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He was lying face-to-face with Landry, their bodies close, their legs laced together.  Landry was still asleep, his arm draped over Jeremy’s waist.  The feel of his warm body against Jeremy’s feels good – feels right.

They’ve had a great time with the guys last night.  The hardest part had been leaving together without the guys suspecting anything.  Landry fibbed, saying something about making sure to drop Jeremy off on his way home.  It WAS convenient that they lived just a few blocks from each other.

They had been exhausted.  There was something comforting about not needing to tell each other what they feel or how they’re doing.  They quietly undressed and crawled into bed, drawing each other close – to fall asleep.

Landry stirred, moved even closer against him. Jeremy gazed at him, conscious of the fall and rise of his breath. Jeremy enjoys these moments, when it’s just them together. He misses not having Landry in bed with him when they’re on away-games.  He hates not being able to reach out for Landry’s hand whenever the mood strikes him – hates not being able to give him a kiss when he wants to.

He fears it at the same time. Jeremy is afraid that one day, he won’t be able to keep his eyes from straying towards Landry, afraid what people will see in his gaze.  He’s afraid of what they will say if they found out about their relationship.

But he’s also afraid that his fear of what they have is going to drive Landry from him.  Hopefully after tonight there will be no doubts.

This is where I’m supposed to be.  Jeremy decided.  He moved closer to lay a kiss on Landry’s forehead, overwhelmed by a feeling – of needing to protect Landry from pain and sadness.  He could lie like this all day.

They don’t have any training this weekend.   But he has a lot to get done.  Jeremy caressed Landry’s arm, his mind working – going through a list in his head.  When Jeremy reluctantly moved from Landry’s embrace, he found himself pulled back.

“Hmmm… it’s too early,” Landry murmured, nuzzling Jeremy’s face.

“Good morning,” Jeremy said with a smile, moving in to graze his lips against Landry’s.

“Good morning to you, too,” answered Landry with a grin splitting his sleepy face.

“We have to get up. It’s not that early as you think.”

“Nope, we don’t have to do anything at all today,” Landry said, shaking his head.

“We’re low on everything, so I’ve already made a list. We could split it up, so we don’t have to use the whole day on it,” Jeremy explained.

“I love it when you’re being efficient,” smiled Landry.

Jeremy grinned.  So far so good, he thought.


They dined in candlelight and in soft music. This is romantic, Landry smiled to himself.

It wasn’t the grandest of meals, but it felt special.

“I think I ate too much,” said Landry.  Jeremy smiled at him,”We can let dessert wait then.”

“What are we having?”

“It’ll be a surprise,” answered Jeremy with a grin.

After clearing the table, they decided to fill the living room floor with pillows and cozy up by the fireplace.

They sat in silence.  Jeremy sat behind Landry, currently massaging his nape – his hands working magic, making him groan.  Landrywas lost in the sensations caused by Jeremy’s long and strong fingers.

“Take your shirt off, so I can work on your back as well,” Jeremy whispered in his ear, already tugging at Landry’s shirt, helping him take it off.  Jeremy kneaded the muscles on Landry’s back, alternating from light to heavy movements.  As he put pressure on his lower back, Landry groaned.

Landry was so relaxed.  Compared to last night’s energized atmosphere, this was intimacy.  They shut the world out.

“Don’t fall asleep, Landry” he heard Jeremy say.

“Trying not to,” he answered.  “You can replace one of our masseurs – I’d rather have your hands on me.  But then again, if you did the massaging, I’d be turned on all the time, so that won’t do.”

Jeremy laughed and continued to glide and press his hands along Landry’s back.  Landry could feel Jeremy’s hands move down, towards his hips, move forward and down towards his abdomen, tantalizingly close to his crotch – then felt them pulled back up.

“Keep your eyes closed, Landry,” he heard Jeremy whisper. “I think we’re ready for dessert.”

Landry felt Jeremy move. What is he up to now? He thought.  He could hear the faint sounds of Jeremy moving in the kitchen, the soft tinkle of glass.  When he finally sensed movement, he felt something being tied around his head, over his eyes.

“Honestly, Jeremy, are you blindfolding me?”

He felt Jeremy’s lips softly against his, uttering the words “Trust me.”

He could sense Jeremy sitting in front of him.  Then he felt something touch his lips – he could smell – strawberries.  “Take a bite.”  When Landry did so, he tasted sweet strawberry laced with  – chocolate.

Jeremy was feeding him chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Landry’s mind and senses were in overdrive.  His mind was speculating on what Jeremy was doing and why, but his senses were practically telling him to stop thinking and just feel.  So Landry decided to feel.  He felt Jeremy nibble at his lips, prompting him to open his mouth so Jeremy could kiss him deeply, his tongue grazing Landry’s.  “You are sumptuous,” Jeremy said in a husky voice, against his lips, while he ravaged Landry’s mouth.  Landry tried to reach out for Jeremy, but felt a slight tap against his hands.  “No touching,” was all he heard.

