Author: ksoranna

Starring: Jeremy Lin and Emily

Location: Jeremy’s bathroom, NYC

The water is cascading down Emily’s hair and all over her body. Then a slight breeze tickles her nipples and they respond with hardened tips. She knows he is there. He doesn’t have to say a word. She can feel his eyes watching her as she showers.  Her eyes remain closed as she rinsed off the shampoo, along with all the stress and dirt from a busy day.

“Jeremy, is that you?” she asks.

“Who else would be watching you take a shower?” he jokingly replies back.

She finally opens her eyes…just in time to see him slip off his black boxer briefs and step into the standing shower with me.  Damn, he is a sight to behold…especially when his lean, 6’3” frame is standing in front of her naked. She steps backwards to allow the shower head to spray him with droplets that do nothing but accentuate his strong shoulders, glisten off of his arms and trickle down his chest. She tries not to watch the droplets that are traveling via his chest…because then her eyes will be drawn down to his penis…and oh, what a pretty penis it is. It’s the same sunny, almond color as the rest of his body…a good 7.5 to 8 inches depending on the time and day…and super thick. It’s the type of dick you want to conquer with your mouth…and your pussy. He doesn’t even have to “man-scape” since he barely has any hair surrounding his cock…and what little he has is like an arrow pointing to his prize possession. Well it’s actually more like her prized possession. He could care less about the size of his dick…and is as humble about it, as he is with everything else in his life.

A splash of water hits her face and she is shaken out of her reverie.

“What are you daydreaming about there, pretty girl? It better not be about another man.” Jeremy laughs. He knows that she has eyes only for him.

“And what if I was?” she retorts back as she “tries” to tickle him. Jeremy declares that he is not ticklish…even when he clearly squirms every time her fingers tickle his sides.

“Stop, I told you I’m not ticklish,” Jeremy says…of course all the while trying to fight back laughter and squirming like a wiggle worm from side to side. He then easily picks up her 4’10” frame and places her against the shower wall, as she wraps her legs around his back. He showers her face and neck with little pecks as she giggles with delight and tries to not get water into her eyes.

“Did you miss me today?” Emily asks.

“Umm…naw, not really he says,” while shaking his head no. “I can think of 10 other places I would rather be right now, instead of showering naked with you…like being in a gym with a bunch of sweaty, smelly men,” he teases.

She laughs out loud. They have grown to love and understand each other’s sense of sarcastic humor. She knows how to read through his sarcasm to realize that the most important things out of his mouth, are what he does not say.

She kisses him on the lips. What started as an innocent peck, turns into an instant hunger. His arms grip around her tighter, as he presses her even harder against the wall. Her arms are around his neck as their lips melt into one and her tongue searches out his. She sucks on his bottom lip and a moan escapes from deep in his throat. She can feel him harden in between her open and parted legs. They haven’t seen each other in a few weeks, due to distance and time. With Jeremy’s hectic schedule, traveling to and from games…along with constant media attention since “Linsanity” broke out; their “E and J” time has been limited lately. Their time apart has only made their kisses even more intense and their carnal desires even harder to fight. She misses him terrible and her heart and body just won’t let her pull away from his kisses. Finally he stops and wills himself to pull away. Emily doesn’t know how he does it, but Jeremy has always had more willpower than her.

“Whew, baby,” he says, while catching his breath. “We’ve got to stop before I lose all self-control in the shower.”

He gently lowers her back down. Emily had already finished washing herself up but she grabbed their two bath sponges and poured body wash into both…one for him and one for her…so that they could wash each other down.  They have been secretly dating for a few months now, and this isn’t their first shower together. They have this routine of washing each other’s bodies and it is a habit Emily loves.

She turns her back to him so he can scrub her down…first her back, then her neck. Then he gets on his knees and she likes being the taller one at the moment. He gently places pecks all over her butt cheeks and she just sighs in contentment. Emily places her hands on the shower wall for support and arches her back towards him… silently begging him not to stop. He then scrubs down her legs and even the soles of her feet. Jeremy is such a detailed person. Then he spins her around to face him. She starts washing his chest…his shoulders…his neck…then the back of him. His face is serious and his eyes are zoomed in on her breasts. Emily’s breasts are not too big…not too small…at a 34 C and very round…they are just right for Jeremy. He loves her breasts…he is totally a breasts man. She wants him to just grab them and put them in his mouth…and suck…and lick…and nibble…until she can’t stand it anymore. But he doesn’t. He simply places little soft pecks everywhere as he is still gently scrubbing my lower back and butt. Gosh… she wishes he didn’t have such restraint. He unintentionally makes her feel like a nympho sometimes.

“Baby, please…” Emily says.

