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The other day, I was telling the other Lin Ladies, how we should have just been writers for a living. It’s unfortunate that some of our most recognized writing has come from this blog and we can’t even brag about it on our resumes lol. If I ever win the lottery, I will quit my job and write fan fiction all day long for you all. Well 2013 was a busy year for us and we also got a lot of new readers…some that stayed with us and some who had to read only to fulfill their curiosities. Either way, thanks for showing this little blog some love. We wish you all health, happiness and blessings in 2014….Happy New Year!!



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Book Two Serendipity, Chapter 5


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Authors’ note: Finally!!!  I am sooooo sorry for the delay.  Real life got in the way and my writing muse went on an extended trip where I couldn’t find it. 😉 I hope you all enjoy this and it’s on time for Christmas, too. 

The knock on the door sounded ominous.  Jeremy dried his hands on his cargo pants.  Don’t feel guilty, Jeremy.  You haven’t done anything wrong. Just get it out in the open.

Jess stood outside the hotel door with a small bag in tow and a couple of shopping bags. She had a blush on her cheeks – probably from the cold wind outside.

“Welcome back to the Big Apple,” she said, as she gave him a tight hug.  Her lips were warm against his as they gave in to the feeling of longing.  Jeremy held on, as tight as he could without smothering her.

“You okay?” Jess asked.  She could feel the tension from Jeremy’s body.  “That was a tough game you had.”  The Rockets arrived in New York from Toronto.  It had been an awful afternoon game they had; they lost.

“I was awful,” Jeremy said bluntly. “I sucked.”

Jess let him seethe for a few minutes – let him pace while she placed her stuff in a corner.  She joined him on the couch – took his chin and turned his face to hers.  She chose her words.

“I’ve seen your games.  It’s there, Jeremy.”

Jeremy tilted his head.  What is it that makes Jess believe in him – without hesitation?

“You just have to stop hesitating.”

“What?”  He was surprised at the slight reprimand.

“Come on, you don’t have to pass the ball that much,” Jess said, her brow raised yet gaze steady.  Jeremy was silent.  “Tomorrow, when you play the Knicks, you seize the opportunity to score.  Your teammates will feed you and feed off you.  The Knicks are slow – you do as Les says – you run!”

Jeremy looked at Jess’ face.  She was serious.

“Since when have you been an expert?”

“I’m not saying I know a lot about basketball, but I know you, “Jess replied.  “You can do so much more havoc on the court.”  She punched him in the shoulder – just as she did when they were kids.  The action made Jeremy smile.

“Okay,” he sighed.  “but how…”

“You tap into the magic of the Garden,” Jess answered.  “You’ll see. I believe in you, Dumbo.”

Jeremy chuckled.  “Only because you love my kisses,” he retorted as he nipped at Jess’ lower lip.

“True,” she grinned with a naughty flash in her eyes.  “So… you up for wreaking havoc on NYC?”

Jeremy suddenly remembered.  “Jess, I need to tell you something.”


On his first night back at the Madison Square Garden, the Rockets beat the Knicks on their home turf.  Jeremy scored 22 points.  As he moved around on the court, hugging his former teammates, saying goodbye and getting accosted for autographs and pictures, Jessica looked on with pride, from the sidelines, just as she wanted.

She looked at Jeremy’s bright smile and sighed.

One of her friends, Pansy, picked up on the movement and asked, “Girl, what’s up? That didn’t sound like such a happy sigh.”

“Nothing,” Jess denied.

“I know you better than that,” Pansy said as she leaned in towards Jess, and gave her a side-hug.

“His ex from Harvard contacted and met with him some time ago,” Jess explained, a tight feeling coming back in her gut.

“Don’t tell me he cheated on you! I’m gonna go and kick his ass back to Houston,” Pansy exclaimed.

“No, no. He would never… she kissed him, that’s all.” Jess said.

“It takes two pairs of lips to make a kiss.” Pansy deadpanned with her eyebrow raised.

“It caught him by surprise and he didn’t kiss her back.  He told me that he no longer has feelings for her,” Jess defended. “He told me everything when I came by his room yesterday.”

“And you’re okay with this?” Pansy asked.

“Yes. Not totally. I don’t know,” Jess answered honestly.  Her eyes still followed Jeremy’s movements on the floor of MSG. His eyes would occasionally flit towards their position, just to check if she was still there. “I still need to talk with him about it.  It kind of blind-sided me a bit yesterday.”

“He’s staying over tonight?”

“Yeah,” Jess replied. “There’ll be time to settle this tonight.”

