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as AUTHORS: Fauxscandinavian and PrincessofJLin

Landry was leaving for the West Coast tomorrow. 

This was the reason they now sat and ate dinner in Landry’s apartment.  He was so apologetic about it, that Karin thought it was sweet.

“Half of my stuff is already in LA,” Landry said just as they entered his pad.  “What’s left was what I needed to have these last days.”

Karin smiled and said, “I don’t mind.”  It’s the first time she visited him.

“It’s not home,” Landry was rambling, “home is my mom’s house, you know.”

She totally understood.  “Like Sweden will always be home,” she told him.

Landry looked at her and suddenly remembered that Karin would be leaving New York this summer as well.  The idea of leaving NYC tomorrow already made him sad – the thought of her being on another continent was unbearable.

Karin sensed the tension – almost sadness – in the air.  She was aware that she might not see Landry in quite a while. They hadn’t really talked much about their summer plans – both in denial and tiptoeing around the subject.

Tonight was all about spending time with each other.  There was a lot Landry wanted to tell her – things that would affect them in more ways than one.

“My agent called about some possible offers – from other teams,” he finally shared.

Karin looked up; it sounded like Landry was apologizing over it.

“I’m assuming it’s a good thing,” she told him, “but you don’t sound pleased.”

“I love New York,” he replied.

“If you are having doubts, then the options must have been good,” Karin concluded.  When he said nothing, she continued, “New York will still be there for you to love, even if you left it.”

“What if there were people I didn’t want to leave?” he said.

Karin’s heart skipped a beat; a small thought crept into her mind – was he talking about her?

He’s talking about his teammates, she told herself.

“If your teammates and friends cared for you, they wouldn’t blame you for taking a chance,” she said.

“What about you?”  Landry suddenly asked.

“Blame you for seizing an opportunity?  Of course not,” Karin assured him.  “What is it you’re telling me, Landry?”

Landry had stopped eating and just looked at her.

“I finally feel like we have something going between us and this comes up.  I don’t want to leave you,” he said.

“I don’t expect you to drop everything for me,” Karin said.

“It just sounds so casual,” Landry uttered, sounding a bit hurt.

“I don’t do casual,” Karin protested.  Landry could hear the irritation in her voice and he felt bad about doubting her.

“What are we, then?” he asked her, confusion in his face.

“Two people getting to know each other, enjoying each other’s company and taking it one step at a time,” she answered.

“Do what makes you happy, Landry.  If staying with the Knicks is it – then do so.   Just don’t make me the excuse if you don’t dare seize an opportunity,” she told him, challenge evident in her voice.

Landry simply stared at Karin – she was an enigma – so different and so fearless in her sense of self.

He drew her in an embrace.  “Okay,” he said – just what he was agreeing to, he still hadn’t figured out yet.  Karin buried her face in his chest.  It had to be said, she thought.  She did not want to hold him back.

“Are you ready to seize another opportunity?” Karin whispered.

“What?”  Landry asked.

“Take me to bed, Landry,” She simply said.

Landry did a doubletake – did he really hear her say he can take her to bed?

Karin was looking at him without blinking.  Her absolute calm was impressive.  Damn hot, Landry decided.

“Come on, Landry,” Karin said as she leaned to give him a kiss.  “Carpe diem.”

“Carpe diem, indeed” Landry whispered against her lips.

The chemistry between them had been undeniable from the start.  They practically sizzled – sitting in the dining room, with only their lips touching.  Landry loved her lips – the fullness of them, the feel of them against his.  When Karin moaned, he could barely contain himself.  He needed to touch her.

He pulled her over to stand between his legs, so he could keep her in his arms.  The crisp, almost manly shirt she had on was such a contradiction to how she felt under his hands as they slowly followed the soft curve of her shoulders and back and ended at her hips.  Her skirt clung to her form, so he could feel her womanly curves as his hands slipped further downwards.

