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The shower felt good after a long, hard work-out with Jeremy, but I could never keep up with him.  Of course I couldn’t, he’s a professional athlete and I’m just his part time work out buddy.  I always enjoyed our time together.  The past few weeks had been crazy for Jeremy and his family with news coming out every day about the Knicks wanting to re-sign him and matching any offer.  Jeremy loved the Knicks and New York, most of all he loved the fans.  They gave him as much energy as he gave them on the court.

As you can imagine it broke his heart when they did not match his offer sheet from the Rockets.  But what hurts the most was some of the backlash he got in the media and from so-called fans.  It pained me to see him hurt and sad over these ridiculous backlashes; I wish I could shield him from all the negativities but I could not.  All I could do was be by his side, give him love, positivity and encouragement.  Jeremy is a strong person and he handled himself well through the entire storm and the ugliness that came with it.  I don’t know if I could have handled it like he did.  He was still the same person through and through and that just made me love him even more.

I got out of the shower, water droplets dripping off my body and hair as I wrapped myself in a towel and made my way out of the bathroom into his room.  I slipped into a pair of briefs and put on one of Jeremy’s shirts.  I loved wearing his shirt around the house and to bed, even though they were four times bigger than I was.  Why are you wearing just panty and a shirt around the house?  And where are his parents you might ask?  Well, I don’t usually walk around the house half-naked, and his parents are away for the weekend; thus, I can dress like this.

Jeremy was next door in his new mancave.  After coming back from Houston he told his parents he wanted a place where his friends and him could play games and relax.  He asked if he could turn one of the bedrooms into his mancave since he’s the only one still living at home.  Not only was he handy on the court with the ball, he was handy off-court as well.  Jeremy went to IKEA and bought all the shelves, tables and sofa needed for his mancave and assembled them all by himself; while I supervised of course.  Before entering his man cave I made a detour to the kitchen to grab water and a snack.  I opened the refrigerator and saw a bowl of cut pineapples; Jeremy loved pineapples so his mom made sure there were always some in the refrigerator for him.

**Knock, knock**

“Hi, can I come in?”  I asked.

“Yes you may.”  He answered.

I could have just entered without asking, but since it was his mancave, his space, I had to be polite.  Jeremy was on the couch with a controller in his hands and a head set on his head.  He was playing a live game with his friends. I sat down on the newly acquired leather couch that Jeremy got along with a 62″ inch TV that was bought to accompany his new mancave.

“Jason on your left, on your left.”  I head Jeremy saying into his head set.  I sat there munching on pineapples while watching him and his friends play on screen.

“Would you like some pineapples?”

“Huh?  Yeah sure.”

I stood up, took a few steps toward Jeremy; standing in front of him now holding the bowl of pineapples; I begun to lower myself onto him in a straddle position before Jeremy could say anything.  Jeremy didn’t protest for his eyes were still glued onto the screen and his game.  I knew just the trick to get his attention.  I placed a piece of pineapple in my mouth as I made my way to his.  His lips were partly open ready to receive my offering.  I slowly slid the piece of fruit into his parting lips, his eyes widened in surprise, his lips opened wider to accommodate the piece of fruit as my tongue pushed it into his awaiting mouth.  My lips finally touched his as I tasted the sweet juice of the fruit that was left on his plump, red lips.  My tongue went looking for his as I gave his tongue a little tease.  I parted my lips away from his so he could enjoy his fruit.  I licked my lips as I watch him chew the pineapple.

“Was the pineapple sweet?”  I asked in a murmur.

“Very, very sweet.”  Was Jeremy’s reply along with a grin on his face.

“Would you like another piece?”

“Yes, please.”

Now I was grinning like a fool as I took another piece of pineapple and put it in my mouth moving forward to meet his lips once again.  I wanted to taste and feel his lips on mine.  This time I held the fruit in-between my teeth.  Jeremy inched his mouth forward to meet mine.  As he bit the pineapple he bit my bottom lip as well, teasing me.  He was smiling and chewing at the same time.  I didn’t get off him, for I wanted to lie on his chest.  He had been working out intensively during this off season therefore putting on more muscles.  His chest and arms had gotten bigger and harder.

His chest was hard with muscles but it was so comfortable for me to rest my head there.  The contour of his hard body against my soft body was perfect.  I melted into him as he melted into mine.  I can hear his heart beat in a low calm manner.  My head rose with every breathe he took; the sound of his voice vibrated down his throat and into my ear when he spoke.  All these wonderful combinations of sounds and rhythm put me in a sleepy mode.  I closed my eyes and absorbed his sounds and body as I lay on his chest falling asleep.  I don’t know how long I slept but the movement of his body stirred my eyes open.

Jeremy stretched his body – the controller and head set no longer in his possession.  His hands came down to the small of my back resting there for a brief moment before rubbing my back.

“Are you sleeping?”

“No, I was just resting my eyes,”  sleepily, I replied.

