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It’s been a week since that first night he shared a bed with Jeremy – not as Landry, Jeremy’s buddy, but as Landry, who loves Jeremy.

Between the almost daily team trainings, games on-the-road and conflicting schedules, Landry has not had much time to be WITH Jeremy for the last week.  The team is riding high on Linsanity having had won the last five games.

The few hours they could find to be with each were filled with almost teen-age make-out sessions.  They usually drove each other insane with just kisses and touches.  When they were out of town with the team, there’d always be teammates, staff, fans or journalists around them, that it has been excruciating being with Jeremy and not being able to show the affection they show each other when they are alone.

When they’re on the  bench, Landry can’t just drape his arm over Jeremy’s shoulders. It’s arousing just sitting beside him, feeling his legs against Jeremy’s.  Landry has been conscious of not staring too much into Jeremy’s eyes during their pre-game handshake or prolonging the hugs they usually give each other during games, partly because he does not want their relationship outed to the world and partly because he’s afraid that Jeremy might freak if the team finds out.

They finally had some alone-time and it does not even matter that it’s training with him at six in the morning.  If you wanted to train with Jeremy, you adjust.  Landry had gotten used to it.  It was eerie at first being the only two people hitting the gym and occupying the training’s court.  There’d be companionable silence while they went through their weights routine, punctuated by the occasional grunting at the effort.  When they hit the court, Jeremy would warm-up with dribbling.  Within a couple of minutes he’d be talking, joking around and laughing.  Their one-on-ones are both play and training.  There’d be trash-talking, pushing – no referees to call fouls, that’s what Landry thinks.  Jeremy is quick, but today, Landry had the upper hand.

“I let you win,” panted Jeremy after Landry’s winning shot.

“More like I was easy on you,” shot Landry back. “You owe me breakfast.”

“I choose where we eat this time,” was Jeremy’s reply.

As they walked to the locker -rooms, Landry had to ask, “Tell me again how you copped a master key.”  Jeremy laughed, “One of the custodians was kind enough to lend me one when I told him I wanted to train alone.”

Well, you’re not alone now, Landry thought, but opted not to say it aloud.      Landry, deep in his own thoughts, barely registered what Jeremy was saying.

“… hit the showers before this place gets too crowded, “ was all he could catch.

Ugh, showering.  Torture, Landry thought.

“You alright?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m fine – just distracted,” was all he could say.  “A warm shower will work wonders,” said Jeremy, while beginning to find towels and undressing.

Not if it means having to stare at your wonderful body and not be able to touch it, said that voice in Landry’s head.  Well, when are you going to do anything about it, Landry?   I can’t rush him.   

Landry fought with his inner thoughts while trying not to drool over Jeremy’s now-exposed back.  He remembers how smooth that back is – he can’t stop himself from running his hands on it during their make-out sessions. Jeremy is a work of art – that’s the closest description he has. Jeremy had muscles without looking like he overuses the gym.  His shoulders are smooth, his biceps firm on arms that lead to these lean fingers that Landry has dreamt of.  I want those hands on me, sighed Landry to himself.

When Jeremy started taking off his shoes, tugged at his shorts so they fell to the floor and –

Oh, my. was the only thing Landry could think of.  It’s easy not to look at Jeremy when the whole team is around. Landry would just strike up conversation with another or make sure he does not stand beside Jeremy.

“…lock the door, will you?” said Jeremy as he approached the shower area.  “Earth to Landry – lock the door,” he repeated.

“Uh, why?”  Landry croaked, fighting to concentrate on their conversation (even if he’d been silent for the last minutes), forcing his eyes away from Jeremy’s lower body.

“I don’t want people barging in,” was the quick reply.

Landry moved to the door, turned the lock, the sound louder to his ears than usual.  He is all alone with Jeremy behind locked doors – this is so good, but really bad, considering all the things he wanted to do to Jeremy.

Jeremy was already under the sprays, his short spiky hair wet and his slim body slick. He was running his hands through his torso, scrubbing off sweat. Landry groaned silently, imagining how it would taste like to lick Jeremy – all over.

