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When I first decided to write a LinLan fanfic – I thought “Let’s have fun.”

I did not know then that fun would mean writing stories that followed a real timeline of events. I did not realize that fun would require me revising the chapters several times because I had to – because persnickety me needed  the details  to fit real time.  I did not know how much fun would baloon to 13 chapters – so far…

But why do it?

I did it because I was having fun.

Well, my having fun with LinLan will soon end.  There are a handful chapters left to be published and these will be different from “reality”.

We all know by now that Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields are no longer New York Knickerbockers and worse, they do not even get to play together next season.  My mind simply could not accept that, so I decided to not give a damn about whether the last chapters in my LinLan  fanfic fit reality.

I decide where Jeremy and Landry play and how their story ends.

If you by chance haven’t read the chapters, you can start at the beginning. There is a link at the end of each chapter that brings you to the succeeding one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the stories as much as I did writing them.

I have gotten comments and “likes”, but you could also just tell me what you think of the way the stories progressed, how they made you feel and think, and if there were things that could have been different.

This is a no-judgement zone – I can handle whatever you throw at me.  If you’re shy about leaving comments here, just drop a line at fauxscandinavian@yahoo.com.

I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy reading!

LinLan forever, fauxscandinavian