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“You are so sweet.  How did you plan all this?”  Jeremy asked with the biggest smile on his face.  Just seeing him happy and smiling makes me happy and smile too.  Everyone knows he has the most beautiful, heart melting smiles ever.  Since we have been together that smile of his has always made me weak in the knees.

“Landry!”  Jeremy called, which snapped him out of his thought.

“I asked how did you find the time to plan this?” Jeremy asked again.

“Oh, it was nothing just a few bookings was all it took.  I know how much you love to fish. Since you haven’t had a real vacation I figured we take a fishing vacation.”

Jeremy leaned over and kissed Landry.  Jeremy’s mouth was soft and warm, Landry could still taste the fruit punch Gatorade he had been drinking.  This trip will be their first get away together, 5 days 4 nights in paradise.  Landry can’t wait for their first night aboard the yacht that Landry had booked as a surprise for Jeremy.  During the day they will have a full crew, but at night it would be just them; anchored in the middle of the ocean.  The thought of them sent shivers down Landry’s spine.

The day had finally come for them to leave for Cabo.  As usually there were fans and some media waiting for them at LAX.  Jeremy had not gotten used to all the attention, but he was a good sport about it, always smiling for the cameras and fans, signing and taking pictures with fans and always, always so appreciative of their love and support.  Fame has not change Jeremy at all.  He was still the same great, humble guy Landry had met three years ago when he played with Jeremy at Stanford summer basketball camp.  Now their relationship was different.  Relationship, I can’t believe I get to be with this man day in and day out thought Landry.  Of course it is hard at times keeping their relationship a secret.  Like every couple out there Landry wanted to show off Jeremy, hold his hand as they walk down the streets or just kiss and hug him in public.  Reality is cruel thought Landry.  Because of who they were and being athletes they can never be who they are; maybe not yet.  There’s hope, there’s always hope Landry thought to himself.  As they were sitting side by side in the corner of the VIP lounge Jeremy’s hand found Landry’s hand and held it.  They looked up, hands still intertwine just staring and smiling at each other, without saying a word.

The weather in Cabo was cool and breezy, just beautiful and perfect.  The air was crisp, the sky and the ocean seem to be a reflection of each other.  Blue was all that was seen for miles and miles.

“Where are we going?  We just passed the Four Seasons,” Jeremy said.

“We are not staying in a hotel,” Landry answered.

“Then where are we staying?” asked Jeremy, sounding a little concern.

“Wait and you’ll see,” was all Landry said.

Their car was driving straight to the port where their 70 ft yacht was waiting for them.

“Landry are we heading for the port?”

“Yes, just wait and see,” Landry said again.

They exit the car, grabbed their bags as Landry lead them to their waiting yacht and crew.

“Hello Mr. Lin and Mr. Fields welcome to the Santa Maria.  I am Juan Carlos, your captain and this is the crew.”

“Hello captain Carlos” said Jeremy.

“Nice to meet you captain and please take good care of us,” added Landry.

“Of course we will,” Captain Carlos said with a smile.

The crew showed them around the yacht.  There were four bedrooms and six bathrooms on the lower deck, a jacuzzi at the rear of the yacht and at the front of the yacht had a large deck for dinning or sunbathing or whatever you wanted to use it for.  Landry smiled to himself because he has ideas, naughty ideas for tonight.  He is tingling with excitement with just the thought of it.

“Why are you smiling so wide?” asked Jeremy.

“Oh, huh…nothing just thinking about how fun this vacation is going to be,” Landry said.  Which was true thought Landry grinning again.

They took their luggage to their separate bedrooms, for appearance sake.  Jeremy got the biggest bedroom while Landry took the one next to Jeremy’s room.  Jeremy was in the bedroom changing into his swimming trunks when Landry walked in, silently from behind, ran his hands all over Jeremy’s torso, while kissing the nape of his neck, his hands slowly moves down to Jeremy’s crotch.

“Stop Landry, what if someone accidentally walks in and sees” said Jeremy in a husky voice.

“They are all on the upper deck” whispered Landry.  His hands lightly caressing Jeremy’s crotch over his swimming trunks.

“You’re gonna make me hard.”

“Well, than I can suck you off.”

“Lan..baby come on, please stop.”

“Beg me again.”

Please, stop.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll stop for now, but tonight you’re gonna get it.”

As he turned around to leave he gave Jeremy’s crotch one last little squeeze and a kiss to his cheek before he went up to the upper deck.  Jeremy was left standing there, trembling a little.  Many feelings were coursing through him, like what if they had gotten caught; but, he was still reeling from Landry’s caress and kisses.  He went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face before he headed up the upper deck himself.  When Jeremy emergeed from the sliding doors he saw Landry sitting on one of the lounge chairs, shirtless, and holding a drink in hand.

“Hey, Jeremy want a drink?” asked Landry in his casual voice.

“No thanks” was all Jeremy could mustered out.

The captain and one of the crew members were putting together some fishing rods for them.  Jeremy loves to fish; fishing brought him so much peace and relaxation.  Peace and relaxation is what he is craving now after the pass, crazy few months.

