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This is fauxscandinavian.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but one of the main things about the LinLan fanfic series I have written so far (Chapters 1-9) is my use of real time events from Jeremy Lin’s and Landry Fields’ lives.  By taking what is happening in “real life”, I create a “near-real-life” feeling to the stories.

Linsanity, the names, the Knicks matches and their results – these are all authentic.  There is a real timeline of events I follow.  I just use artistic freedom and a whole lotta imagination to fill in “the blanks” so they fit the story I had in mind.

The latest published chapter number 9 happens during All Star’s Weekend.  So to give you an idea of why my story “flowed” like it did, here follows a recap of events during that weekend.

Work, play and everything in between

Jeremy wasn’t even supposed to be there.  He had planned to hold a short vacation with his family.  He’d had a full month with Linsanity blowing up and the Knicks playing 14 games in 20 days.  His only participation in the All Star’s Weekend would have been to assist Shump in the Dunk contest (Shump got injured a few days before All Star’s, unfortunately).

But Linsanity and the fact that Jeremy scored 136 points in his first five starts – the most by an NBA player since the merger with the ABA in 1976-77 – made his participation in the Rising Stars Challenge a possibility.

National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner David Stern had previously brushed off the addition of Jeremy Lin to the All Star’s weekend roster – stating that it was too late to do so.  But a week before the All Star’s, Shaquille O’Neal decided to add Jeremy to his Sophomore-Rookie team – a move that came unopposed by Stern.

Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin played for Shaq’s team with, amongst others, Blake Griffin (LA Clippers) and Ricky Rubio (Minnesota Timberwolves).  Their team did not win and Jeremy only scored two points, but no one there minded.  It was mostly an exhibition game and in Jeremy’s words “fun”.

Here is the team publicity photo, where each is wearing their own team jerseys.

It was also during All Star’s Weekend that Nike launched the Jeremy Lin  Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low iD – he has them on in the picture above.  Having your “own” Nike Shoe named after you is apparently a sign of being in the big leagues.  They’re like the Manolos for basketball sneaker freaks…

And because there were so many journalists who wanted to interview Jeremy, the NBA organized his very own press conference, instead of the usual panel discussion with other players.

Jeremy and Landry had fun during this presscon: they had agreed beforehand that Landry would grab one of the microphones and ask the first question – a question with the answer: Landry Fields.  Yeah, they’re funny.

Check out this link for a recap of the presscon:  Jeremy All Stars presscon

The Not-kissing Cam

Jeremy’s parents, brother and sister-in-law were in the audience during the Rising Stars Challenge (Sophomore-Rookie game).  During the halftime break, the giant scoreboard screen showed his parents on the Kiss Cam. They barely looked up from their mobile devices and did not kiss even though the crowd encouraged them.  The Kiss Cam also showed a shot of Jeremy reacting to his parents’ not kissing – he sat beside Landry, laughed and shook his head.

Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields also participated in NBA Cares activities,photoshoots, one-on-one interviews with journalists, autograph signings and fan meet-and-greets during that weekend.

Here’s an article about NBA Cares: NBA Pitching In

The Not-so-secret-handshake

For their fans, Jeremy and Landry made a video breaking down their pre-game handshake:

Some Jeremy-time

As far as we know, Jeremy did not stay to watch the All Star East vs. West game on Sunday (February 26), opting instead to go on a fishing trip with his family.

This was of course the framework of events for one chapter.  If you have questions about the other chapters, just drop them as comments or mail me at fauxscandinavian@yahoo.com.

Enjoy reading!