Pansy looked at Jess.  She is worried.  Jeremy is a great guy, but experience has taught her that even the best of guys can fall for temptation.  Jess does not deserve feeling this awful.

It has been a strange day – more so a strange evening.  Part of him had missed New York, but he just realized that what he missed most was Jess.  As the cab he hired drove from MSG to where she lived, Jeremy could not help but reminisce.  It felt like it was only yesterday, yet it also felt like Linsanity happened ages ago.

“Great game,” the cabbie suddenly commented.

“Er… thanks,” Jeremy answered with a little smile.

“I’m not happy about you beating my boys, but I was a big fan when you were still with us. Dolan messed up,” the man continued.  “Hope Houston is treating you well.”

“Yes,” Jeremy replied as the cab pulled to a halt in front of Jess’ address.

Just before he got out, Jeremy heard the man say, “Good luck, man.”

“Thank you once again,” he replied, “Merry Christmas.”

Surveying Jess’ apartment building and looking up at her lit windows, Jeremy took a deep breath.  Jess had been calm when he told her about meeting Grace and the kiss she gave him, but something felt off.  He could not put a finger on it.  Their time together last night had been brief, because of early morning training and the game, but tonight they have the time.  The team won’t be leaving the city until the next game, so he’s spending the night at Jess’ and will meet the team at the airport the next day.

“Hey there,” Jess called from her position on the couch as he locked himself into her apartment.  She was nursing a mug of her usual tea, the flicker of the flames from her fireplace reflected on her face.

“I love you,” he murmured as he gathered her into an embrace.

“I love you, too,” Jess answered.

Jeremy pulled back, apprehension written on his face, “I can hear a but in there somewhere.”

“I… ugh, how do I even begin…” Jess started.

“Is this about what I told you last night?” he asked.

“Why would you think it’s about that?” she countered.

“Well, something felt off when you left the hotel,” Jeremy explained. “You weren’t upset nor angry, but you didn’t look happy either.”

“I’m not,” Jess said and looked him straight in the eyes.

Silence filled the room for a few minutes.

“What do you mean?” Jeremy finally asked.

“I hate being that kind of girlfriend – the kind that gets jealous or insecure.  I hate doubting you, but I did after last night.”

“I’ve already told you…” he interrupted her.

“Wait. Let me finish.” Jess said. When Jeremy fell silent, she pushed on, “I love you. That hasn’t changed.”  She lifted a hand to run down his cheek.  Jess buried her head on his shoulder.  “I’m afraid that she has the power to take you away from me.  I don’t care about the fans of yours who fawn at you and scream out your name like a rockstar during games.”

Jeremy snorts at that. “Grace is the only one I know who has been able to get close to you – like I do.  I wasn’t there for you when you were in Harvard.  She was.  She had a part of you, which I didn’t and could never have.  I hate that.”

Jeremy listened intently, trying to understand what she was saying.  He still held her in his arms, unable to let go.

“How can I ever compete with that? With her knowing you that well during a time I wasn’t there?  It must seem immature and juvenile…” she sighed.

“No,” Jeremy insisted. “No, don’t think that. You can tell me anything and everything, Jess. That’s what makes us us. I never had that with Grace.  She was not a bad girlfriend; she was a good friend, though.   But she will never be you.”

He rocked her in his arms, stroking a hand down her back.  Jeremy could feel her tension and sadness slowly drain away.

“I love you so much,” he whispered while putting a soft kiss against her forehead. “You are a huge part of me – a part I definitely do not want to lose. I am so sorry for making you feel like this, Squirt.”

“’S’okay,” Jess murmured.

They sat there for a while – for how long, Jeremy did not really care.

“Jess?” he finally whispered.

“Yeah?” she whispered back.

“I need to give you your Christmas gift, before I forget.”

“Hmm… I have yours as well,” she said.

They reluctantly let each go.  Jeremy took the small box out of his bag.  Karin had helped have it delivered to his hotel yesterday.

“Jer, your gift is in here,” he heard from Jess’ bedroom.

The sight that met him took his breath away.  Against the stark white bedspread, Jess half sat with a small box in her hand.  That wasn’t what made his heartbeat jump – it was what Jess had on.

It wasn’t the most risque of outfits – just a simple red slip with red lace bordering the soft curve of her breasts.  The red silk ended just below Jess’ thigh giving him a view of her long legs and pale skin.  Thin straps rested against her bare shoulders.

“Which one is my gift?” Jeremy asked, his voice embarrassingly hoarse from surprise.

“All you need to do is come and get it,” she smiled.

