt of surprise as her fingers enveloped him.

Jeremy released Jess’ lips to gasp, “Jess, what – are you doing?”

“Exploring,” Jess said, her breathing heavy.  She had not released her grip of his shaft; in fact her hand was rubbing him slowly.  Jess liked the dazed look Jeremy had on his face – like he was fighting a hard mental battle.

He was so affected that he had stopped touching Jess; he merely stared at her with mouth wide open, his breathing labored.

“Should I stop?” she asked in a whisper against his ear.  Jeremy buried his face against her neck.

“Yes,” he croaked.

Jess ceased – unsure of what to feel.

When Jeremy lifted his eyes to hers, they were clear.
“I want you,” he said, “I want us together.”

Jess’ could hear the loud pounding of her heart – or his – she wasn’t sure.

She felt him carefully pull at her panties as he gave her a soft kiss.

“I want to see you,” she murmured against his lips.

“Hmm… what?” Jeremy asked, surprise in his voice.

“ I need to see you,” Jess said.

“Oh,” was the only thing he could say.

He reluctantly slid away from Jess so he could stand by the bed and take his boxers off.  He was conscious of his nudity as he turned to look at Jess  – who stared up at him.

“Wow,” she gasped.  He was magnificent – in all ways.  A part of her became suddenly apprehensive.

But Jeremy will never do anything to hurt me, Jess told herself.  He’s done nothing but give me happiness.

Jeremy looked at the appreciation and desire in Jess eyes and it hit him in the gut.   His dream is about to become reality.

He crawled onto the bed, his gaze unwavering from hers.  He found the hem of her ivory colored slip; his hands pushed it upwards, first to expose her smooth thighs, her abdomen and her breasts – up over her head.

They lay exposed to one another – at last.

“寶貝”he whispered, as he kissed her once again.

“Jer,” Jess murmured, “I just need to find something first.”

“Yeah, me too,” he answered.

As Jess reached for something in the night stand drawer by her side, Jeremy pulled something out from under his pillow.  When they looked at the condom pack the other held, they looked shocked at first, but started grinning afterwards.

“Okay,” Jeremy said as he breathed out.  His hands shook a bit as he tore the pack open.  Jess took it from his hands as she said, “Let me.”

She pushed Jeremy onto his back and gave him a soft kiss. Her mouth made its way down his neck and chest – towards the deep V of muscles towards his manhood.  Jess’ mouth stopped at the base of his shaft.  When her hand gripped him, he groaned.  He could barely breathe as she encased him, her hand deftly pulling the condom down to the root of his arousal.

Jeremy moved so Jess suddenly found herself lying on her back.

“That was too close for comfort,” he nearly growled, as he took his turn on her.

Jess loved the feel of Jeremy’s body on hers – his weight pressed their bodies tantalizingly close – thigh against thigh.  Feeling his arousal against her pelvis was making her wet – and agonizingly impatient.

The smell of lavender and arousal filled them.

Jeremy held her gaze in his as he ran his hands down Jess’ body  – to flutter past her breasts and touch her pert nipples – downwards to where her legs parted.  Jess was very wet.   She was moving her hips in a rhythm against his hand, lost in the pleasure he was giving her.

He lifted himself up to slide his body against hers; he gave her a gentle but deep kiss.  Without breaking eye contact, he slowly entered her, not all at once.  When he felt a barrier, Jess gave a small gasp that made Jeremy pause.

“It’s okay,” she said.  So he continued.

Jess felt Jeremy push a little, then pull back, to push deeper the next time – slowly but surely giving her time to adjust to his size.

Jess was barely aware of the pain; it didn’t really feel like pain.  She was caught in the throes of their union.  It felt… wonderful.  The friction was sending waves through her body in ways she could barely describe.  She met each of Jeremy’s thrust with her hips, never wanted him to stop.

Jeremy was fighting for control – so they could peak together.  Jess was tight – the feel of it clamping around him and taking him agonizingly close to release.  As he thrust deeper and deeper, Jess was raking her fingers down his back and clutched at his waist.

A tingling sensation started deep in her and spread its way from the tip of her toes to her head.

As Jeremy felt her tense around him, he couldn’t hold it in any longer.  He let go of the moan trapped in his chest.  He buried himself deep in Jess and buried his face in the crook of her neck.  He felt her shake against him – heard her sob.

The pounding of the surf from outside mixed with the sound of their heavy breathing.  The smell of sweat and lovemaking hung in the air.

After getting his breath back, Jeremy lifted his head to look at Jess.

“Did I hurt you?”  he asked softly, concern in his voice, as he wiped the dampness from Jess’ eyes and gave her nose a little peck.

“No, you were great,” she whispered.  “I was just touched.”

He kissed her slowly.  Jess could feel the love emanate from that kiss.

Jeremy rolled to lie beside her and took her in his arms.  He tugged at the sheets and somehow got it over them.  Jess rested her head against his chest.

“I love you, Jess.”

“I love you too,“ she said in reply.

They lay silent for a while and thought about what had just happened.  Jeremy braided his fingers against hers and held her close.  She cuddled closer and enjoyed the security of his embrace.

“Jer,” she finally said.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Now we know that we don’t suck together, maybe we could do it again?” she suggested.

It only took him a few seconds to get over the shock.  As Jeremy turned to give Jess a kiss, laughter filled the room and their hearts.

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