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Finally here, Landry thought as he drove up a narrow road – well, at least that’s what the GPS said.

It had been a long drive from New York City to Lake Cayuga, but Landry loved it.  He’d never been this far from New York before; this area was definitely different from the concrete jungles of LA and New York.

It wasn’t the first time Jared had invited him to go fishing, but Landry never had any interest.  Jeremy was the one who loved fishing, Landry thought, his gut twisting.  He knew that Jared and Jeremy had gone deep-sea fishing together this summer.  Maybe if we had still been together, Landry thought with regret, I could have learnt a bit about it.  

Jared wasn’t taking  no for an answer this time.  Landry had said yes – not only because he liked Jared, but because he thought a weekend away would help him gather courage for when team training would start – and for when he’d see Jeremy again.

He had been back in the Big Apple for a couple of days and this was just what he needed.  It had been hard coming back to New York after the off-season; all the memories he’d made with Jeremy hit him with full force as soon as he saw the city and entered his empty apartment.

As a little cabin came into view, Landry smiled. 

It lay nestled between high pine trees – the lake sparkling at the back.  As Landry took in the surroundings, he felt as peaceful as the area around it – the green hills and the trees slowly turning orange and brown before losing their leaves to autumn.

“You made it,” Jared said with a smile: he walked from the porch to give Landry a hug.

“And I didn’t get lost,” Landry said with a laugh.

The cabin was simple – but definitely cozy.  The soft blaze in the fireplace brought warmth and comfort into the room.  “Nice, Jared, really nice,” Landry complimented. “Where’d you find this place?”

Jared laughed, “Online.  You want something to drink?” he  asked, as he approached the kitchen.

Landry sat on one of the bar stools and said, “Coffee.”

“So it’s just you and me?” he asked.

“Not exactly,” Jared said.

The door suddenly opened from the lake side; the last person Landry was ready to meet came in – Jeremy.

“This area is amazing, Jared…“ Jeremy had just taken his jacket off and turned – to stare at Landry.

My God, Landry thought, his heart taking a swandive to his gut.  Jeremy’s cheeks were flushed – probably from being outside.  He did look pale and tired – but still the best sight Landry had seen for a long time.

Jared moved to take a small bag from beside the couch and reached for his jacket.  Jeremy and Landry still stared wordlessly at each other.  Jared was worried.  This will either work out or blow them totally apart, he thought. But it had to be done, he argued, for their sake and the team’s.

“Great.  Now that you realize that you’ve been set up, I’m gonna go,” he said.

Jeremy reacted first.  “Where are you going?”

“To the nearest town.  You have the cabin on your own until I come back tomorrow afternoon.”

Landry was frowning.  Jared can’t do this; I’m not ready, he thought.   “I can just drive away,” Landry said – not really sure he meant it, though.

Jared grinned.  “No, you won’t.  I just took your keys.”

They both glowered at him – unhappy about being thrown into the situation. They do hate being unprepared, Jared thought with a smile.   They both think and over-analyze  – well, now they just need to act and react, which just might fix whatever needed fixing.

“I want you to be your best when training starts,” Jared explained, looking at the two of them intently.  “I love you both – so this has got to stop. You need to talk – and listen to each other. ”

Jeremy looked out the window and Landry stared at his hands.  Jared sighed, “See you tomorrow.”  A few minutes later, Jeremy and Landry heard a car drive away.

What were you thinking, Jared? Jeremy thought.   He had said it would do Jeremy good to get away for a while.  The team was assembling within a week and Jeremy had thought he’d get ready mentally – to have to deal with seeing Landry again.

Jeremy never minded surprises.  In fact, he loved them; but Jared was pushing it with this one.   He wanted them to talk – about what?  The silence was heavy in the room.  When Jeremy turned to look at Landry, he found a pair of eyes already fixed at him.

“You look great,” Landry said quietly, his eyes penetrating Jeremy’s stare.

“Oh, drop it, Landry,” Jeremy said, temper in his voice. “I look as crappy as I feel.”