“Are you just gonna stand there?  Man, you sure are out of it today.” said Jeremy while washing his hair. His arm movements accentuated the bulge of his biceps, his fingers working through that hair, which Landry has often mussed – because he just could not help it.  Once, Landry planted a kiss on that head of hair and Jeremy smelled really good.

I am trying so hard not to jump you right now, thought Landry, as he undressed.  This is not working – do you know how you affect me, Jeremy?  I wonder if you even notice that I can’t keep my eyes off you when you’re clothed, much less when we’re in the showers.  

Landry moved into the spot beside Jeremy’s and turned on the cold shower.  I really need to cool off and wash these yearnings out of my mind, he thought.   As the first blast of cool water hit Landry in the head and started trickling down his body, he braced his arms on the shower wall and released the breath he did not know he was holding.  All the tension from the aftermath of their training and his yearning for Jeremy seemed to ease off.

“Isn’t that too cold? You’ll freeze,” came Jeremy’s voice from behind Landry – an arm grazed Landry’s back and upper arm, to turn the dial on to a warmer temperature.  The unexpected physical contact snapped Landry to reality.  Jeremy stood behind him – without contact now– but still too close.   Alarms rang in Landry’s head. His body was already reacting to Jeremy’s close proximity – his stomach churning and his lower body tightening.
“Landry, can I ask you something?” continued Jeremy, who was still standing behind Landry.  Landry fought the urge to move, terrified of grazing body parts with Jeremy.   He could barely say “Sure, Jer.”

“When are you going to make a move on me?” Jeremy asked in a soft voice, almost a whisper.

Landry could not utter a response. This can’t be happening, he thought. It’s just a dream.  “Pinch me,” was all he could say, but the pinch never came. Instead, Jeremy took Landry by the shoulders, turned him around, took his right hand and kissed his palm so tenderly.  A jolt ran through Landry’s body at the realization that he was not dreaming.

What now, Landry?  asked the voice in Landry’s head.   Just shut up, Landry thought, even as he lowered his head so his lips could graze Jeremy’s – just a graze, to taste and sample.  He had his eyes closed, relishing that first brief, yet totally sensually overwhelming contact.   When he opened his eyes, he saw Jeremy with a triumphant smile, those delicious dimples showing on his handsome face.   He never could resist those dimples.   When Jeremy bit his lower lip – Landry’s heart dropped.

“Are you sure?” asked Landry, searching for doubt in Jeremy’s features.

“Yes. Don’t hold back,” was all Jeremy  said.

Landry traced a thumb on Jeremy’s lips.  He lowered his head to give them a light bite.  Not enough, he thought, so he deepened the kiss and moved into the warmth of Jeremy’s body.  Jeremy sighed, moved his hips so their thighs rubbed, in Landry’s mind, agonizingly good together.  They were touching each other – everywhere.   Jeremy had his right hand in Landry’s hair, gripping and raking through it in intervals, his left hand rubbing Landry’s right shoulder and brushing towards  – “I love your deltoids” Jeremy murmured.   Landry chuckled through the kiss– he has always loved hearing complex, almost nerdy terms from Jeremy.

Landry was running his hands down Jeremy’s back putting slight pressure, gluing their bodies together.  Jeremy shifted, so Landry suddenly had his back to the wall, the shock of the cold wall in contrast to the warmth emanating from Jeremy made Landry gasp.   Their kiss was wet, hot and urgent, tongues clashing, making Landry’s head reel.   Jeremy groaned and gave back as much as Landry was giving.  Landry pulled back from the kiss to find that spot on the base of Jeremy’s neck that he loves to nuzzle. He could still taste the salty sweat on Jeremy’s skin.  He wanted to plant a huge hickie on Jeremy – selfishly wanting to brand him as his. Jeremy shuddered and sighed as Landry sucked and bit at his neck.

Landry remembers the casual touches he gives Jeremy on the court – the hand lain on his shoulders during huddles, the hugs – those are nothing compared to his slow exploration of Jeremy’s body at this moment.  He ran his hands on Jeremy’s smooth torso. Unlike his, Jeremy’s chest is almost devoid of hair. He brushed a thumb over Jeremy’s nipple, feeling the jolt that coursed through Jeremy.

