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STARRING: Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields

 “Good morning” said a voice that was sweet and very familiar.

“Good morning to you too” said Jeremy.  When his eyes slowly opened it was to a smile that belonged to a very handsome man.   Jeremy loved Landry’s morning look.  His curly brown hair softly tousled on his head, those eyes looking intensely at him and those soft pouty lips that Jeremy couldn’t get enough.  Landry starts to slowly lower his lips onto Jeremy…

“Bing, bing!!  Please put your seats to an upright position and all table trays up”.  It was a dream, the same dream he has been having for the past week.  He had traveled to Taiwan for the Nike basketball camp.   Jeremy enjoyed his time there running the camp and especially playing with the kids; but, he just couldn’t wait to be home, to be home with Landry.  He missed him like crazy.  Even though they Skype and talked on the phone that wasn’t enough.  He couldn’t wait to see, touch, feel and taste Landry.  Finally, the plane landed and soon he would be disembarking off the plane.  People are taking their sweet time disembarking and he wished they would hurry up.  Thank goodness he only had his pack-back and a carry on so he didn’t have to wait for his baggage.   As soon as he was out the gate he hauled ass to where his car was waiting for him.  The car ride seems like hours.  He’s filled with excitement and anticipation because he knows who will be home waiting for him.

As the car pulled into the drive way he glanced quickly at the clock and the red numbers read 1:19 AM.  He thanked the driver and hurried to grab his bags.  The keys almost slipped out of his hand because he couldn’t calm himself down.  Once the lock turned and the door opened a sense of relief flooded over him.  He drops his bags at the foot of the stairs.  The house was dark and very quite.  He knew where everything was and made sure not to bump into anything that could break, slowly and quietly he ascends the flight of stairs.  He saw the door to the master bedroom slightly open ajar.  His heart is pounding really fast, feels like it was going to jump out of his chest.  He slowly walks to the door his right hand pushes the door slowly. As the door slowly opens the window came into view along with the street lights from below.  A little further pushing and he saw the edge of the bed and finally he saw a beautiful man laying there.  Landry was on his stomach face facing the window his left arm under the pillow while the sheet covered him from the waist down.  He was shirtless and was only wearing his brief.  The streetlights show his smooth golden skin and those muscular arms of his.  Jeremy loved the stumbles on Landry’s face.  They would tickle him every time Landry nuzzle on his neck and he loved it!

He didn’t realize he had moved but he was now standing at the foot of the bed looking at his man in a deep sleep.  He slowly took off his basketball shorts and t-shirt.  Compare to Landry, Jeremy was much more fair but when they were together it was a nice contrast.   Jeremy slowly lowers his arms down onto the bed and began to crawl upward so that he was position right on top of Landry.  He lowers his lips to meet the back of Landry’s neck and gave it a nice gentle kiss.  Landry’s left hand automatically moves to the kiss spot.  Jeremy was trying hard to hold his giggles in.  He bent his head again but this time he lingers for a bit after the kiss, slowly he made his way up Landry’s smooth neck to his ear.  Jeremy’s lips were right next to Landry’s ear “I’m home” he whispers.  But Landry didn’t even stir.  Jeremy sticks out his tongue and with the tip of his tongue he lightly licks Landry’s outer ear.  Landry’s lip slowly curls into a smile, but his eyes were still close.  Upon seeing his smile Jeremy knew he was awake and ready for him.

Landry crane his neck around to see Jeremy but his neck wouldn’t turn that far.  He twists his body around so now he is lying on his back and Jeremy is still hovering over him.

“Hey there stranger” said Landry with a sleepy smile on his face.

“Hey back at ya” replied Jeremy.

They stayed in that position for a while just looking and smiling at each other.  Looking at each other and being in that moment just felt right, as if the world stood still in celebration of their love and affection for one another.  Jeremy couldn’t stand it any longer; he lowers himself down to Landry’s waiting lips.  First, it was a sweet, gentle kiss and they both giggled, as if they were kissing for the very first time.  Then came a deep passionate kiss between two lovers.  They continued with their kissing and soon it become a full on made out session.  Hard kisses, hands running down their bodies and into their hair.  Jeremy was still on top, Landry’s hands running up and down Jeremy’s smooth, muscular back.  He gently starts to rub the smalls of Jeremy’s back.

“Mmm I like that” whispered Jeremy in a course voice.  Landry continues for a few minutes but his hands gradually move to the round, firm buttocks of Jeremy.  He squeezes and gropes it like he had never squeezed or groped it before.  Still kissing Landry stops abruptly and just stares at Jeremy.  He couldn’t believe that his beautiful species was his and only his.  He knew how Jeremy felt about him, but for some reason, in that moment, he felt like the luckiest man in the whole world.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jeremy.

“Nothing, I was just thinking” answered Landry.

“About what?” Jeremy asked.

“About…how lucky we are to have found each other” replied Landry.

With that they both smile at each other.  Landry gently kiss Jeremy’s lips than slide over to his left cheek continuing the pattern of small, gentle kisses he move from Jeremy’s cheek to his smooth, soft neck and down to his collar bone.  That was Landry’s favorite spot, Jeremy’s collar bone.  The small, gentle kisses slide from the left side of the collar bone to the right, back up Jeremy’s neck, onto his right cheek and back onto those full lips of his.  Landry couldn’t take it anymore and rolls Jeremy over.  Now Jeremy is on the bottom and Landry on top.  He began to slowly move down Jeremy’s chest, making sure not to move too fast.  He took his time licking and sucking on Jeremy’s tiny, but perfectly round pink nipples; careful to take care of each one and not neglect them.   As he moves down to Jeremy’s nice, tight six-pack abs he stops and looks up to see Jeremy’s face.  Jeremy’s eyes were close and his head slightly tilted back.