“You don’t have to bite my head off,” Landry answered back, his own temper rising.

“There’s no need to be polite.  You’re as pissed as I am about this situation.”  Jeremy was pacing back and forth in the room.

There was a gleam in Jeremy’s eyes.  It’s rare for him to cut loose, Landry remembered; Jeremy was always in control and had many times used humor to check his temper.

He looks magnificent, Landry thought.  Jeremy’s eyes were sparkling, the color on his cheeks made him look vibrant – and those lips!  Landry couldn’t stop staring at those lips that Jeremy was impatiently pursing and biting.

When Jeremy stalked towards Landry, he pushed at Landry’s shoulders, “Say something.”

Landry felt a tingle up his arms at Jeremy’s touch and when Jeremy’s eyes widened, Landry thought, Okay, he felt that too.

He grabbed Jeremy’s wrists and said, “What do you want me to say?”

“Anything.  Something,” Jeremy answered while trying to free his wrists of Landry’s hold.

“No,” Landry said and decided he liked holding Jeremy like this.  “I won’t let you put distance between us again.”

Jeremy tugged – and made not only Landry lose his balance but his own as well.  They fell to the floor.  Jeremy’s frame landed on top of him and caused him to lose his breath for a few seconds, but he held on.

“You’ve gained weight,” Landry grinned.   Jeremy was still trying to release himself from his grip, his temper in full swing. When Landry felt a certain part of his anatomy react to Jeremy’s weight and movements, he stopped grinning.  Jeremy became still – suddenly aware that he was making Landry aroused.  They stared at each other, both breathed heavily.

“Please, Jeremy,” Landry finally said in a husky voice.

“Please what?”  Jeremy prodded.  His face was still flushed – from anger or arousal, Landry did not know.  Landry released Jeremy’s wrist.  He spread Jeremy’s hands and placed them at his chest.  “Please love me again.”

Pain flickered in Jeremy’s eyes.  He slapped his palms on Landry’s chest – hard – meant to inflict pain.  Landry took it – the pain was nothing in comparison to what he had been feeling since they broke up.  He kept his eyes on Jeremy, knowing that all he felt were visible there.

Damn it, Landry,” Jeremy growled before he furiously pressed his lips against Landry’s.  The impatience and fury Landry felt from the kiss paralysed him for a moment.  Jeremy took his lips – demanding and unapologetic.  He was literally taking Landry’s breath away.  Landry relished the feel of Jeremy’s soft lips and the sensation of feeling their tongues play against each other.  Jeremy rolled his hips and pressed his thigh against Landry’s.  Lying here looking at Jeremy and just being with him was enough for Landry. They fit.

Their thighs were grinding against each other’s and their hips rolling in their quest for satisfaction. When the pressure eased against Landry’s thigh, he groaned and ached for more.  Landry felt hands lift his shirt up and a finger run along the waistband of his jeans.  When Jeremy’s tongue flick at his navel he had to bite his lips from groaning.

Just as Landry thought Jeremy would go lower, he felt those lips and tongue make their way up again. Jeremy tugged at Landry’s shirt and took it off.  When Jeremy stopped at his collarbone, Landry sucked in air.  “My turn,” Jeremy murmured while grazing teeth, tongue and lips against Landry’s neck.  Landry hung on, his hands trailed down to clutch at Jeremy’s ass, pulling him closer to his body.

When Jeremy lifted his head to look at Landry, he had a grin on his face.   Landry rolled to pin Jeremy underneath him; those darkbrown eyes opened wide with surprise at Landry’s move.

Landry lowered his head to once again take those wonderful lips with his own.  He felt Jeremy’s tongue graze his and heard a long moan – unsure which one of them the sound came from.

They moved frantically now – both afraid to let the moment go.  They tugged at each other’s clothes.   Landry wanted to feel Jeremy’s soft skin.  Jeremy was just as impatient and murmured “I need to feel you.”

When Jeremy shifted, Landry looked at him with raised eyebrows; he knew what Jeremy had in mind, but was quite surprised that he’d actually want to do it.