He felt Jeremy pull back, to flutter kisses along his jaw down to his neck.  He felt lips and tongue on his already hot skin, sending small shockwaves along it.   Jeremy pushed at Landry, sending him backwards to fall on the pillows.  He is being explored by Jeremy’s wonderful mouth.

Something warm hit his chest trickling to his stomach, making Landry gasp – not at pain, but sensation.  When Jeremy proceeded to lick whatever that was, Landry bucked.  The feel of Jeremy’s lips on his skin – they were soft, wet and warm. And that tongue – absolutely killing him.   He could scarcely breathe, gasping and moaning from absolute torture.

Jeremy was tracing kisses upward – until Landry could feel Jeremy’s breath against his ear.

“Are you mine, Landry?” Jeremy asked.

“Yours,” answered Landry.

He heard Jeremy say, “And I am yours.”

It hit Landry in the gut, desire and love spearing through his body.  His heart was overflowing.He took off whatever it was that was covering his eyes.  He wanted to see Jeremy.

“Please say that again,” he pleaded.  Jeremy did not blink, “I am yours.”

“What we have won’t be easy, Jeremy,” Landry said.

Jeremy held his gaze, took a deep breath and said “It’s a cross I’m willing to bear.”

It felt like time stood still.  Landry looked into Jeremy’s eyes.  He stared just as intently back at him.  They sat face-to-face, absorbing the impact of what was just said.

When someone broke the silence, it was Jeremy saying, “Dessert is waiting.” Landry looked around and spotted the strawberries and two flutes beside a bottle of champagne.

“We’re celebrating?” smiled Landry.

“Yes,” answered Jeremy, “Us.”

Landry looked down at his chest, noting the chocolate smears.

“I think it’s unfair.”


“It’s unfair that you were the only one tasting,” he said, as he tugged at Jeremy’s shirt.  Jeremy understood what Landry wanted to do, and began to take his shirt off.

“You are a work of art,” Landry murmured, running his hands down Jeremy’s torso, then applied pressure on that smooth chest to push Jeremy down on to the pillows.   Jeremy was smiling like a cat about to pounce on a canary.

Landry took a strawberry and offered it to Jeremy, who bit his lower lip and merely opened his mouth – a twinkle in his eyes.   Landry grinned.  He rubbed Jeremy’s already swollen lips with the strawberry before slowly sliding it into Jeremy’s mouth.  He went in for a kiss, taking in the sweet taste of the berry and Jeremy.  Their mouths meld, tongues exploring and delighting in the mix of sensations – wet against smooth, soft against urgent, sweet on full luscious lips.  Jeremy groaned, circling his arms behind Landry’s head, pulling him closer, and running his hands down Landry’s back.  Landry took and gave with all his heart.

When he pulled slightly backwards, Jeremy protested.  “I won’t be far away,” Landry whispered, looking at down at Jeremy’s flushed face.

He took a flute and poured champagne into Jeremy’s navel, making Jeremy yelp.  “My turn,” was all Landry murmured before he lowered his head to drink up the champagne, sucking at Jeremy’s navel while Jeremy writhed and groaned.  Landry continued his quest by pouring some liquid chocolate on Jeremy’s washboard stomach, loving the way the semi-liquid formed itself after the muscles.  He started lapping the chocolate up, kissing, sucking and licking Jeremy.  Jeremy laid gasping and panting, fingers clutched at the pillows he was lying on.

Landry traced his tongue at the exposed skin just above the elastic band of Jeremy’s shorts, his slight stubble rasping against skin.  He tugged at the shorts, exposing Jeremy’s black briefs and bulge of a full erection.  He palmed Jeremy, caressing his manhood through the briefs, evoking a moan.  He rubbed and pulled, feeling Jeremy’s crotch grow tenser.  He freed Jeremy of his briefs and took Jeremy’s engorged member, feeling overwhelmed at the effect he had on him.

“You are beautiful, Jeremy” Landry uttered softly.

Landry stripped down, holding his gaze on Jeremy.  When he lay on top of Jeremy, they were thigh to thigh.  Landry started moving his hips against Jeremy’s own, feeling their lower bodies grate and rub against each other.  Landry kissed Jeremy, urgently and Jeremy did not hold back.  Their bodies moved in rhythm, in tune with each other, bringing each other over the brink.

So close, thought Landry, yet never close enough.

Landry couldn’t hold himself back.  He could feel Jeremy reach climax as well.  They melted together, their climax silenced by their locked lips.  As their bodies shook, their fingers entwined, hanging on to each other.

“You undo me, Landry,” Jeremy whispered.

What happens next?

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