“Shhh…I just want to take it slow. Let me enjoy this view. I just want to wash you up right now.”

He is such a tease and he knows it. Or maybe he’s really a sweetheart…and she’s just really a horny mess right now.

Then Jeremy suddenly puts his mouth over her left breast and she moans instantly. His hands are all over her ass…palming her round butt checks, like they are his favorite pair of basketballs. She leans herself closer to him and holds onto the back of his head. The shower is hitting her back…this feels like a dream…a wet dream. His hands slowly move from her butt to her hips. Then he slightly parts her legs with one of his hands and slides it in between her thighs. He places his thumb on her happy bump and uses his other four fingers to lightly trace the outside of her pussy lips. He has barely touched her pleasure zone and she is already gasping for air. She starts panting and moaning as his fingers continues to search her. It feels so good she can barely keep her knees from collapsing. She doesn’t want him to stop…but he does.

“Emily, let’s finish showering so we can go to the bedroom. I want to lay you down.”

So typical of Jeremy…his favorite place to have sex is in bed. Emily was actually hoping he would try something different tonight, but guess not.

“Wait Jeremy, I haven’t finished cleaning you up. Stand up, so I can get your legs.”

When he stands up, Emily can barely concentrate. She is scrubbing him down…moving the bath sponge up and down his long legs…her pussy is throbbing…and his beautiful dick is in her face. She can’t take it anymore…she wants that thing in her mouth! He feels her reach for it and he tries to push her hands away.

“Baby, not here. I really want to get out of here. The water is getting cold anyways.”

She ignores him. He’s a man…he doesn’t know what he wants half the time anyways. But she knows what she wants. She wants to taste him with the cool water hitting her back. She wants him to just lose control, relax and release himself onto her. ..and then let the water clean them both off. So she ignores what his mouth is saying …and listens to his dick. Because his dick clearly wants her to suck it. It has grown hard in her hands again.

Before he can protest again, she grabs the base of dick and guides the rest of it into her mouth. A moan escapes his lips. He gives in to her…finally. He braces himself against the wall and leans his head back…eyes closed. She takes her tongue and trace from the base of his dick to the tip…slowly. Then she uses her tongue to draw circles around the head…over and over again. He can barely contain himself…with all types of moans and half spoken profanity coming out of his mouth. Her lips form a tight grip around the head of his dick and she slowly sucks…moving her head back and forth…and taking him deeper and deeper with each head nod. His hands are tangled in her hair…he starts controlling her head…causing her to take him even deeper…even faster.  She has to use her hands to slow his movements. His dick is so big, it keeps hitting the back of her throat and she is trying to fight her gag reflex. Her eyes are starting to water. Gosh…Em, keep it together. Just breathe in through your nose. She don’t want him to stop….she can’t tell him to slow down…otherwise he may never let himself lose control like this again. Emily attempts to maintain it…to regain control of the stroke. She starts moaning as she continues to work her mouth and lips up and down his shaft.

“Oh shit, I’m starting to feel it. Oh shit…don’t stop. Go crazy on the top of my dick. Baby I’m about to cum…”

She can feel his legs start to shake and his dick starting to tense up. She leans her head back, with her mouth open and tongue out. He knows what to do. He takes over where her hands used to be and aims for her mouth. She hears him say “fuck” before she feel his seeds spill all over her. He seeds are showering down on her tongue, her chin, dripping down her neck…while the cool water is plastering her back. He’s been holding it for weeks and the buildup is evident all over Emily’s chest. He finally finishes unloading himself and sighs with relief.

He looks down at her and says, “Baby, are you ok? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, of course not, I love sucking you off and I love the way you taste,” she says, as she gently cleans his tender and now shrunken dick. She then finishes rinsing herself, along with what remains of Jeremy, off of her skin. Finally Emily turns the water off.

He hugs her tenderly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he says, in between pecks all over her checks. “That was awesome. You are awesome.”

Emily smiles to herself. She loves pleasing him. She loves the warm afterglow she get when  she sees him so satisfied…and so happy. After every time he cums, he gets this cheesy smile, the ones where his dimples show…and she loves knowing that she is the reason behind it.

He grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist. Then he grabs a towel for Emily and slowly dries her off. She looks into his face…and he is still smiling…hard, like a camel…LOL.

“Wait, are you laughing at me?”

“Hahahaha, yes. Don’t ask me why…”

“Why are you laughing at me?! I’m not doing anything but drying you off.”

She laughs even harder, barely able to contain herself. “Hahahaha….omg…sorry. I was imagining you looking like a camel.”

At that comment, he picks her up off the floor and carries her out of the bathroom…with her still squealing and laughing in his arms.