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(Disclaimer: The following story is NOT part of the series I have written so far.  It is actually one of the first fanfic stories I wrote – before I went crazy with LinLan.  Do not worry, Chapter 9 will come soon enough.  Think of this as a sweet break before we proceed.  So as always, enjoy! – fauxscandinavian)

Angie was running late. She had to badger a good friend to get this interview – used up favors to last a lifetime and had come tad shy of actually selling her soul.

A week ago, Jeremy Lin was sitting near the end of the Knicks bench. Now he had become a MSG superstar, ticket seller and hunted interview subject – and Angela just cornered this elusive dragon.  Okay, that was a bit too dramatic, she told herself. Scratch that. Find another angle.

Angie was lucky that Jeremy Lin had agreed to an interview – she’s not exactly a hot shot reporter – yet.  She took a deep breath.  Relax, Angie, it’s just another interview.  It may be a career-maker, but think of it as just another interview.  If things worked out, she would owe Laura more than dinner.  Her childhood friend Laura, sister to one of Jeremy’s best friends from Palo Alto, set the meeting up.  Angie lived in the Bay Area until she was 12 just before her Dad was offered a job In London.  She visited Laura each summer to keep their friendship intact – and to enjoy the sunny California weather.  After college, she came back to the States and got a job in New York.  It’s not as sunny as Cali, but at least she didn’t live a whole continent away from her friends.

Angie approached the New York Knicks’ locker rooms.  The guard said Jeremy would wait for her there.  She tapped on the door – the hallway was empty.  It would have been nice to catch a glimpse of Stat, Shump or Landry. Man, they were gorgeous, those Knicks.

But Jeremy, she practically sighed that name out, he is something else.

She checked her purse for her recorder and the list of questions she planned to ask Jeremy. She ran fingers through her hair, licked her lips and steeled herself.  Here we go…

The door wasn’t locked.

“Hello” she called out to what looks like an empty locker room.  Not a good sign.  Angela carefully walked through the room.  Hey, it’s a locker room.  You never know if some naked dude comes out – not that she will mind running into a naked Knickerbocker. Angela smirked at that thought.

No naked dudes came out, but she did find Sleeping Beauty.

It’s more Slumbering Hunk than Sleeping Beauty, though.  Jeremy Lin was lying on one of the massage tables, earphones on, seemingly asleep.  He looks so much better up close than she expected.  Those giant screens you look at during the games didn’t give him enough credit.  When he smiles, Angie’s heart melts.  She lowered her head to look at that handsome face.  Those lips are really lush, she thought.  Wonder how they’d feel like.  His hair still looks damp – maybe recently showered.  Angie glanced at the shower area.  Stop imagining him standing in the shower, Angie, her inner angel said.  Jeremy’s long lean form under the blasting spray, scrubbing sweat off… yeah, good luck blocking that image out, chuckled her inner demon.

Angela took her fill, standing and barely breathing – afraid to wake him up.  He looked so serene.

Poor Jeremy.  D’Antoni’s riding him like Secretariat.  I wouldn’t mind riding him.  She grinned.

Snap out of it.  Eyes on the prize, Angie. Jeremy Lin is way out of your reach.

When Jeremy suddenly opened his almond eyes, she blinked and stared.  Those twinkling brown eyes were currently crinkling into a smile.  Oh my, the dimples – more spectacular up close.  Angela forgot to breathe.  She could feel the guilt rising, heat infusing her cheeks.  He must think I’m a nut job.


“Uh…” was the only sound out of her.  He kept on smiling, like it was so normal for him to catch a woman observing him like Angie did.  She had to muster all the self-control she had.  “Um, my name is Angela Lang. I’m from the New York Standard,” offering her right hand for a handshake, which Jeremy took.  A warm tingle ran through her arm.

“I know. I was waiting for you, remember?” Jeremy laughed.

Duh, Angie – what a first impression.  “I didn’t want to wake you up,” she said with a smile.

“I just closed my eyes for a bit.  I could smell you when you came in. I mean, you smell like my grandmother’s garden in Taiwan,” Jeremy said, his cheeks turning a bit pink.

Interesting… Angie felt a sudden surge of courage and confidence.  Jeremy was sitting up now, so she decided to sit beside him – close.

“So, what’s the plan?” she asked, conscious of the fact that she is currently body-to-body sitting with Jeremy Lin – the man of her erotic fantasies.  Inner angel was shouting “You are a professional – act like one.”   That was unfortunately getting drowned out by her inner demon, urging her to just go with it.  Carpe diem… or something like that.

“We can’t sit here.  The cleaners are about to start.  It would be too noisy at a restaurant, either.  Do you have any ideas?” she heard Jeremy ask.

Come home with me, yelled inner demon.  “Would it be too much to ask to have the interview in your new apartment?  People would want to know that you’re no longer crashing at Landry’s.”  Shit, did I just ask that?  No shame at all.  Angie was internally smacking her palm to her forehead.