“Come on Mr. Lin the rods are ready for you” Captain Carlos said.  “You fishing too Mr. Fields?”

“No, thank you cap, fishing isn’t really my thing.  But my man here loves fishing.”  As he said this Landry was looking at Jeremy.  Even though he had sunglasses on Jeremy can feel the heat and intent coming from Landry’s eyes.

The yacht was heading out to sea.  They were surrounded by the clearest, bluest water Jeremy has ever seen.  You could see all the fishes and corals at the bottom of the ocean floor.  Truly nature’s beauty thought Jeremy.  Captain Carlos handed him his rod.  He threw his line as far as he could into the ocean.  The sea was calm today so he should catch at least one fish Jeremy thought.  Within 10 minutes of casting his line his line was tugging with something.

“Oh, I think I caught something” yelled Jeremy.

“Try to reel it in Mr. Lin.  Looks like a big one” Captain Carlos instructed.

The fish was too big for Jeremy to reel in alone so the crew member stood by him and they helped him pull the line in.  As the line was getting closer to them, Jeremy saw that he had caught a blue Marlin.  The Marlin looks big.  Sure enough it was a Marlin when they pulled it up onto the yacht.  Landry hurried to go grab his phone from the inside counter so he could take a picture of his man.

“Do you want to keep the Marlin, Mr. Lin?” asked the Captain.

“No, Captain Carlos just catch and release fishing for me.”

“Wait; let me get a picture of you and the fish Jer.”

The picture turned out great.  Not only could you see the big, blue Marlin but you can also see Jeremy’s muscular arms and his beautiful collar bones.  Those collar bones are so delicious to nibble on thought Landry, again grinning like a fool.  That night the crew prepared them a scrumptious dinner of streak and fresh caught lobsters, all of Jeremy’s favorite food.  After dinner the crew cleaned up and prepared their morning breakfast for them.

“Is there anything else you gentlemen need before we leave for the night?” asked the Captain.

“No, Captain.  We are good for tonight.  Thank you for all your hard work and services today” said Landry.

“If that’s all, you gentlemen have a great night and we will be back at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, we will see you then.”

Landry is stood at the rear of the yacht as we watched the captain and the crew boating back to shore.  Landry went down to his bedroom, grabbed a bag from his luggage and headed up to the front of the boat.  He took a blanket out of the bag, laid it flat near the railings of the yacht, he took out some candles, placed it around the surrounding area and lit them; next he took out nylon ropes.  He was pleased with his preparations for the fun Jeremy and him were going to have.

“Jeremy, where are you?” shouted Landry.

“I’m in here,” shouted back Jeremy.


“In the media room.”

Landry entered the media room and saw Jeremy playing video games.  Landry chuckles, even on vacation he is playing video games.  What a big kid indeed Landry thought.  That’s not the only big thing he has, Landry giggles to himself.

“I have a surprise for you.”

“What surprise?  There’s more?” said Jeremy without taking his eyes off of the screen.

“Yea, there is and it’s outside,” Landry replied.

Landry approached Jeremy, took the controller out of his hands and placed a blindfold over Jeremy’s eyes.

“Hold onto my arm so you don’t fall,” Landry advised.

Jeremy took Landry’s arm as Landry led them both to the front deck.  Once outside Landry pressed his body slightly against Jeremy’s, already he could feel Jeremy’s heat.  He bent his head down to graze Jeremy’s lips with his.  A smile crossed Jeremy’s lips along with those irresistible dimples of his.

“You trust me right baby.”

“Of course I do.  You’re my best friend.”

With that confirmation Landry kissed Jeremy, harder this time.  His tongue slowly parted Jeremy’s lips and penetrated Jeremy’s hot, wet mouth.  Landry’s tongue found Jeremy’s tongue and intertwined with each other.  It was like their tongues were wrestling with each other, wrestling to see who is better.  With one swoop Landry removed Jeremy’s shirt, slowly lowered him onto the blanket.  Jeremy was on his back, wanting to take off the blindfolds.

“What’s going on here Landry” asked Jeremy, in a course voice.

“Ssshhh..relax baby I’m going to take good care of you,” as Landry said this, he could see Jeremy gulping.

“Don’t worry I’ll never hurt you Jer.”

After hearing Landry say that, Jeremy had relaxed some.  He took the rope and proceeds to tied each of Jeremy’s wrists to the railings of the boat.  He didn’t want to make them too tight but not too loose either where Jeremy can slip out of them easily.  He kissed Jeremy lips again while climbing on top of him.  Landry wanted to take his time and to make sure his man was enjoying every moment of this.  As he kissed Jeremy his fingers were running up and down Jeremy’s biceps.  Jeremy giggled through their kisses.

“Stop, you’re tickling me.”

“I love it when you beg me.  Beg me again baby.”

“Landry please stop…” Jeremy said giggling.

“No, you have to endure it.”