I heard a little chuckle come from above.  His big strong arms were now embracing me as I melted into his body more.  I could feel his warmth radiating out and into me.  We stayed like that for what seemed like hours only it was just mere minutes.



Before I could look up Jeremy pinched my chin, tilted my head back so I was looking up at him, into his gaze, his lips coming down to mine.  His lips were soft and warm.  The first kiss was sweet and tender.  He broke away as he gazed down at me with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile plastered on his face.  Before I can say anything he leaned down to kiss me again this time the kiss was more eager, harder.  I pushed myself up to meet him and wrapped my arms around his neck.  I felt his hands make their way down my back, gripping my ass; squeezing and kneading it.  I moaned into his mouth as I felt his lips curl into a smile.  His kiss was demanding, his tongue and lips coaxing mine.  He put his arms around me and hauled me against his body, holding me tight.  My heart was beating faster, I felt myself flushing against his body as he broke away from my lips, trailing kisses down my check and neck.  I bent my neck to the left to give Jeremy more access.  The feel of his full lips on my neck gave me a wonderful tingling sensation.  My hands ran through his hair, gripping it tighter and harder; thus, caused him to bite my neck.  I gasped and he bit it once more.  The kisses continued across my collarbone and up my left neck; he assaulted it with his delicious, plump lips.  I couldn’t take it anymore as my hands were still tangled in his hair I pulled his head back as I gazed into his eyes with lust in mine.  His lips were red and swollen from our kissing; I’d like to bite those lips I thought.  I leaned down and bit those swollen lips of his; a little gasp escaped Jeremy’s parted mouth.  That didn’t stop me as it turned me on even more; still holding his head back I run my tongue along his strong, square jaw line all the way down his neck.  Since he bit my neck it was only fair I returned the favor.  My mouth was heated like the rest of my body.  I wanted more of him, I needed more of him.

My tongue and mouth wored their way across his collarbone then onto the other side of his neck.  I felt his hands slipping underneath my shirt working their way north.  I didn’t want him to touch me… not yet.   I wanted him to resist for as long as he could because I wanted to be the only one touching him.  I pulled his hair harder once again and that halted his hands’ movement.  I meet his gaze with mine and gave him a sheepish smile which he registered right away.  I gave him another kiss as I made my way south.  I let go of my hold on his hair to grab the hem of his shirt.  I needed to feel his flesh against me as I peeled his shirt off his body.  I marvelled at this beautiful man’s body.  Jeremy has beautiful, soft almond skin; I needed to feel, explore every inch of his body.

With both hands I started at the top of his head, slowly,with almost featherlike touches tracing his forehead, down his eyelids, over to his ears, back to his cheeks, down his perfectly sculpted nose; towards those wondrous lips of his.  Sliding down the sides of his soft, long neck my fingers traced his long, slender collarbone.  I have a soft spot for that collarbone of his for my fingers were lingering there just slowly and gently going back and forth.  My hands and fingers had a mind of their own at this moment, for I felt I had no control over them.  They gently moved away from Jeremy’s collarbone towards his well defined, hard pecs.  They stopped at his nipples as my thumbs circled the nipples, the index fingers joined in to roll themselves against Jeremy’s perfect pink nipples.  I see his chest moving more rapidly as his breathing increased all the while my gaze and concentration were on his nipples, rolling them in-between my thumb and index fingers.  As if on cue my mouth enclosed his left nipple gentle sucking on them.  Now my tongue was thinking for itself too, circling and flicking at his hard, erect nipple. I heared Jeremy let out a soft moan from above.  My mouth trailed kisses in-between his breasts towards his right nipple repeating the same action as before.  My fingers ran down his hard six-pac  towards his shorts’ waistband as my mouth followed with kisses down and over each of his pacs.  Before I went any further I sprung myself toward his lips once again to give him a soft, needy kiss.

I got off of the couch now to kneel on the floor in front of Jeremy’s bulge.  I slipped my fingers and hook onto the waistband of his shorts and glided them off him.  He lifted his hips off the couch as I looked up at him, our eyes met and a flush of excitement coursed through my body.  I turned my attention back to his bulge, as my hands, still acting on their accord, ran from his calf up over his knees onto his inner thighs. Slowly and gently my fingers grazed his soft, smooth inner thighs as they moved towards his mounting bulge; but they did not touch his bulge instead they traced the outer edges of his bulge.  I follow my hands with soft kisses going up the right inner thigh, stopping briefly, as the kisses continue down his left thigh.  I placed my head right in front of his bulge as I lowered my lips to kiss the fabric that was standing between my mouth and Jeremy.  Placing my palms on his chest I began to play with his nipples; while kissing his bulge and the surrounding area; using my tongue to playful lick up and down feeling his cock stirring with each lick.