Landry continue making his way down to Jeremy’s stomach and when he got to his naval he blew raspberry kisses which causes Jeremy to laugh and giggle all at the same time.

“Stop that!  You know how ticklish I get when you do that”

“Oh, I know” replied Landry with a devilish grin on his face.

Jeremy’s laugher subsided as the sound of pleasure took over once again.  Landry continues kissing Jeremy’s stomach as he reach Jeremy’s happy trail, oh it’s a happy trail alright thought Landry as he knows where that leads to.  As he gets closer he can already smell Jeremy’s manhood.  The smell was intoxicating to him.  With his mouth he starts to nibble on the edge of Jeremy’s brief, teasing him a little before he pulls them down with his teeth.

Even in the darkest, with only lights coming in from the street below; Landry can see the outline of Jeremy’s manhood.  Good thing about Jeremy is that he is not a hairy man, and even with the little hair he has on his body he preferred to be clean cut.  He is smooth and soft and that’s the way Landry likes it.  He gentle kiss Jeremy’s manhood and with each kiss he felt it move and tense up.  He licked the tip just to get a taste and already there is a little wetness appearing.  He opens his mouth and slowly slide in Jeremy’s manhood.

Landry’s mouth feels so hot, it is driving Jeremy crazy.  He wants to scream with pleasure but he knows this is just the beginning to a long, happy night.

Landry felt as if it has been forever since he last tasted Jeremy.  He forgot how it tastes in his mouth and how good it felt to have it.  He can hear Jeremy’s breathing becoming faster and faster with each stroke of his mouth pulling in and out.  Suddenly Jeremy’s hands are pulling and tugging at his hair, his hands were telling Landry that he is hungry for more and so is Landry’s mouth.   Soon Jeremy was hard as a rock and so was Landry.  Jeremy can taste his juice that was lingering on Landry’s lips and mouth as Landry came up to kiss him hard.

Landry has his hands up against the wall, in a search position; Jeremy was standing behind him ready for him.  He licked his fingers and rubs the tip of his penis.

“Are you ready for me?” comes a teasing voice from behind Landry.  He couldn’t get the words out of his mouth; all he could do was nod.

Jeremy spread his legs to balance himself and to get into a perfect position for Landry.  He placed the tip of his penis in Landry’s opening and began to slowly slide himself into Landry.  Before any penetration occur Landry’s body was already shaking with anticipation.  Even though it had only been a week since they were last together Landry is tight tonight.  He didn’t want to push too hard or too fast so Jeremy took his time getting the head in.  With a little thrusting the head was inside Landry.

Landry let out a little yelp as he felt Jeremy’s head enter him.

Jeremy’s hips begun to move in a slow, but study pace.  His penis is only half way into Landry; he wanted Landry to take all of him.  With each thrust he pushes his penis deeper into Landry.

“I can feel you..oohhh…Jerrremy…ohhh my…” as he was saying this Landry’s eyes were closed shut, his breathing is becoming course and thick.  He feels the heat emitting from within him which cause his body to sweat and glisten.

Jeremy’s thrusting becomes more hard and fast now.  Landry feels so good and he just couldn’t get enough of him.   As Jeremy was thrusting into Landry he took his hands gripping on Landry’s waist to reach around to Landry’s full, hard erect cock.  With his right hand he grip his cock and starts to stroke him long and hard, with his left hand he caress and message his balls.  With Jeremy in him and now jerking him off Landry legs began to buckle underneath him.  Jeremy sees Landry’s body shake and buckle in front of him.  He quickly brought his hands up to Landry’s glistening chest and moved their bodies to the nearby bed.

They were in the spoon position and Jeremy was still behind him once on the bed.  The thrusting has intensified and Landry is going crazy from the heat and the ecstasy.  His right hand is gripping the bed sheets trying to hold onto something to stable himself with.

Jeremy is close to cumming.  He feels it building in the pit of his stomach.  He can tell Landry is ready to cum as well.

“I’m about to cum, cum with me?” said Jeremy.

“Aagghhh any second now…I can’t hold on any longer” moaned Landry.

The last few thrust were hard and deep, the room was filled with their groaning orgasms, sweat, heat, sex and the sound of skin on skin.  Jeremy wrapped his left arm around Landry’s sweaty chest and pulled him in close as he fucked him hard.

Landry felt the hot cum coursing through his body; he was shaking and gasping for air as he release his load onto the bed sheets.  Jeremy was still cumming, his cum felt like hot lava in Landry and it didn’t seem to end.

The room was silent, but their breathing was still heavy.  Landry was lying on Jeremy’s chest, his hand running slowly up and down Jeremy’s left arm.  Jeremy bent his head and kissed Landry on the forehead.  They never had to say much after love making, they just wanted to be in each other present and arms.  After a while Jeremy’s eyelids starts to feel heavy.  It has been a long day for him after all.  Sitting on the plane for 18 plus hours, but it was all worth it because now he is home, home to Landry.  With that thought his eyes finally closed and a smile spread across his face as he fell into a wonderful sleep.  Landry looked up and saw that Jeremy had fallen asleep.  He kisses Jeremy’s chest and fell asleep himself.