“I have never wanted anyone as much as I wanted, no, want you,” Landry murmured.

“You have me now, Landry” uttered Jeremy, whose hands were busy doing some exploring on their own.  Jeremy’s hand moved from Landry’s hair to his face then down his torso and unto his back, where he slightly pushed  their lower bodies closer – driving Landry’s control to the edge.

Whatever dreams Landry had of how Jeremy would feel and taste is nothing compared to this. He can’t get enough. He has to touch every inch of skin, feel the hard muscle.

“Your abs is incredible – I am tempted to touch it each time you lift your T-shirt.  Do you know how hard it is to resist that urge, Jer?“ whispered Landry while nipping at Jeremy’s ear. He slowly changed position, pushing Jeremy against the wall.

“As hard as keeping my hands from yours whenever we are in here, Landry.” gasped Jeremy, when Landry’s hands followed that thin thatch of hair on his stomach, downwards to where no one has touched him before.  A groan escaped Jeremy’s lips as Landry enveloped his manhood in a caress.

He was already bulging, heck, they both were.  Landry ran his hand along Jeremy’s pulsing shaft slowly and with a bit of pressure.  Jeremy sucked in a breath and Landry relished the effect his caress was having on Jeremy.  As his hand reached further downwards, he carefully fondled Jeremy’s sack, eliciting yet another groan from him.

“Why did it take us so long?”  Jeremy asked, even as he reeled from the onslaught of sensations created by Landry’s touch.  While Landry’s hands kept busy on Jeremy’s manhood, Landry trailed kisses along Jeremy’s neck… and further downwards.  He sucked at Jeremy’ nipples slowly and flicked at it with his tongue and sucked it. He nibbled his way down to Jeremy’s navel.  Landry took his time sucking and licking at Jeremy’s navel, while his hand was rubbing and tugging at his penis, his thumb applying soft pressure just underneath the penis head, bringing Jeremy dangerously close to ejaculation.

Jeremy can’t help but grind his hips, lost in the pleasure of Landry’s caresses and lips.  A long drawn groan escaped from his lips.  He could hardly breathe.  What was Landry doing to him?   He never thought those lips he’d been craving the past weeks would bring so much pleasure. Kissing him was glorious.  Each time Landry smiled he had wanted to tug at his shirt or jersey and plant a big one on him.

When Landry’s tongue licked at the tip of Jeremy’s penis, Jeremy legs nearly buckled. What was that?  He shuddered from the ecstasy of whatever Landry was doing.

Landry took him in, sucking and rolling his tongue around his dick, while gently tugging at his sack and massaging his balls. With a kind of rhythm, Landry sucked and licked.

Jeremy writhed in ecstatic agony. Jeremy’s penis was so tense and hard. He is close… and just before Jeremy came, Landry stood up, engulfing Jeremy’s scream in a deep kiss, while continuing to caress him through his orgasm.

Jeremy’s head felt like it was exploding. He put all of his emotions on the kiss, hoping that Landry feels the same way. When all he could do was shudder and groan, he finally rested his head on his best friend’s shoulder.  Landry’s shoulders have always been there to comfort when he was down and to support when he triumphed.  He liked how being there in Landry’s arms felt – how they fit together.  When he looked up, Landry was smiling. He lowered his head and gave Jeremy’s lips a soft kiss.

“You let me win,” Jeremy uttered after finally steadying his breath.

“We’ll have a rematch later,” said Landry.  “I feel like I won anyway.”

The realization that their relationship has changed – that they have a relationship – was on their minds while they bathed and dressed.  They could not stop smiling. Before unlocking the door to the locker room, Landry took Jeremy’s hands in his and gave him a kiss – a kiss that promised more.

As they crossed the parking lot, Steve Novak waved at them.  He was on his way to his usual morning 3-point shoot-out drills.  “Hey, guys – you worked out early,“ he said. “Hope you fixed the kinks in your game, Landry.”

“Yeah, I guess I did,” answered Landry with a smile that mirrored Jeremy’s.

To be continued…

Chapter 6: Now and forever