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“Hey, we should go camping,” I said while snacking on chips.

“Camping?” asked Jeremy.

“Yea, why not it’ll be fun, besides I haven’t been camping in such a long time; doesn’t have to be a long trip just the weekend.”

“OK, sounds good, let’s do it.”

“Great!  Let me look at some places.”

Where to go I thought to myself.  I didn’t know many camping sites in San Francisco so I jumped online to do a search.  There were many different camping grounds to choose from but in the end I chose China Camp; which was 20 miles north of the city and sits on the shores of San Pablo Bay.  That way Jeremy can fish a little on our camping adventure.  He loves to fish, which I get because it is a relaxation hobby for him; but, I sometimes find it boring.  We both love the outdoors so I can endure it for a few hours each fishing trip.  I called China Camp to make a reservation, I put in a request to get the most secluded camp spot they had available.


We left the house early on a Saturday morning.  I was in charge of making sure we had our tent, cook wares, gas stoves, our clothes and personal care; while Jeremy was in charge of bringing his fishing rods and food, tough job he had.  For two people we had a lot of stuff also for such a short trip too.  We left the house at 6:10 AM; it took about an hour and a half for us to reach the camp site.  Our camp site was located at the north end of China camp; as we drove to our spot we hardly saw anyone else, the area was just for us.  Even though it was technically summer, bay area weather was always much cooler and breezier, thus our summers were different from the rest of the country.  The air was still chilly, but very crisp and clean.  The area was very serene, the bay water was calm, and we were surrounded by tall, luscious green tress.  Jeremy went to the water’s edge and peered over.  I came up and stood next to him admiring the view was well.  He swung his arm around me as we stood there for a few minutes listening to the soft waves hitting against the rocks on the shore nearby, the birds chirping away and the soft, cool breeze blowing through the air.

“Let’s get settled, shall we?”  I said.

We went to the car and started to unpack our belongings and supplies.  Soon we had a camp fire going and the tent sent up, along with the gas stoves, and chairs positioned in front of the flickering fire.  Jeremy was putting his fishing rods together ready to head for the water.  I settled into one of the chairs with a book in hand and started reading.  From where I was sitting I could see him fishing.  My eyes drew from his head to his butt. He did have a very nice, firm ass.  I smiled to myself and turned to my book.  After about an hour and a half of reading I stood up to stretch myself and walked over to where Jeremy was still fishing.

“Caught anything yet?” I asked.

“Nothing big, I mean I caught a few small ones, but I let them go.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, I am.  Let’s have lunch.”

Lunch was simple; we each had a sandwich with chips and water.  Well, I had one sandwich while Jeremy had three.  After lunch we decided to take a hike since we saw a hiking trail as we drove into our camp site.  He took a small back pack, loaded it with water bottles and some snacks.  Off we went on our hiking adventure.  The hiking trail wasn’t very difficult to climb so it didn’t take us long to reach the top.  From a top we saw all of San Pablo Bay.  From a far we could still see the fog lingering in the distance slowly making its way inland.  The sun was not out for large, grey clouds hung in the sky.

“Do you think it’ll rain later?” I asked.

“Maybe, who knows?  Bay area weather is so unpredictable sometimes.”

“True, but it’s better than hot, dry weather” was my replied.

I took out my camera and started to take pictures of the view and Jeremy.  He was making goofy faces which was very cute and childlike of him to do so.  When you’re out in nature there’s no need for time keeping; therefore, we were there for a while just admiring the view and enjoying the nice fresh air we were getting.  The sky has gotten darker suddenly turning day into night.

“This looks ugly.  I think we should head back soon.”

“Yeah, maybe it will rain tonight,” Jeremy said looking up towards the sky.

“Man that would suck if it rained.  What’s the point of camping than?”

“There are other things we can do,” Jeremy said, as he winked at me.

I rolled my eyes and said let’s get going.  We made our way back down the trail and towards our camp site.  Luckily we left in time because just as we reached our tent, the sky opened and large droplets of rain flew down on us.  Our tent was those large ones with a canopy attached to the front.  We ducked underneath the canopy to take off our jackets and shoes.  Once those were removed we entered our nice, warm, cozy tent.  Inside the tent we had a large sleeping bag and two pillows.  Since it was raining there wasn’t much we can do but hope for the rain to stop soon so we can enjoy the outdoors.  I took the pillows and stacked them on top of each other and lie down, listening to the rain.  I love hearing the hard rain droplets hitting against the leaves, the trees and our tent.  The sounds it made was very smoothing and relaxing.  Jeremy was nearby checking his phone and returning some texts.  Once he was done replying he turned and saw me lying there, eyes closed.  He made his way to me and lies down next to me.  We were laying side-by-side, just listening to the heavy rain fall.  I felt him breathing softly next to me; next I heard his body turning towards me.  He propped his head on his left elbow and watched me.  I could feel his gaze on me, but I didn’t open my eyes.  I felt his thumb graze my bottom lip, than my upper lip.  Jeremy continued to trace the features of my face with his thumb, finishing at my lips again.  My eyes were still closed, but my heart beat a little faster and my hands were getting clammy.