Landry bit and tugged at Jeremy’s lower lip, then continued moving south onto his smooth, long neck.  Nipping and licking along the way.  Jeremy loved it when Landry kissed along his collar bones; it sent a tingling sensation through his whole body.  Landry took the time to lick and suck each of his tiny nipples, at times taking them in between his teeth, twisting them.  Jeremy is starting to let out little moans of pleasure and that was always a turn on for Landry, hearing Jeremy moan with pleasure.  That just encouraged Landry to continue moving south with his tongue and mouth.  He slide his tongue across Jeremy’s nice, tight six pac abs, stopping at the naval to circle it with his tongue.  He continued to lick south along Jeremy’s little happy trail.  He got to Jeremy’s swimming trunks, using his front teeth Landry slowly pulled at the tie string.  Again with one swoop he pulled down Jeremy’s swimming trunks revealing his perfect, smooth, plump cock.  Landry’s mouth is now practically salivating at the sight of Jeremy’s cock.  He can’t get enough of the feel and taste of it.  He loved feeling Jeremy’s cock get hard in his mouth.  He slowly bends his head down so that his stumble gently grazed against Jeremy’s smooth, cool cock.  Jeremy let out a whimpered of a yelp.  Landry’s attention and focus was only for Jeremy’s cock.

His tongue, now wet with desire, licked the tip of Jeremy’s cock, he saw it move slightly.  He opened his mouth a little wider to engulf the head; he used his tongue to circle and tease.  He looked up to see Jeremy’s face twisting in pleasure, his hands gripping the rope that was tied to his wrists, mouth softly moaning, tongue licking his lips.  Landry loved pleasuring his baby.  His mouth opened a little wider to take more of Jeremy in, using the same motion he circled and teased more of Jeremy’s cock.   Ever so slowly his hot, wet mouth slide over that plump, juicy cock, that was Jeremy Lin’s.  He could hear Jeremy breathing faster and his moans getting louder.  Landry’s hands ran up and down Jeremy’s inner thighs which caused Jeremy to arch upwards, head tilt back.  Landry continued taking more of Jeremy into his hungry mouth working a little faster now.  Even though Jeremy tried many times to take Landry in, Jeremy had a sensitive gag reflex which caused him to gag and cough.  Landry’s cock is only an inch or so bigger than Jeremy’s but Landry had a better gag reflex which meant he can take Jeremy’s whole cock into his mouth; which he relinquished very much to do so.  Jeremy is rock hard by now.  Landry can see Jeremy’s cock veins starting to appeared.  He knows Jeremy is close to cumming.

“Baby, hold on a bit longer.  Don’t cum yet.”

“I don’t think I can hold it any longer.”

Landry stood up, bent his knees and slowly lowered himself onto Jeremy’s throbbing, hard cock.  Jeremy let out a cry, and then came the moans.  Landry didn’t want to make Jeremy cum so soon so he slowly begins to raise himself up and down Jeremy’s shaft.  “It feels so good,” Landry said out loud, eyes closed, biting his lower lip.

“Baby, you feel so good in me.  I’m going crazy.”

“Babe, you feel so tight…I….don’t…aahhggg…think…I can..last…”

“Just a few more minutes please.  I need you.”

The night air was cool with a light breeze, the moon is so big and bright tonight that it lit up everything it touched.  Even though they were in the cool night breeze their bodies were on fire.  Landry wanted to take all of Jeremy inside him and Jeremy eagerly wants to please but Landry knows Jeremy can’t hold on any further.  With the last few seconds remaining, Landry pushed Jeremy deeper inside of him.  His hands laid flat in from of him, legs spread, hips raising fast, slamming down hard at the base of Jeremy’s cock.  Both are breathing hard, sweats running down Landry’s brows, a tiny pool of sweat was forming on the smalls of Jeremy’s back.  Jeremy is literally screaming now, the night stood still and all that was heard around them were Jeremy’s screams and Landry coming down hard on Jeremy.  With the last downward movement of his hips, Jeremy came.  Landry could feel the hot liquid shooting inside of him.  He wanted to squeeze every last drop of his baby’s juice; thus, he rolled his hips up and down causing Jeremy to load even more into Landry. Soon after, Landry came as well.  He couldn’t move, Jeremy was still in him, he’s getting soft, slowly Landry lifted his hips up and Jeremy’s cock slid out, wet and glistening with hot cum.  Landry turned around and sucked off Jeremy.  Jeremy is lying there still, like he had passed out.  Landry crawled toward Jeremy and gave him a deep, hard kiss.  He loved tasting Jeremy and he wanted Jeremy to taste how delicious he was as well.

Landry untied Jeremy’s wrists, took him in his arms and wrapped him in his big, strong arms.  They laid there for a while, trying to catch their breathes and come back down to earth.  Jeremy removed the blindfold and buried is face into Landry’s chest.

“Landry, I..I am..I am in love with you.  Thank you for always being there for me.”

“Thank you…thank you for loving me.”

They turned toward each other for a kiss.

“Hey, let’s take a midnight dip in the ocean,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy got up first, puts out his hand down towards Landry.  Landry took his hand in his and Jeremy pulls him up.  They walked hand in hand to the rear of the yacht.  Before they jumped into the dark water that was illuminated by the full moon they turned and smiled at each other.