Karin trailed her palms on Landry’s chest – the thin cotton T-shirt he had on might as well not be there – and felt the ripple of muscle on his broad chest.

“This is not the best place to do this,” he gasped, took a quick intake of breath and took her lips with his again.

“I don’t care,” Karin murmured, “You can have me anywhere.”

Landry groaned at her words – what did he ever do to deserve her?

He finally pulled back and whispered, “You deserve better.”

He straightened up and looked down at Karin – looked at her flushed face – her desire for him unabashedly visible in her eyes.  They didn’t take their eyes off each other as Landry led her through the living room and into his bedroom.

Karin looked at the bed – it was massive.  It had to be for Landry to fit on it, she thought.

Landry hovered by the door and stared at her.  He wanted her to not feel pressure – but if she said no now, he’d probably die.

She took a few steps closer to the bed, then turned to sit on it while she held Landry’s gaze.  When she slid from the edge of the bed to the middle of it in one fluid motion, Landry couldn’t breathe.  The decision had never been his, he realized now.

He looked thunderstruck – that was the only way she could describe Landry at the moment – a combination of awe, shock, delight and desire.  The knowledge that she could cause that made her want him more.

“You’re not going to stand there all night, are you?” she asked.

“I’m just taking in the sight of you in my bed – so I’ll never forget,” he answered honestly.  She half-sat, her upper body supported by her elbows.  She still had her work clothes on – not for long, he thought.

Karin’s heart was beating.  Landry didn’t know it yet – he already held a special place in her heart, no matter what she said to him during dinner.  She didn’t know what would come after tonight; she decided that it wouldn’t stop her from enjoying this moment with Landry.

Landry crawled to lie on his side beside her.  He supported his head with an elbow so he could look at Karin lying on the bed now.  She had him from the first time she held his gaze at Avenue.  If she had asked him to stay in New York, he would have done so.  But she would never ask him to – that was just her.   Landry had never wanted anyone more.

He traced a finger down her left cheek, past her lower lip and up her right cheek.  When his finger reached her nose, she giggled.  “Is this your idea of foreplay?”

Landry said nothing.  He traced his thumb along her lips, feeling each millimeter of lushness.  He moved so they were eye-to-eye.  He held himself up on his knees and hands to kneel over her.  When he lowered his head to taste her lips, Karin shivered from anticipation.  He kissed her softly, drawing each movement out – it was excruciatingly wonderful.

“I don’t do casual either, Karin,” he murmured before he moved his lips to her neck, his fingers   were already on their way down to unzip her skirt, pull it off Karin and free her shirt of the skirt’s confine.  She was a revelation in just a white shirt and her long bare legs, hair splayed against the white bed sheet.

When Karin moved to unbutton her shirt, his hands stopped her.  “No, let me,” he said huskily against her ear.  He wanted to unearth soft and dreamy – needed to find her underneath the professional veneer.

He found white lace and silk – the sexy simplicity of it hitting him straight in the loins. She looked virginal – yet not virginal at all.  He never thought white lingerie could be this hot.   Karin observed the passion flit through Landry while he ate her up with his eyes.  She had never felt so wanted before – not like this.

He cupped her lace-covered breasts with his huge hands and traced the outline of the white lace, his thumbs finding the point where Karin’s nipples strained against the delicate fabric.  He dipped to lick her nipples through the lace, sending a jolt through Karin while his right hand seared a path down to the junction between her legs, caressing her through her silk panties.  She was already damp – for him.  His mouth found its way to where his hand had just been.  His warm breath blowing through her panties shocked Karin – as did the raspy feel of his mouth against her inner thighs.  “Damn it, Landry,” she breathed as she lifted her head in ecstasy and writhed underneath him.

“The contradictions in you drive me wild, Karin,” he said in awe.  If he’d had known that this was hidden underneath the polished corporate look, it would have driven him crazy thinking about it.