It wanted to be freed from its confinement.  My hands were at his waist, fingers hooked onto his briefs waist band and soon his briefs were at his feet.  His cock was erect, not hard, that will soon change.  Taking his cock, I flipped it towards his stomach and licked the underside of his cock with the tip of my tongue.  It tasted a little salty and oh so delicious.  I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock a few times before I returned it to face me.  Bringing my mouth toward his tip slowly caressing and sucking on it, with the tip in my mouth my tongue swirled the head, feeling the ridge of his head.  My right hand was cupping and rolling his balls as my left was tugging at the end of his cock.  I looked up and saw Jeremy’s head leaning back against the couch; eyes closed enjoying my mouth and hands.  His mouth is slightly open with soft moans coming out of it.  Now my mouth wanted more, I needed him in me, all of him.  I  opened wider to slide him into my hot, wet mouth. My head was moving faster, hungrier.  I felt Jeremy’s hips moving with my pace as he raised his hips towards my mouth so I can take more of him in.  Jeremy’s cock was now hard, throbbing inside my mouth; I felt tears forming in my eyes as he pushed himself deeper in my mouth.  My fingers dug into his thighs for support and to balance myself against his cock’s assault on my mouth.  I needed air, I couldn’t breathe, so using both hands I shoved myself away from his throbbing cock.  As my mouth was freed I  desperately gasped for air.

“Are you alright?  Did I go too hard on you?”  Jeremy asked with concern and sincerity in his voice and on his face.

Without responding to his concerns I slipped out of my panty, stood up and straddled Jeremy once again but I am hovering above him.  Launching at him I gave Jeremy a hard kiss, his juice was still on my lips and I wanted him to taste what his desire was like.  I broke the kiss off because I could no longer deny myself of my own pleasure.  With my right hand holding his cock I slowly adn gently lowered myself onto him.  We both moaned as his cock was disappearing in me.  The deliciousness of his cock fully in me was building me up as I felt my pussy expanding to accommodate the fullness of him.  I raised my hips up and down slowly at first.  Our breathing was getting courser, faster as my hips moved up, down, up, down – faster, deeper with each rapid breath we took.  Jeremy’s big hands grabbed both of my breasts squeezing them…hard.  Without looking, his fingers found my hard, erect nipples as he pulled and tugged on them.  With that sensation and me fucking him fast and hard,  I felt my first orgasm coming.  My body was tingling and I knew that familiar sensation all too well.  I felt incredibly hot as sweat beads rolled off my back and chest.  Jeremy’s head was leaned back against the couch; eyes closed, enjoying the ride I was giving him.  My hands move towards his pecs, gripping them as my first orgasm hit me.  Head titled back, back arched against Jeremy’s body as the ecstasy hit me.  I felt my walls contracting around his still hard, throbbing cock, squeezing it which also caused Jeremy to moan and groan with me.

His arms wrapped around me, pulled me closer to him as I panted onto his chest.  Suddenly I felt my body moving upward, immediately my legs wrapped around Jeremy’s waist, arms clasped around his neck.  Jeremy’s hands where now gripping my hips as he moved me up down up down onto him.  Holy shit he was fucking me standing up.  I didn’t know if it was his height or the feeling of being held with only his arms as a support but the downward motion into his cock was unbelievably fantastic.  His balls slapping against my ass as my clit rubbed against his stomach; even, though I just came I feel my body starts tingling again, oh shit another wave was coming.  I clung  tighter to Jeremy’s body as he pushed me down harder and faster.

“Come for me baby, come…”

I bit his neck to control myself but it didn’t help; my orgasm hit like a tidal wave.  The room was hot and steamy with our sex, Jeremy had stop all movement and all I could hear was my panting and moaning as my body convulsed against his.  Jeremy tightened his hold on me as I rode out my wave.  I felt my juice flowing out of me and onto his cock and balls.  Jeremy lowered both our bodies onto the floor; my back came into contact with the soft rug.  He held my face with both his hands as he looked deeply into my eyes.  Our mouths found each other, tongue clashing to meet, teeth grazing against each other.  Jeremy placed both elbows besides my head as he lowered his body onto mine.  I loved his weight and the length of his body on mine.  I spread my legs wider to accommodate his body as he began to push into me.  The pushing was more urgent now that could feel his build-up; Jeremy was about to cum soon.  I stuck out my tongue to lick his nipples causing him to push faster.  My body tensed up as the tingling sensation returned.  I gripped my fingers onto his back as my hips pushed up to meet his pushes, needing his pushes.

“Baby, I’m cumming…again…”  Was all I could manage to say at this point.

Jeremy didn’t have to respond because his action spoke loud and clear.  I wanted to hold out and cum with Jeremy but my body just couldn’t take it anymore.  Legs straightened out on both sides, fingers digging into Jeremy’s back, body arching toward Jeremy’s chest my orgasm was released like  wave after wave hitting against the rocks.  I heard Jeremy grunting and after three more pushes he came as well, his hot liquid filling my inside.  Jeremy collapsed onto me, still inside me, as we both lay there panting and trying to catch our breathe.  After sometime Jeremy slowly pulled out of me and was by my side.  He pulled me into his arms, into the comfort of his chest and held me.