His lips were hovering over mine for I can feel the heat escaping from his mouth into my awaiting mouth.  I stuck my tongue out and licked his lips.  He let out a chuckle and so did I.  I finally opened my eyes and his face was so close to mine, that it was blurry for a second until he came into clear focus.  He took the back of his hand and gently caresses my cheek.  I wanted those lips on mine so I pulled my head up to meet his lips and gave him a soft kiss.  I couldn’t hold my head up for that long so down it went onto the pillows.  I could see the lust in his eyes, the desire and heat building within him. Jeremy removed the pillows from under my head as he proceeded to climb on top of me. He took my arms, lifted them up over my head and held them there with his big left hand.  With his right hand he caressed my cheek before bringing his lips down to meeting mine once again.  His kiss was slow and deep. With his hand still caressing my cheek he moved his mouth down my neck onto my collar bones.  The tiny stumbles on his face tickled the nape of my neck, as I let out a giggle.  Jeremy couldn’t move down any further because his hand was still gripping my wrists.  He turned his head back and forth looking for something than he finally stopped because he found what he was looking for.  I heard his fingers rustling above my head as I felt the elastic straps of the sleeping bag being tied around my wrists.

I once told Jeremy that I wanted to be tied up and made love to.  I didn’t think he remembered; guess he did.  I can’t tell you how much I am anticipating his next moves. I am excited and waiting for the pleasure that was to come.  Jeremy didn’t tied the elastic straps tight around my wrists, just enough so I couldn’t slip out. He came back to my lips and kissed them again, moving slowing down the front of my shirt, inhaling my scent as he kissed me down.  Jeremy sat up to take his long sleeve shirt off.  I loved watching him take his clothes off.  His happy trail was first to be seen, than came his abs which lead to his perfectly define pecks, followed by those long muscle tone arms of his.  I felt a little tingle in my pussy while feeling the wetness emerging.  When his shirt was completely off he tugged his shorts off as well.  Jeremy hooked his long fingers unto my track pants and pulled it down my tone legs.  He took my legs, placing each foot on his chest while running his hands down each leg, as he softly kissed each one.  All the while he was eying my opening.  He spread my legs and placed them on each side of his body.   Once again he leans down onto my body to continue what he was doing.  Jeremy lifted my shirt up to expose my racer back sports bra. His hands caressed each breast applying more pressure with each caress.  With those long fingers of his he ran them over my stomach and naval down to my underwear and over my pussy.  One finger grazed over my clit and that lit my body up.  His fingers continued down my legs and back up again stopping at my underwear where he slowly pulled them off.

Jeremy cradled his head in between my legs, spread my lips open and kissed my pink, swollen clit.  That first initial touch gave me an overwhelming sensation, like I had an air bubble stuck in my throat. He took my feet and placed them on his strong, broad shoulders.   As his tongue began to gently lick my clit, the motion of his tongue going up and down felt so good.  As his tongue was flickering, his fingers were working their way into my opening, spreading me wider and making sure I was wet.  The intensity of the licking and fingers fucking was getting too much for me as I tired to push myself up and away from his tongue and fingers, but Jeremy wasn’t done yet; he held me in place.  He is licking faster, harder now and I am going crazy.  He put his whole mouth on my clit and was eating me out completely.

“Aaaggghhhh…Jer..pleasssee, sto..stop..it’s too much..”

My pleading went unanswered.  Jeremy was still eating me out so good, but my mind and my body couldn’t handle the intensity of the pleasure.  My body started to tingle all over and I knew I was about to cum soon.  My back was arch, my feet dug into his shoulders to brace myself for my coming orgasm.

“Aaaaahhhhhh….” I screamed, as I came hard.  As I’m lying there trying to catch my breath from the overwhelming orgasm I just had, I felt his hands on my hips pulling me up to meet his already hard, throbbing cock.  He placed his cock in between my wet lips, sliding his cock up and down, wetting his cock with my juices.  The motion of his sliding cock was rubbing against my clit again; again my body was heating up once more.  As my moaning increased so did the sliding.  I wanted him; wanted him inside of me.  I wanted to feel his hard, throbbing cock in me, fucking my brains out.

“I want you..in me.”  With those words Jeremy entered me with one thrust.  He was fully in me.  I could feel my pussy trying to expand and accommodate his big, hard cock.  The thrusting started out nice, long, and slow, with each thrust I was a step closer to cumming.  As his hips started to move faster and faster my mind was going blank.  I couldn’t seem to think straight at the moment, all I could hear were the sounds of our rapid breathing and the sound of his cock sliding in and out of me.  He lowered my hips back down onto the sleeping bag and pressed his whole body on top of mine.  His weight, his heat, and his sweat; I felt it all.  His mouth found mine and we hungrily kissed.  Our eyes locked, his hips working faster and faster; I couldn’t help but close my eyes to welcome the orgasm that was to come.  He kissed me while I screamed into his hot, wet mouth.  He waited for me to ride my wave as I felt my walls contracting around his cock.

He got off of me, pulled out, and flipped me over onto my stomach.  Since my wrists were tied I couldn’t stable myself so Jeremy placed one of the pillows underneath my stomach so my hips and butt were propped up in the air.  My hot face was pressing again the cool material of the sleeping bag and he entered me from behind.  Jeremy was about to cum soon and we loved it when we came together.  His hands gripping my buttocks, pumping me hard from behind.

“Baby..I’m gonna cum soon,” Jeremy said from behind.  The last few thrusts were coming fast, hard and hot.  My tied hands were trying to grip the edge of the sleeping bag so I can prepare myself for the climax that was to come soon.  I hear Jeremy groaning and grunting behind me…

Then he came and I too cum shortly after.  His hot load shoots into me while his hot body collapsed onto my back.  Jeremy and I lie there for a few minutes so we can catch our breathes. I couldn’t move due to the exhaustion, plus Jeremy was still on top of me.  My wrists were being untied from the sleeping bag straps.  Jeremy pulled out of me and his hot load came flowing out of me. He pulled me into his arms for an embrace.  We both closed our eyes and fell asleep.

Camping was fun so far…