Jeremy put Jess’ gift on her vanity.  He never took his eyes from her – as he began to take off his clothes, he let his gaze roam from her glistening eyes down to her red lips currently curved into a challenging smirk, onwards down her body.  Jess began to blush, the color spreading on her face.

He was down to his boxers when he reached the end of her bed. His fingers grazed her feet and sent shivers up Jess’ leg.  She bit on her lower lip to stop herself from flinching.

“I’m gonna need to unpack my gift, right?” he teased even as his fingers lingered on the lacey edge skimming her thighs.

“This,” she answered, while she shook the little box on her right hand, “you have to wait for Christmas to unpack.”

“Awesome,” Jeremy chuckled, as he lowered his head to give her lips quick kisses.  Jess tried to catch his lips, but he was having none of it.  When he finally pressed against her to deepen a kiss, she moaned with satisfaction.

“Been too long,” he complained even as he moved kisses against her cheek and down her smooth neck to rest against the junction of her throat and left shoulder.  He could feel Jess shiver when he sucked at the spot.

“Ugh… gonna have a hickey tomorrow,” she groaned.

“Good,” he muttered against her skin, still intent on sucking and kissing.

Jess raked her blunt nails down his back and enjoyed the feel of Jeremy’s firm muscles as they rippled against her touch.

“Mine,” she said with conviction.

“Yours,” he whispered against her lips.

Jeremy’s large hands were tender and teasing against her skin as he carefully slipped the piece of silk off Jess.  He did it with reverence and took his time to feel every inch of her.  When his long fingers swept by her thigh, Jess arched against his hand at the sensation. His long fingers were pushing her to the brink now.  Jess tugged at the waist band of his boxers, impatient to feel his skin against hers. When their thighs rubbed flush together, moans filled the room, which sound that came from whom indiscernible.

Jeremy held Jess’ gaze even as he linked them together in the most intimate of ways. He didn’t really need to say anything.  It was like a dance, primal yet graceful. Jess held on, her nails digging into his shoulders. He was as beautiful in total abandonment and lack of control as he was when he made his way down the court.

And this beautiful man was all hers.

Authors’ note:  If you’re curious, this is what Jess is giving Jeremy for Christmas.  Jeremy chose this for Jess.

Book Two Serendipity, Chapter 4


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“Hey, Jer, I received an e-mail yesterday,” Josh said as he helped his friend stretch before their usual early morning work-out.

Jeremy let out a grunt of exertion as he slowly stretched and lifted his arms over his head.

“Uhuh,” he breathed out.

“From Grace,” Josh quietly said, his eyes meeting his friend’s.

Jeremy paused for a few seconds, but continued nonetheless.

“Come on, dude, spill,” he uttered.  Jeremy knew Josh would not mention Grace if it wasn’t necessary.

“She asked me for your contact numbers,” Josh answered.jeretaiwantrain

Grace was Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend from Harvard.  Josh and she had common friends, but the only connection they had was being contacts in the business network called LinkedIn.  Her request had been one of the things that surprised Josh. The other surprise came while he was going through one of their common friends’ photos.  Josh saw a picture from their Harvard days which Grace had posted – pictures where Jeremy had his arms around her.

“I’m sorry. It’s out of line,” Josh started to apologize.

“Uh, it’s okay, I guess,” Jeremy answered.  He was trying to concentrate on the task at hand.  “There’d be no other way she could come in contact with me.”
They worked silently for a few more minutes, before Jeremy was done with warm-ups.

“You can give her my business line,” Jeremy said after taking a sip from the bottled water Josh threw his way.  Josh understood.  Jer’s private line was private – reserved solely for family, Jess and the closest of friends.

“I haven’t seen her since graduation,” Jeremy shared.  “I wonder why she wants to contact me.”

Josh shrugged.

“Come on, we have to get moving,” Jeremy sighed.   They moved their way from the gym to the court, where they could hear talking and the sound of leather hitting the floor.  Parsons and Morris were shooting freethrows.  The others were either coming in or going through warm-up exercises courtside.

Josh found a seat and greeted the Rockets personnel near him.  Jeremy was already on court, his focus on hitting from beyond the arc; Grace was far from his mind at the moment.


It had been a couple of weeks since Grace first contacted him about her upcoming visit to Houston.  It was lucky that she was coming during a stretch where they had mostly home games.

Grace chose to invite him to Le Mistral – one of Houston’s best- if not Houston’s best restaurant.