Jeremy hesitated and looked at Angie intensely.

“Well… I guess so… but you are not allowed to write the address in your article.  We’d have to drop by for some take-out, too.  I’m famished and I miss my mom’s cooking.  Hope you don’t think it’s pathetic and stereotypical – Asian dude hankering for Chinese,” babbled Jeremy, while hopping down from the massage table.  He offered her a hand.

Her heart was doing flip-flops. He’s just being gallant, rationalized inner angel.  Not in my story he won’t, chuckled inner demon.  She relished taking those long fingers with her own, her senses going into overdrive.  Come on, Angie, it’s just his hand.  But I’ve imagined having those hands on me so many times, I can’t keep track. And man, are they big.

They started walking out of the locker rooms, Jeremy still talking.  He seems comfortable talking with her, considering the fact that she is a reporter.

At 6’3” he was nearly a foot taller than Angie.  Thank God, she thought of taking sky-high heeled boots on.  It made her feel less of a pygmy beside him.

“I want to make sure that I got it right from Laura,” he was saying. “You want to write about what it feels like to move from Cali to New York, about my daily life after Linsanity?  I can say no to a question at any time? “ he asked.  Angie nodded.

“May I see the article before it gets published?”

“Of course.”   He’s comfortable with the situation, but not gullible. Smart.

When they got out of MSG, a car was waiting for them.  Jeremy opened the car door for her while taking out his Blackberry. “Take-out on speed dial,” he said with a grin, “really pathetic.  What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever they have. I love everything Chinese.”  Including you – cackled her inner demon.

She sat quietly, observing while Jeremy ordered on the phone.  He was talking energetically, obviously on first-name terms with whoever is on the other end.  After ordering, he tucked his phone in his pocket.  He turned towards Angie with such an ernest stare that she couldn’t help but be self-conscious.

“What?” she asked.

“You look like you’ve always done – yet different, somehow. Shorter than I remember,” he said. “Okay that sounded weird.”

“Yes.  Almost should-I-jump-out-of-the-car weird,” laughed Angie.

“I’ve seen you before, you know  –   in Cali.  You were at the beach with Laura.”

“Really?  But we never met.”

“I was 15. Would you have noticed a scrawny kid with all the lifeguard types hanging around you and Laura?”

Angie was stunned.  She never paid Laura’s brother any attention. He was three years younger than Laura – so whatever he and his friends did was not important for them then. Jeremy was still staring at her. Sitting this close to him, she can’t help but notice how broad his shoulders are.  Well, he is not a scrawny kid anymore and somehow, they both knew that.

“Uhm… we all grow up, I guess.”

Jeremy smiled. “Yes.”  Then he added, “You still have a trace of a British accent.”

Angie rolled her eyes. “When I was in London, they teased me about my American twang.  Here, they love the British accent.”

“I think it’s hot,” said Jeremy, with a grin. “My Mandarin sucks and it’s pretty embarrassing on all levels when I try to speak it.”  Angie just stared at Jeremy. Be still my heart, she thought.

The car stopped in front of a restaurant and Jeremy hopped out.  In a few minutes he was back with a brown paper bag which she assumed had their dinner in it.  She never even noticed how far they drove.  Jeremy was surprisingly talkative and humorous.   By the time they arrived at his apartment building, she was still laughing at his stories about life in Palo Alto and the adjustments he had to make living in New York City.  He talked about how he missed taking the subway from his brother’s neighborhood to the MSG, how that’s not possible anymore, and how the guards at MSG thought he was one of the trainers when he first started with the Knicks.

Angie was having such a good time that she nearly got sidetracked from the interview.  Jeremy had been forthcoming, though, and had not declined to give an answer to any of her questions – not yet, anyway.

In the elevator, she decided to ask what she and every female fan out there wanted to ask Jeremy.

“Are you dating anyone?”

As he punched the number of his floor, Jeremy smiled. “Why?”

“Every female fan out there wants to know,” answered Angie.

“Are you one of those fans?” came his reply.

“Yes. Wait. No. I mean, when did you become the interviewer?” Angie was flustered.

“We’re here,” he said and went straight to unlock the door to his apartment.  Angie couldn’t help but notice how her last question went unanswered.

Jeremy’s apartment was sparsely decorated – a couch, a coffee table, a huge TV, two barstools by a breakfast nook and some lamps.  “I just moved in.  Still have most of my stuff back home.”  It suddenly dawned on Angie that she was standing in Jeremy Lin’s apartment – his freaking apartment.  

Oh, boy… This is almost like a date – isn’t it?

“Take your shoes off and make yourself at home, “ he said, pointing to the couch, while taking their take-away meals out.  Definitely feels like a date…

“So, do you have any more questions? … Or not.