“Jer?” Landry asked, the question written on his face.

Jeremy held his gaze, the challenge clear on his gorgeous face.

They lay naked in front of the fireplace, the flames from the fire casting a glow on their bodies.  Jeremy lay on top of Landry, their bodies turned opposite directions.  The soft pressure of his silky body heated Landry’s body up.

Jeremy tentatively held Landry’s manhood in his hands; it was bulging with arousal.  When he flicked his tongue on its tip, Landry groaned – a quick reaction that gave Jeremy confidence to continue.  He let his tongue explore the length of the shaft, feeling it stiffen with each lick.

Landry lifted his head to nip at the tip of Jeremy’s manhood.  He wanted Jeremy to experience the same sensations at the same time.  Concentrate, Landry, he told himself.  It was a hard feat – Jeremy’s lips were ravishing him.

Landry took a firm hold of Jeremy’s shaft as he took him in – and sucked.

Jeremy bucked in surprise – pushing his manhood deeper in Landry’s mouth.  As Landry let his tongue roll in and around Jeremy’s manhood, he could hear Jeremy groan.

Jeremy decided to mimic Landry’s moves – and took Landry in – as far as he could down his throat.  It was engorged, almost too long.  He sucked at it softly at first, feeling the increased pressure of Landry’s mouth around his own manhood.  So he suckled and licked Landry more forcefully.

Damn those pouty lips, Landry thought as he writhed in ecstasy at what Jeremy was doing to him.    When Landry lightly scraped his nails against Jeremy’s sack, he felt Jeremy shudder and moan against him.  The clamp around Landry’s manhood tightened and pulsed, pushing Landry to the brink of an orgasm.

He let his lips run slowly and wetly up Jeremy’s penis, focusing his attention on the tip.

They both felt the build-up – that crest they had to ride in order to get release.  They drove each other mad – with their mouths and hands.  Jeremy and Landry came almost at the same time, the strength of their climaxes vibrating against each other’s bodies.

Jeremy lay limp, still on top of Landry; his weight did not bother Landry.  He, in fact, found comfort in having Jeremy’s body this close to his again.  When Jeremy moved, it was to lie down beside him.  He supported himself with one elbow and looked down at Landry’s relaxed face.  When Jeremy leaned down to kiss him, there was tenderness this time.

They lay side by side, facing each other ; it was Landry who talked and Jeremy who listened.

I missed your face,” Landry murmured, raising his hands to feel Jeremy’s features, tracing each line and curve.  “I’m sorry, Jeremy,” he whispered.  “I’m so sorry.  I never should have let it go so far. If I could go back…”

“I’m sorry too,” Jeremy softly said, as he kissed the tears away from Landry’s face.

“It’s always been you – always will be you,” Landry whispered, his lips brushing against Jeremy’s.  He put all his love into the kiss, expressing both apology and surrender.

“What do we do now?” Jeremy asked, his gaze locked on Landry’s.

“I never want to let go, Jeremy,” Landry answered as he took hold of Jeremy’s hands and braided their fingers together.

“Do we still have a chance?” Landry asked softly.

When Jeremy gave him a deep and lingering kiss, Landry’s heart skipped a beat. Jeremy murmured, “You’re mine, Landry.  There’s only ever been you.”

They talked – amongst other things – that night.  All night.

When they finally slept, they did ike they used to – close.  Neither was ready to let go.  Both were happy at being together.


The house was empty when Jared arrived the next day.  He walked through the house, checked the rooms.  Jeremy and Landry’s stuff were in one of them.

When he heard voices from the back, he trod towards the dock.

Jeremy was apparently teaching Landry the art of fly fishing.  By the sound of it – Landry sucked – despite Jeremy’s guidance.

Looking at them, Jared could sense the peace in their stance and hear the joy in their laughter.  It was clear they only had eyes for each other.

Jared decided to let them have this moment.  Some wine and steak would be appropriate for dinner, he thought.


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