He felt her push against his shoulders.  For a second he thought she was stopping him, until he found himself on his back on the bed, with Karin straddling him.  Karin tugged at his belt – her intentions clear. He kicked his jeans off, while Karin pulled at his shirt, so he lay in only his boxers.  She took a quest of his upper body – caressed his abs and reveled in feeling Landry’s skin as she followed each dip of muscle with her hands.

He reached out to find the hooks at her back and freed her of her lace bra.  She looked so hot with her hair that framed wild around her flushed face and fell towards her breasts – her nipples taut and dark against her skin.  When Landry took her breasts in his hands and squeezed ever so slightly, she gasped.   He lifted his upper body, took one mound in his mouth and sucked.  Karin bucked at the sensations she felt as Landry devoted his attention to both her breasts.

Their pelvic regions were rubbing flush against the other, the slightest of friction exquisite and painful at the same time.  When he took Karin’s mouth in his, she rotated her hips, eliciting a moan from him.

“Oh, god, Karin – what are you doing?” he sighed.

“Having my way with you,” she whispered against his ear, before Landry felt her tongue flick against his earlobe.  She trailed kisses, nibbles and licks from his neck to his chest.  Karin found his nipples – gave them a light bite – making Landry lift his hips against hers.  He could her hear husky laugh, as her mouth continued undeterred downwards.

She followed the outline of his arousal through his boxers with her soft hands.  Karin flicked her tongue to taste and tease the tip peeking near the waistband, knowing he wasn’t expecting it.  Landry cursed and clutched at the sheets to control himself.  She decided it was time.

Landry felt the last barrier of clothing tugged from his body; he found Karin’s hips and peeled her silk panties off.

She was looking intently at him, her face clouded in desire and determination.  Fearless – and mine, Landry thought.

When Karin lifted her lower body to sheath Landry’s arousal in her, he could hardly breathe.  She was tight – so wonderfully tight around his manhood.  She moved slowly at first, to get used to his girth in her.   She could feel every inch of him fill her – her every movement sending pulses up her abdomen.

Her hips were driving him to the edge – rotating, rocking, lifting and clenching him into submission.  She was magnificent as she rode him.  His hands supported her at the hips, caressing the soft curve of her backside.  Landry moved to follow her pace and fought against his own orgasm until she was ready for her own.  He wanted them to crest at the same time – as equals.

“Now,” she gasped.  Landry let himself go with her – the strength of their mutual release hitting them.  Their gazes locked – like two kids playing “blinking contest” – but totally aware that there was more at stake in this.  They met halfway to kiss – totally united and their heartbeats seemingly melting into one.

She lay exhausted on top of him for a while, her breathing finally subsiding into soft intakes of breath.  His body felt hard and firm against hers – his size and height cradling her soft form.  If it were up to Landry, she could lie there forever.

Karin listened to the beat of his heart – its beating slowing down as their bodies relaxed.  That heart was beating furiously for her a while ago, she realized.

“We never got to dessert,” Landry said.

“I thought we just did,” Karin grinned.

Landry’s laugh vibrated in his chest – she loved the sound of it.  When she raised her head to look down at him, she was met with smiling eyes.  Landry shifted his body, so they came to lie beside each other.  He cradled Karin in the crook of his arm and pulled at the silk sheet so they sort of lay in a cocoon.  She tucked her face against him, absorbing the warmth and tenderness Landry was expressing.

“I’m going to miss you,” Landry opened up.

“Maybe I’ll miss you, too,” Karin murmured.  They both knew that was a white lie.

“We have all night,” she told him.

“Well, I guess we shouldn’t waste it then,” he grinned and turned towards her; his body told her that he was indeed not wasting any time.

They barely got any sleep – but it didn’t matter.

They both tried to keep it light when they said their goodbyes the next day.  Landry joked as usual; Karin was calm and collected.

On the plane to LA, Landry wasn’t in the mood to talk to anybody.  He closed his eyes and filled his mind with the image of the brown-eyed brunette he left behind in New York.

Karin stayed at Jess’ place that night.  She didn’t cry – but she did eat a lot of ice cream.

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