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“Where’s my favorite shirt?”

“Which one?”

“The old green one.”

“Oh, I threw it away.”

“You did what?!”

“I have asked you countless of times to pick up your clothes off the floor and you didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you just throw it in the hamper?”

“Because the garage can was closer,” I said with a little smile at the end.

He didn’t like that very much; if anything it made him even angrier.  He walked back into the bedroom and closed the door.  I settled down on the coach to continue reading my book.  After a few minutes I heard the door open again.  I saw his reflection in the windows walking towards the front door, gym bag in hand.

“Going to the gym?” I asked.

No reply – just a slammed door to my question.

I didn’t worry about him being upset for too long because I didn’t really throw out his favorite shirt.  I had washed it and hid it just to teach him a lesson.  It was nearing 11 o’clock and Jeremy hasn’t returned yet.  Man, he must be really mad at me because he has been at the gym for almost three hours.  I walked to the hallway closet, got the shirt out and walked it into our bedroom.  I took out a note pad to attach a note to the shirt.  The note reads:

“Next time when I ask you to pick up your shirts please do so.  PS: no one likes a Debbie downer, so smile :).”

I folded the shirt, attached the note and left it on the bed where I knew he would see it upon returning home.  Fifteen minutes later I heard the keys jiggle and the door opened.

“Did you have a good workout?”  I asked. Still nothing from him.  He was acting like such a baby, I thought, giggling to myself.

I heard silence in the room and I knew he saw his shirt and note.  The shower was running and I lay down on the couch as I continue to read.  I was really getting into my book when I saw him emerging from the bedroom.  He was shirtless, as he often was when he’s home, and only had on his black briefs.  He went into the kitchen and got  a bottle of water out of the fridge.  I’m watching him do all this through the window reflection; for the couch is facing the windows.  When you have a nice view of Times Square and the Hudson River why turn your back to it?  He finished his water but he was still standing in the kitchen as if lost in thoughts.  I see the wheels turning in his head, planning on what he can do to make up for his attitude.  He put the emptied water bottle in the recycling bin and walked over to the couch.  He was now standing over me looking down as I continued reading.  I let him stare for a few seconds before I emerge from my book and greeted him with a warm, loving smile.

“How was your work out?” I asked again, him still not talking.  He just stood there looking down on me.  After a few seconds of looking at each other I turned my eyes back to my book.  He started lowering himself onto the couch and began to lie down next to me.  His face was buried on my chest and his left arm wrapped around my waist.  I continued to read.  But I couldn’t help myself he was acting like such a sweet little puppy dog.  I switched my book to my right hand; wrapped his head with my left arm as I lightly stroke his cheek.  For a man he had great complexion.  His face was always smooth and very soft to the touch.  His skin was cool and smelled of fresh, clean soap.  We laid like that for a moment until he pushed his body up, now he was face to face with me.  I felt his eyes tracing the curves on my face and I began to blush.  He gave a little chuckle and gave me a soft peck on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked knowingly.

“For putting up with me” he replied.  “Thank you for not throwing my shirt away.”

“What, you found your shirt?  How?” I teased him.  “I would never throw out your favorite shirt, but please don’t leave your shirts lying on the floor anymore.”

“I won’t, I promise.  Hey, look at me,” he said.

I turned around and saw those big, soft brown eyes looking at me.  I put down the book, turned my body to face his and placed my right arm around his shoulder.  I gave him a light peck on his pink, full pouty lips.  My eyes were open while I kissed him because I didn’t want to take my eyes off of him.  I went in for another peck, but this time I stayed on his lips a little longer.  We lay there staring at each other for what felt like a long time.  At last he broke that moment with a hard kiss on my lips; he broke the kiss and went in for another one.  We were like teenagers making out on the couch.  In the process of making out he maneuvered himself top of me.  His right hand was cupping my right breast, lightly squeezing it.  I let out a light moan into his mouth as he continued to kiss me, harder, hungrier than the last.  His body was heavy on me and with the kissing I felt like I was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen going to my brain.

“Jeremy, baby, I can’t breathe.  I need some air.” He left my mouth to move down my neck.  It felt so good with his soft, pouty lips kissing my neck.  With one swift move he parted my legs with his thigh.  I am spread beneath him and he was in full control.  He slowly made his way down my tank top, kissing over each breast.  I can feel my nipples beginning to harden and it showed through my tank top.  He gave the left one a little pinch, that just sent a shock of electricity through my body.