Angie sat on the couch beside Jeremy who motioned that she should start eating. “Your dinner’s gonna get cold.  It’s not Panda Express, but it’ll do,” he said.

Angie smiled, remembering. “I love Panda Express.  Laura got tired of me dragging her to Panda Express as often as we could during my vacations.”

Jeremy’s stare did not waiver.  It was unnerving, like he’s trying to read my mind, Angie thought.  Quick, change of topic.

“Uh, was it difficult finding a place to live in New York?”

“No,” he answered, “not after the first week.  There were a lot of suggestions from teammates and management.  I sub-let this place from a friends and I love its privacy and killer view. “

As they say and ate, Angie thought  that she had never had more fun watching someone eat.  Damn those lips look good, she thought. I wonder what he’d do if I just grabbed his shirt and kissed him. A grain of rice was stuck at the corner of Jeremy’s mouth.  Without thinking, Angie reached out to rub it off with her thumb, just as Jeremy inclined his head. Her thumb slid into his mouth – and for a split-second, Jeremy looked shocked.  Then he sucked at her thumb.

Oh. My. Lord

When she took her hand back, Jeremy merely put his meal down on the coffee table.

“I’m sorry,” Angie murmured.

“Why?” Jeremy asked.

“That was unprofessional. I don’t want you to think that I am coming on to you. “

“You don’t like me.” Jeremy stated, a gleam in his eyes.

“Of course I like you,” answered Angie. “I mean, what’s not to like. You’re humble despite your popularity, smart, humorous and not to mention the fact that you have a killer body…”  Angie’s voice trailed off.

Jeremy was sitting with his elbow resting on the couch’s back, smiling at her. “I’m not complaining,” he said. He looked so smug.  All Angie wanted to do now was erase that look from his face. Carpe diem indeed.

So she grabbed Jeremy’s shirt and kissed him.

It was a quick kiss, a mere meeting of lips. When Angie withdrew, she barely heard Jeremy say, “Wait.” before he pulled her back, this time him doing the kissing. There was nothing brief about this kiss.  His full lips were ravaging her mouth – not roughly, but with soft exploration.  He was nibbling at her lower lip, teasing her tongue with his.  Angie groaned. He was sucking and licking, shifting between pressure and softness.

Jeremy was not backing off.  Well, neither was she.

Angie slid onto his lap, straddled him without breaking the kiss.  She could feel Jeremy grip her hips and slide her closer to fit his thighs.  She ran her hands through his hair and tugged, angling his head, so she could look down at his handsome face.  He was taking heavy breaths, his eyes dazed with desire. My God, he is gorgeous, Angie thought.

She made a small movement with her hips, rubbing her pelvis against his crotch, eliciting a moan from Jeremy.  She nibbled at his right ear, sucked the lobe, before trailing the kiss to his collarbone.  Jeremy whispered “Angela” like a caress. Angie looked into his eyes. “I don’t usually do this,” she said.  “Neither do I,” he gasped, lowering his forehead to touch hers.

“Are you dating anyone?” Angie asked.

“No, are you?” he asked back, his eyes unwavering.  She shook her head.

Without uttering another word, they both reached out at the same time, met each other halfway, an understanding that this was what they wanted.  This time the kiss was rougher, more demanding and insatiable.

Jeremy tugged at her blouse, releasing it from the confines of her jeans, lifting it up and off her.  He traced the outline of her scarlet-red Victoria’s Secret bra with his hands, saying “You’re built.”  He lowered his head and licked Angie’s nipple through the bra, teasing and sending shockwaves through her.  “I need to see you,” he whispered, before moving in for yet another kiss.  Angie felt Jeremy lift her up and when her body hit mattress, she did not object. She is living out her fantasies – right here, right now – damned if I don’t live it out to the fullest, she thought.

She unhooked her bra, offering her breasts to him. He cupped them, almost with reverence, filling his hands with them.  He licked and sucked her nipples making them ache with tautness.  When he took one of her breasts into his mouth, Angie bucked, senses going into overdrive.  Who knew?  What a revelation Jeremy is turning out to be.

She felt his hands on her waist, her jeans tugged down and heard them hit with the floor with a thump.  Angie could feel cool air slick her heated body. Jeremy stood by the end of the bed, keeping his eyes on her.  Angie watched him strip – enjoying the view of his well-formed and muscled body. His manhood was straining underneath black briefs. When Jeremy finally stood naked she was in awe.  Wow…

He was perfect.

Angie could not stop herself from going to him – to touch.  She stood on the bed and held her eyes on his as she traced her palms down his cheeks, along his broad shoulders feeling the hard muscles down his arms. His chest was smooth, nearly hairless except for the thin trail of hair below his six-pack. She ran her nails down his back, to end at rock-hard buttocks. Like Michaelangelo’s David, his muscles were defined.  Hands linked, they lowered themselves onto the bed.