Jeremy adjusted his cuffs and  took one last look at his reflection.  He looked alright – the go-to plaid shirt that was his favorite under the dark suit fit him well.  No tie; no sweats and BruceLins either, Jeremy thought with a smirk.  He had to get used to it – he can’t always dress like a frat boy – was what his big brother Joshua said.

“I’ll see you later, Josh,” Jeremy called out as he passed by Josh Fan who sat in the living room with a laptop.

“Yep,” Josh absent-mindedly answered,” Wait! Where  are you off to?”

“Dinner with Grace,” Jeremy responded, with a shake of his head.

“That tonight?” Josh scratched his head. “Okay, later then.”

Jeremy had expected a more enthusiastic farewell than that – Grace wasn’t a complete stranger to Josh.  He’s just preoccupied, Jeremy told himself.

As he drove to the restaurant, Jeremy’s thoughts went back to his days in Harvard. It’d been barely four years since he left it – since he last saw Grace. It felt like a lifetime had passed – he’d been through so much, both in his personal and professional life – and he’d grown up.  Not totally, Jeremy, he told himself.  He was still a big kid sometimes, friends and family would agree with that.

“Good evening, Sir,” the host greeted, instantly recognizing him.

“A reservation by Miss Park,” Jeremy responded.

He was led to a table where Grace sat and waited in anticipation.

Grace caught the sight of Jeremy’s tall figure as soon as he entered the restaurant.  He looks greatgorgeous, Grace, he looks gorgeous.  She strived to keep her pulse steady and her nerves intact.  Grace had come a long way to see Jeremy; no sense losing her cool now.


She rose as he neared the table.  Jeremy met her with a smile – the same heart-melting smile he’s always had.  He leaned to give her a hug and just for a second Grace remembered how they used to be.

“Look at you,” Jeremy said when he released her.

“No, look at you,” Grace grinned.  “It’s been a while.”

Dinner was… comfortable… the only way Jeremy could describe it.

Conversation with Grace had never been a problem.  They had many common interests, a lot of common friends and acquaintances that it was easy to fall into the do-you-remember or whatever-happened-to type of talk.

She hadn’t changed much physically – still had the easy smile and laugh.  Her confidence shone through, though.  The young lady sitting across the table from him was smart and determined – without being a bully.

“What?”  Grace asked, feeling his stare and heat slowly creeping through her cheeks.

“So, are you in the US to stay or just passing through?”  Jeremy asked.

“Depends…” she answered cryptically. I hope there’s a reason to stay, she thought.

“When I’m done in here, I’ll be taking a month-long vacation which I’ve needed for a while.”

“You’ll be in San Francisco for Christmas?”

“Yes, finally,” Grace confirmed with a sigh.

At Jeremy’s silence, she continued.  “My parents have been visiting me and having their vacations with me – wherever I may find myself at one point so it’s not like I haven’t seen them.  I just miss the old stomping grounds, you know?”

Jeremy nodded.  He understands.  There’s no place like home.

They both fell into thought.

At the mention of her parents, a slight memory came into Jeremy’s mind.  Grace’s parents were kind and friendly, but he remembered that feeling of inadequacy – the feeling that they somehow had never been able to understand Jeremy’s passion for basketball.  They never pressured the break-up, or rather the parting of ways Grace and Jeremy had.  It was obvious even before their graduation that their lives were leading to separate paths.  Grace was headhunted by an international IT consultancy firm even before she was done with Harvard and he was planning on trying to break his way through the NBA.

jershadowGrace sat and observed – was trying to figure him out.  Something had changed with Jeremy – the way he stood and walked – a swagger of sorts.  He was still the same charming, intelligent and funny guy she knew, but this Jeremy had a lot more confidence and maturity.  Grace sighed.  Go for it, Grace – now or never.

“Do you ever think about us?” she asked, her voice steady, unlike the beating of her heart.

“What?” Jeremy asked.  He heard her – he just wanted to confirm what she was asking about.

Grace cleared her throat.  “Do you ever think about us – how we were – together?”

At Jeremy’s blank stare, Grace decided to take a leap.

“I want you back.”

When her eyes lifted to meet his, her heart sank.  She had expected something, anything but that look of pity.


“I see…” Grace interrupted.

“We let each other go, remember?”  Jeremy answered.  “We both knew that it wouldn’t work.”

He took both of her hands and engulfed them in his.  “I can’t offer you anything more than friendship, Grace.”

Grace nodded.  Jeremy was, of course, being the same kind person as he’d always been, but even his kind words couldn’t ease her disappointment. She was too proud to neither shed any tears nor be a total wreck about the let-down she was experiencing at the moment.

