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STARRING: Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields

Landry has got to develop better taste in women. I mean, look at her – she’s not even really blond.

Jeremy sat quietly, half-listening to what Jeffries, Jerome and Toney were talking about.  He only had eyes for Landry at the moment.  Landry was on the dance floor grinding and swaying against his latest preoccupation – Cindy, Wendy or something.

Jeremy couldn’t shake his irritation off. What was wrong with him tonight?  They’re finally home in New York after two road victories.  That’s why the gang was out tonight – to celebrate. But the celebratory feelings were eluding him.

He saw Landry and Bottle-blond break apart.  Landry sauntered back to the table, a foolish grin on his face, swaying a little. Whoa, looks like somebody’s had way too much to drink. Jeremy shook his head. Oh, Landry…  He got up, just in time to grab Landry and steady him before he stumbled.

“Come on, Landry.  Let’s splash some cold water on your face,” he said softly and steered his best friend towards the club’s men’s room.

Jeremy gripped Landry around the waist, enjoying the familiarity of the big strong arms currently slung on his shoulders. At least he can still walk, thought Jeremy.  He would not want his best friend make a spectacle of himself in public.  Landry leaned against him, turning his head slightly – his warm breath tickled Jeremy’s neck, sending shivers down his spine. “You smell good,” Landry said giddily.

They reached the men’s room without problems.  Jeremy locked the door, turned on the cold water tap, and closed the toilet seat cover so Landry could use it as a seat.

“You look beat, man,” Landry was saying.

“Said the kettle to the pot ,” laughed Jeremy, “I’m not the one who’s had way too much to drink, you know.”

“Sweet, perfect Jeremy…. Never a toe out of line…” Landry was murmuring.  Jeremy paused, hurt by Landry’s words.  He wanted to say that he’s not perfect, but chose keep the words to himself.  Landry was drunk; it’s just the alcohol talking.

He found some hand towels, made them damp from the cold water to form a cold compress for Landry.  Landry had his head tilted backwards, supported by the wall.  As Jeremy approached, Landry lifted his head to look at him – and smiled.  Everything is better when Landry smiles, Jeremy just realized.  Landry’s smiles had been his comfort during those dark days – when he doubted if he would ever get a chance to play at Madison Square Garden or, much less, have a career in the NBA.

Landry was always there for him, as he was always there for Landry.  And tonight, he’d be there for Landry, no matter how irritated he was with him a few minutes ago.

As Jeremy pressed the wet paper towels on Landry’s forehead, he thought about what else that endeared Landry to him. He’s smart.  Heck the media is calling them the smartest backcourt in the NBA, ‘cause Landry’s from Stanford and Jeremy’s from Harvard.  They’re on the same wavelength when it comes to interests, their faith and priorities in life.  Landry can always make him laugh – always. When they play on the court, he doesn’t have to tell Landry where to be – he’ll be right there ready to receive the ball from Jeremy.

“That is so good,” Landry groaned. “Why are you so good to me, Jer?” he asked.

“Cause I love you,” answered Jeremy, his heart skipping a beat.  He has never said that to anyone outside his family before.  Well, Landry is like family.  He is family.

“Don’t say that. You don’t know how that affects me” protested Landry.

“What?” said Jeremy, pausing in the act of rubbing Landry’s face with the paper towels.

“I LOVE YOU – so much it hurts.  So don’t say you love me if you don’t mean it. It’ll break my heart,” slurred Landry.

Jeremy was shocked. He knelt down till he was eye-to-eye with Landry, meeting his best friend’s gaze head-on. “Are you okay, Landry?”

Landry did not answer; instead he lifted his hand to stroke Jeremy’s face. “I’m in heaven,” he murmured, lowering his head to kiss Jeremy full on the mouth.  Jeremy could taste the alcohol in Landry’s mouth… he could taste… Landry.  Shock and delight merged in that kiss.  Jeremy gripped Landry’s thighs for support as he sunk into it, not wanting him to stop. Landry gripped Jeremy’s hair, running fingers through it. He was doing things to Jeremy’s mouth – wonderful things that Jeremy had never experienced before.  Landry bit and tugged at Jeremy’s lower lip with his teeth, tickled Jeremy’s tongue with his.  He plundered, sucked, licked– drove Jeremy past the edge of sanity.

A knock on the door;  “Hey guys, are you okay?” It was Jeffries, concern  in his voice.

Landry and Jeremy broke apart – sharply brought back to reality.  They were both breathless, eyes on each other.  Without taking his eyes off Landry’s, Jeremy licked his lips, cleared his throat, “Landry’s a bit sick.  I think I’ll take him home now.  Could you call for the car?”

“Sure.”  answered Jeffries.

“We’ll be out shortly,” continued Jeremy, still holding his gaze on Landry.


You are a moron, Landry, he lay scolding himself.

It’s been two hours since Jeremy dropped him off at his apartment.  What an awkward drive from the club that was.  Jeremy barely said a word.  At least he was still looking at Landry – except that it was with his indiscernible stare which he uses when he’s trying to figure something out. That same stare totally unnerved Landry, making him look away.

Jeremy brushed off Landry’s attempts to talk about what happened.

“We are both tired and you are still a bit drunk“ he said. “You need to sleep. We talk when we’ve both had time to think about what happened.”  Then he walked out the door.

Landry keeps going back to what happened in the club’s restroom – his very own five minutes of heaven with Jeremy.  It really happened.  He still can’t believe it. Landry touched his lips with his fingers, remembering how pliant Jeremy’s lips were against his.  Damn, that kiss rocked his world and totally shocked the alcohol buzz from his body. The drinks combined with the tiredness and fatigue from their back-to-back road games – he was out of it.  How could things completely run out of control within a matter of minutes?  Maybe it wasn’t hopeless.  He did not push you away – and at least did not punch your face, Landry.

Idiot, he chastised himself again. You just might have lost your best friend – the same best friend that might potentially be the love of your life, Landry.

Landry rolled over, closing his eyes, willing himself to sleep.   But sleep wasn’t any better, ‘cause Jeremy filled that too.  He sometimes dreamt of Jeremy – more often than he cared to admit.  Tonight was so much better than his dreams.

The taste of him lingered in Landry’s mouth, the small gasps he made, as Landry savored his lips.  Landry rubbed his crotch with his hand, thinking of the way Jeremy’s hands gripped his thighs, how tortuously close they were to that part of his body.  He rubbed and tugged, thinking of almond-shaped eyes dazed with desire and lips warm and willing against his.  He shook and groaned upon release and relieved himself – his mind full of Jeremy, his body aching for him.

To be continued…

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