Jeremy kissed her so tenderly, it ached.  He was taking his time, licking, coaxing her tongue, tasting every inch of her mouth. When he broke the kiss off, she protested.  He merely smiled.

When she felt his lips suck at her toes, she could barely breathe.  She couldn’t stand it.  Wave after wave of sensation was wracking her body.  No one has ever licked, no, made love to her feet before.

“Are you trying to kill me, Jeremy?” she breathed.

“Just let me enjoy you, Angela,” he said, his voice husky.

When she felt Jeremy’s tongue slide up her inner thigh, she had to bite her hand to keep from screaming.  His warm breath was making her wet, his tongue licking through silk making her writhe in agony.  He tugged at her panties so slowly – his fingertips tickling her.  When he stuck his tongue in her, it was devastation.  It was warm and wet – plunging, licking and sucking her inner core.  He devoted his mouth to her pleasure.  When he licked her clit, Angie let go of the scream she was holding, her body shaking with the strength of her orgasm.

As she he lay spent, Jeremy gave her a deep kiss. “You are magnificent,” was all he said.  He slowly moved off her, to quickly come back.  Angie looked at him – Jeremy was holding a packet in his hand – a condom.

“Uhm… my teammates gave them to me as a housewarming gift,” he said blushing.

He looks so shy – and so hot at the same time, thought Angie.  She reached out and took the packet from him, saying, “Let me.”  She pushed Jeremy down unto the mattress, leaning to give him a kiss.

”I have been dreaming of your lips for a while now,” she said, enjoying the feel of Jeremy’s luscious mouth against hers. She was half-lying on top of him now and could feel his erection against her thighs.  Angie felt triumph in the knowledge that she excited him. She licked and softly bit, starting at his neck, down his torso, giving extra attention to his oh-so-yummy six-pack, onwards to his pelvis. She marveled at his smooth skin, explored every groove of muscle on her way down his body.

Jeremy was ready, his manhood stiff and thick.  When Angie took hold of his shaft, Jeremy moaned.  He threw his head back and clutched at the sheets when she ran her tongue up his erection to lick the tip.  With slow and sure strokes, Angie encased Jeremy’s penis, moving the condom from the tip to the base of his manhood – eliciting yet another groan from him.

Jeremy suddenly rolled, bringing Angie back on the mattress.  “You are driving me crazy,” he said, his eyes on hers.  He gave Angie a deep kiss, and lowered himself onto her, into her.

Angie felt him penetrate her wet center, filling her, and then hesitate halfway, only to pull back. She lifted her hips, straining to keep him in. He repeated this torture, going deeper, inch by torturous inch.  Angie was moaning, pleading for him to dig himself deep in her.  She could feel his thick shaft with each plunge.

“You’re tight,” he murmured, nibbling at her ear, moving his wonderful lips to her collarbone, raining it with kisses.  “I want to hear you say my name.”

“Jeremy,” she sighed out. “My Jeremy.”

“God, I love your accent,” he said – and then he plunged, shocking her already sensitized core.  She could feel his manhood, each move a delicious friction. He pushed up, each pump grazing against her clit – pushing her once again to the edge. She ground her hips, held on; waiting for Jeremy’s breaking point, moving in rhythm with him amidst moans and sighs.   When she felt him tense in and on her, she let go. They reached climax together, Jeremy with his face buried in her hair – his moan drawn out, their fingers intertwined. When he collapsed on top of Angie, she savored the feel of his body, of how she could lead him to this.

They lay quiet for a while, gathering strength – perhaps even courage.

“I owe Laura a HUGE favor,” Angie murmured.

“You’re welcome,” Jeremy answered, making Angie laugh.

He nuzzled her hair and neck. “I have a confession to make. Off the record.” he whispered.

“You’re married?” she joked.

Jeremy chuckled, “Of course not.”

He eased off and lay on his side, looking down at her and tracing a finger down her cheek. “When Laura called to ask for an interview on your behalf, I did not hesitate.  You and your tiny yellow bikini were the product of my teen-age wet dreams since that summer I first saw you.  I wanted to see you – to see if you’re still as beautiful as I remember from when I was 15.”

Angie turned to look at him, surprise and awe in her face.  “You planned this?”

Jeremy blushed, ” This went way better than I had planned.  I thought I’d impress you first, but you’re so hot, I couldn’t help myself.”

“In fact,” he continued, moving over Angie until they’re hip-to-hip, his erection evident against her pelvis. “I’m planning a lot of things.  Tell me – do I have to grovel to see you just in your boots?  Those spiky heels were driving me insane all evening,” he said, biting her earlobe.

Angie laughed, her breathing uneven,” Oh, boy. ”

“Hey, I never said I was a saint,” he said with an impish smile on his face.