“You like that, didn’t you?” he said with a stupid grin on his face; that stupid, beautiful face of his.  The grin on my face said it all.  He continued kissing down my stomach.  When he got to the waist band of my hipster underwear his right index finger ran across the waist band, teasing me.  I prop myself up in the armrest because I like to watch what he does to me.  Once again his lips were kissing me down.  His lips are now right at my opening.  He inhales a breath and I felt my cheeks turning red.  I put a hand between him and my opening.  I still get embarrassed when he is down there just looking at me.  We have been together for a while and have had plenty of intercourse but I never can get used to it.

“You’re still so shy about it,” said Jeremy looking up at me.

He crawled up to me again to plant a kiss on my lips.  He wedged himself between the back of the couch and me.  Since he is so much bigger than I am my body is half falling off of the couch.  I am on my back while Jeremy is on his side.  He sees that I’m about to fall off of the couch, so he tucks his left arm under my waist and keeps me from falling over.  I turned my head to look at him as his right hand was exploring my body.  We never took our eyes off of each other.  His hand moved from my right breast to my left; cupping, squeezing and pinching each nipple.  I bit my bottom lip slightly and he smiled.  His hand moved down my stomach, lingering at my navel, circling my innie with his index finger.  My heart is beating a little faster now, my body getting ready for his touch and I feel myself getting wet.  His hand moved down to my mound where his fingers were “walking” over it like a hill.  We both laughed at what his fingers were doing.  He “walks” back up my stomach, over each breast as if it was climbing over a hill.  At this point he took my right leg held it in place with his thighs, spreading me open.  I feel the anticipation coming and so can he.  His hand moved to the waist of my underwear and began to slowly slide in.  I like to be smooth so his hand easily slid inside.  Jeremy’s hand is at the hood of my pussy where it covers my clit.  With his middle finger he pressed against my clit sending a shock wave through my body.  He starts to rub my clit; his long, soft finger rubbing against my already hard, smooth clit was so deliciously good.  My breathing is getting faster and deeper.  He switched fingers, now using his index and thumb as he gently rubbed my clit in between his fingers, giving it a little tug and twist every now and then.  My body is going into overdrive; I’m heating up so fast.  I can feel my juices flowing out of me.

“Aahhh, Jer…ba…by…slow down,” as I’m panting and pleading for him to slow down his fingers.  My right arm is pinned under him and my left arm can’t grab hold of anything.  I need to grab hold onto something; I need something to stable myself.  I turned my head so my mouth is on his neck and I bit him.  Jeremy let out a little yell, but he enjoyed it.  He continued to rub me down trying to match my breathing rhythm.

“I’m…go…ing to cum soon,” I said into his neck.

“Let it out, baby,” he said over my head.

I feel my body tingling from head to toes, my back arching off the couch, head still buried in his neck…the gate opened and the flood of the orgasm came over me.  I trembled as I rode wave after wave of ecstasy.  Those waves were just the beginning, and as I lay there panting and trying to catch my breath I felt him sliding his middle finger into me.  Since Jeremy had long fingers it felt like a tiny cock was in me.  He didn’t even let me catch my breath or calm down before he got me off again, but I never complain.  His middle finger slowly working in and out of me, I feel another wave of orgasm coming soon.

“Don’t cum yet,” Jeremy said over my head.  But he didn’t make it easy for me for now he had his index and middle finger in me, fucking me until I can’t hold on any further.  My left hand is frantically trying to find something to hold onto, just than I felt his hand grab hold of my fist and held my arm in place.  Oh fuck!  I thought.  He now has both physical and mental control over my body.  My body and my mind can’t take it anymore.  I let out a scream, a scream not of pain or torture but a scream of satisfaction.  The orgasms continued as waves after waves of pure pleasure hit me.  I can feel sweat beads running down my chest, my juice flowing out of me.

Jeremy and I have an incredible sex life, but sometimes he just surprises me with his moves.


