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So he sleeps with you without sleeping with you, Jeremy thought, studying Landry as he slept – on Jeremy’s bed.

It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve shared a bed.  There had been several times when they needed to bunk at each other’s flats and neither had couches good enough to sleep in.  The first time Jeremy slept on Landry’s couch was also the last; the couch was simply too short to fit his height.

Sharing a bed now means a whole other thing since he found out how Landry feels about him.

But what do YOU feel about Landry, Jeremy?

I feel a lot of things I should not be feeling with another man. I sometimes feel guilt, a lot of times happiness. I felt jealousy last night – which turned into relief when he told me he had eyes only for me.

I am feeling everything with Landry and nothing when I am not with him.

They did not say much to each other after Jeremy asked him to stay last night.  Landry understood what he needed.  He undressed in the dark while Jeremy lay on his usual side of the bed.  He could hear Landry move around the room, felt the bed move, and heard Landry whisper “Goodnight,” as he slid himself under the duvet.

They simply slept.

At one point during the night, Jeremy woke up when Landry moved in to wrap his arms around Jeremy.  I felt safe and secure in that embrace, he acknowledged.  He felt like he belonged there – in Landry’s arms.   This was a huge step towards defining what or who they are to each other.  Jeremy still isn’t clear to what this is.  But right now, he knows that waking up next to Landry feels wonderful and scary at the same time.

Landry smiled in his sleep.  Must be one great dream, Jeremy mused.  There is something so irresistible about that mouth.  Jeremy remembers exactly how it feels to have those lips against his.  One kiss, he thought, leaning in to give Landry a peck.

But as he leaned in, Landry suddenly opened his eyes, and with one roll had Jeremy pinned underneath him.  “I could feel your stare,” Landry said grinning, and dipping to kiss Jeremy.  As their lips locked, Jeremy was suddenly conscious of how their bodies were touching.  Landry’s body weight was pressing them deliciously together – loin against loin. He  could feel the slow tightening in his crotch.  When Landry suddenly eased off him to sit on the edge of the bed, Jeremy  was surprised.

“Know what?  Let me do a breakfast run while you’re in the shower.  I’m in the mood for bagels,” Landry said, while taking clothes on. “You like bagels, right?” he asked Jeremy.

Jeremy merely nodded.  Landry gave him a quick kiss and said “I’ll be right back.”

He walked out the bedroom leaving Jeremy totally confused and aroused.


Slowly but surely is Landry’s new mantra when it concerns Jeremy.

Their relationship – if you can call it that at this phase – is a life-changer for the both of them.  It will be one of the biggest challenges Landry has ever met – both emotionally and physically.

He could barely keep his hands off Jeremy this morning.   He could feel Jeremy’s body under him – firm and soft and completely arousing.  When he broke the kiss off, it was for both Jeremy’s and his sake – Landry wasn’t sure how much his self-control could take.

Besides, Jeremy is not there yet – not yet ready to accept his feelings for Landry.  What they have together is too important for Landry – Jeremy is too important.

“I’m back,” yelled Landry scanning the apartment while putting the bag of bagels on the kitchen counter.  He proceeded to brew some coffee for himself and heat water for Jeremy’s tea.  He knows Jeremy’s place like the back of his hand.  Landry found plates, knives, and coffee and tea mugs.  Someone needs to stock up, he thought looking through Jeremy’s fridge.  At least there’s some fruit.

He was humming a tune when he heard the soft patter of feet approaching – Jeremy is always barefoot at home. Landry smiled and turned around.  He was met with the sight of Jeremy, a towel wrapped low around his hips and his bare torso still glistening with moisture.

Hot damn.  He is glorious.  The sight of Jeremy – squeaky-clean, fresh-smelling and barely-clothed – hit Landry straight to the heart and gut.  THIS is going to be torture, he thought.  He forced a smile on his face and tried to think of ANYTHING – bible verses, old ladies, his mom – just to avoid a boner.

“Breakfast is nearly ready,” he managed, concentrating on a bowl of sliced-up fruit instead.  Puppies, cats, Grandma… ANYTHING! Just don’t look at how low the towel is slung, Landry.

Jeremy approached the table to snatch a piece of pineapple.  Then he picked up another piece, “Open up, Landry,” he said.   Landry, out of shock , opened his mouth.  Jeremy slid the fruit piece into it.  Landry chewed and swallowed and was about to put attention back to the bowl of fruit when Jeremy tugged at his shirt and kissed him.

“Hmmm… you taste of pineapple,” he murmured.  Then he turned to go to the bedroom.

Landry stood in the kitchen totally shocked and aroused.

The story continues…

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