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Jeremy just came home.
That game with Bulls was so close. He could almost smell victory but Rose was undeniably good… Jeremy was very upset with the gap between him and Rose.
I watched the game at home and it’s like a hole in the heart seeing Jeremy on the court so frustrated.

I looked at him when he came in, I couldn’t say anything. He came and sat beside me on the sofa. He laid down, crawled, leaned his head on my lap.
I brushed his very soft hair, still a little damp from the shower after the game.
His eyes closed, breathing steadily, I know that he was trying to hard not to show his frustration at home because he didn’t want me to worry.

“Jeremy… you did very well tonight, I know that you have tried your best, he played a lot longer than you in the league, give it a season or two, you will be better than him, than anyone else. I believe you can do it. No one can win every single game. But you are the winner in a lot of people’s heart… including mine.”

“Kate…you can always make me feel better.” Jeremy sat up and gave me a peck on the lips. His arms were around me. I love hugging him, love his smell around me, on me.

I looked up to him, started to unconsciously to trace a line from his ears to cheek bone with my fingertips, his nose is so beautifully straight and my eyes got stuck with his perfect lips. My finger stopped at the corner of his lips, wondering about the perfect dimension of these full lips. All of a sudden, Jeremy caught my tiny hand and started kissing my fingers one by one slowly up to the forearm, all the way up to my shoulder and to my neck. He kissed very slowly on every inch on my skin, sending electric waves to my whole body.

“Jeremy, I love you, I want you” I murmured.

We have dated for almost half a year secretly. We had slept together but not had sex… we had very good control normally, but the urge, my urge of the need tonight was breaking the wall.

He turned his head, caressed my face with his huge palm, I tilted my head like a kitten asking for more caress. He looked at me, those brown eyes showed a mixture of desires and conflicts. I almost got lost again in his dazzle.

“Kate, you are testing my lim…” I didn’t let him finish, pressed my lips on his, my heart was beating like at any time it would be over its capacity.

His lips, I was completely lost in his perfectly full lips, I was memorizing his lip shape with my tongue, slowly licking, tasting the most delicious thing on earth. I was sitting on his lap while he held me tighter and tighter, I could feel something down there getting harder, but Jeremy had always been very proper, never crossing the line. Tonight, I decided, to let him win and to cross the line together.

My hands moved from his neck to his hands, guiding him to grope my body. His hands were on auto-pilot mode while I loosen up my bra.

“You’ve won, there is no one else that I want to give my first time to” I whispered to his ears. He then carried me to the bedroom.

Jeremy slowly undressed me and himself. His hands were everywhere on me and our kiss became more eager and greedy. His shoulders, his chest, his abs, my hands finally reached to somewhere I have never touched before. I grabbed it with both hands and caressed it with slowly, Jeremy groaned, I knew I was doing it right then.

“I want you linside me” he grinned and very gently got into me. I couldn’t help but groaned from the back of my throat, this was so awesome. “Have I hurt you?” his concerned voice warmed my heart, “Little Jeremy is kinda huge, but no you didn’t hurt me. It’s great, please come again” He then went deep inside me, every thrust was stimulating my nerves to another level. How could I hold it for half a year? If I knew it’s like this, I would have jumped on him in the first date!

“I love you” His lips right next to my ear, after his left a part of him inside me. “Jer, I should have seduced you 6 months ago had I known this is so wonderful.” He laughed while still laying on me. “Did you say ‘I want you Linside me’ ?” “Yea, I saw that sign the fan made, I am sure she wants you Linside her seriously.” I giggled. “But I want to be Linside you only, honey. You are my princess.” he kissed my forehead, I smiled with my biggest smile. I felt he just crowned me with a tiara.

Am I lucky enough to be with him for my entire life? Apparently I have no answer but this moment, I know that his heart has no other girls.

–To be continued.