I love giving my man a good blow job.  People have these stupid stereotypes about Asian men having a small penis, but not my man.  His is the perfect size for my mouth and hands.  He’s not too long or too thick.  I love the feeling of his penis expanding and getting hard in my mouth.  I’m on my knees and Jeremy is naked and spread in front of me.  I take his penis in my hand, smelling his sweet, manly aroma.  God I love his smell!!  I give it a little taste and already it was a little salt-tasting.  My tongue is swirling around his head like a lollipop and a soft moan escapes Jeremy’s throat.  I look up to see his facial expression, but his head is thrown back, eyes closed.  I open my mouth to slide his cock into my hot, wet, eager, waiting mouth.  I always try to take in as much of his penis as I can, but I can only manage to get half in.  I use my right hand to stroke the remainder of his penis, with the left hand I squeeze and caress his balls.  His penis is getting harder but I like to taste his pre-cum, he’s not there yet.  I take my tongue and run it up and down his shaft, tasting his penis from head to base.  Oh God, he tastes so good, I can’t get enough of his cock.  I took one of his balls into my mouth and suck it, hard; while my hand is stroking him with more pressure.  I feel his hands reaching for my head guiding me up and down as I continue to suck and lick him up as much as I can.  I didn’t want to stop but I need to feel him inside of me.  I reluctantly left his cock, kissed up his stomach, stopping at each nipple to give it a little bite with my teeth.  With his juice still on my lips and mouth I gave him a deep kiss so he can taste his own goodness.


I am in the straddle position facing Jeremy.  I took his hard cock in my hand and guided it to my swollen, waiting lips.  I was coating his cock with my juices before I took him in me.  I pressed his cock against my opening and slowly guided his cock in.  OMG, his cock felt so good inside of me, unlike my mouth my pussy could accompany his whole cock.  His cock was completely in me.  I began to rock my hips back and forth just so I can feel him inside, moving with me.  His hands reached for my breasts and gave them a hard squeeze.  I began to lift myself up and down on his shaft.  I was in control; I was the one controlling the speed and pace.  My mind was starting to go blank, I was in a trance.  My whole body was tingling with sexual pleasure I can feel my heat raising and an orgasm coming.  I leaned forward to brace myself on his shoulders for when the orgasms were to hit.  We are both in sync with our bodies’ movements and breathing.  He pulled my hair back exposing my neck where he leaned in to kiss and nibble at it.  He continued kissing down my neck toward my left breast.  His mouth is hot around my hard, aching nipple.  Sucking and pulling it with his mouth.  Jeremy placed his hands underneath my butt as he began to stand up lifting me with him.  The sudden shift of position hit my spot in such a way that it sent a shock to my system.  He lifted me up and down into him and now I have completely gone crazy.  He started walking toward our dining table and placed me on the edge of the table.  He’s pumping me harder and harder with each thrust.  I see his cock is covered with my juices, sliding in and out of me.  My legs are wrapped around his hips wanted more.  I couldn’t sit any longer as my back was hurting.  I lie down on the table while Jeremy took my ankles and spread my legs wide open, savagely fucking me.  Jeremy is a very gentle and attentive lover but he can be very aggressive at times.  I scream but nothing comes out, veins popping from my neck, hands grabbing onto the edges of the table.

“I’m gonna cum,” Jeremy said grunting and panting.

I, on the other hand couldn’t even speak, too much pressure was building up in me that I felt like exploding.  His cock was still working hard, in and out of my pussy, as I heard Jeremy let out a scream just as his hot load covered my insides.  Than it was my turn, as I felt his hot load inside me, my own juices came rushing out.  I was shaking and trembling so hard that it looked as if I was having a seizure.  My hands and knuckles were turning white from gripping the edges of the table so hard, eyes closed; only seeing blackness.  Suddenly a heavy, wet body collapsed on top of me.  I felt his chest beating against my own beating chest.  Jeremy’s cock was slowly going soft in me, but my inside was still burning.  I don’t know how long we lay like that but when I opened my eyes again it was already morning; and I was sleeping in our bed.  I grinned to myself as I realized I was wearing his favorite green shirt.  I’m trying to remember the events of last night when I suddenly felt a stinging pain coming from in between my legs.  I lifted the cover and saw that my lips were bruised a little.  Great, I thought how will I explain this to my gynecologist because today I had an appointment with her.  I put my head back down on the pillow and saw a note sitting on the night stand.

“Morning baby, sorry I’m not there beside you. I have an early practice this morning.  Thank you for last night, I hope I didn’t hurt you.  I’ll see you later.”

XOXO, Jeremy