“I don’t know if I can accept your friendship just yet, Jeremy,” she honestly answered.  She did take the comfort he was extending and did not let go of his hands.

Jeremy didn’t really know what else to say.  He had not expected this.  He thought it was dinner between old friends.

“We’d better go,” she said.

Jeremy felt like a jerk, but didn’t really know what else to do.

“Do you want me to drive you to your hotel?” Jeremy asked politely when they exited the restaurant.

“It isn’t far from here,” Grace answered.  “I think it’s best that I get some air.”

“I’ll follow you there,” he insisted.

“Okay.” She wanted to prolong their time together – and to give it one more try.

When they reached the hotel, Jeremy turned to give her a hug, but Grace decided otherwise.  She lifted her face to his and caught his lips in a kiss.  After a few seconds, she gave up and pulled back.

“Grace…” Jeremy whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“You can’t fault a girl for trying,” Grace sighed.

“So, who is she?”  Grace asked just as he was turning to leave.  “I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just curious.”

“My best friend,” Jeremy answered and smiled at the thought of Jess.

She vaguely remembers best-friend Jess.  Jeremy had mentioned her sometime.   His smile told Grace everything else she needed to know.

“Goodbye, Jeremy,” she conceeded.

“That sounds like a death-bed goodbye,” Jeremy replied, making Grace laugh.

“Damn it, Jeremy, you’re going to be a hard man to get over with.”

“Come on,” Jeremy engulfed her in a hug – a brotherly hug which Grace took – even though that was all he could offer her.


“So, are you seeing Grace again soon?” Josh asked when Jeremy sat quietly watching late-night TV with him later that evening.

“Nope,” Jeremy answered.

When his phone beeped, Jeremy turned to his friend, “Sorry, I have to take this.”

“Hey, squirt, ” he said as he stood to walk towards his bedroom.


So what happens?

Find out here

Book Two, Serendipity: Chapter 3


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“Mission accomplished,” Jeremy said as he stretched his legs in the car.

Josh Fan was behind the wheel; they were on their way home from distributing Thanksgiving Day meals on behalf of the Jeremy Lin Foundation.


“I wish I had more time to spend on the foundation’s events,” Jeremy mused, as he reclined in the seat, his eyes fixed on the buildings they passed by.

“Every little thing counts, dude,” Josh replied.  “You live enough a busy life as it is. It’s great, though, huh – getting the time to do this?”

“Oh, yeah… I wish everyone could have joined me today, but it’ll have to wait till Christmas,” Jeremy sighed.  It was difficult to coordinate when his whole family and Jess could be gathered in Houston.

“When is Jess arriving?” Josh asked.

“She just sent me a text – couldn’t catch an earlier flight.  She won’t make it to tonight’s game against the Bulls, so she’ll probably come directly home,” Jeremy replied, his thoughts on Jess.  It’s been just over a month since she visited last – he couldn’t wait.  The rest of his family will be arriving tomorrow, so they’ll have some time together before his apartment becomes host to a huge Thanksgiving circus.

He smiled at the thought of the whole “clan” gathering.  It’ll be awesome.


Jess found him sprawled on the couch.  It was nearly midnight.

She quietly rolled her travelling case aside and walked towards Jeremy’s form.  He didn’t respond to her quietly saying his name, so he must be asleep.

“Jeremy,” she tried again. No response.

Jess sat beside him and simply looked at the profile illuminated by the flicker of the TV and a few strategically placed lamps in the living room.  It had been some horrible hours of travelling, but all worth it to be finally here with him.  Jess released a deep breath – the one she didn’t know she had been holding since his face came into her focus.

I love you so much, Dumbo, she thought.

She didn’t know how long she sat there staring.  When Jeremy stirred, Jess broke out of her own reverie.  He tilted his head, exposing that wonderful stretch of neck.  She’d always been slightly obsessed with that neck – the smooth skin, the way it tensed when he’s playing hard on the court, the way he smelled when she had her face tucked against it.

Jeremy snorted – Jess had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing.

He looks so adorable asleep.  Her gaze rested on that nerve on his neck – that which was nearly indiscernible, throbbing with every beat his heart took.  Jess smiled.  She can basically hear Pansy yelling at her, “Spice up your relationship.  Do something unexpected.”

When her lips touched that spot in Jeremy’s neck she marveled at how smooth his skin felt against her kiss.  It felt warm on her lips.  He smelled of soap – clean and fresh.  He would have showered after the game.

Jess trailed fluttery kisses on Jeremy’s skin knowing his weakness – he was quite ticklish. Only her lips touched him.

“Hmmm…” Jeremy squirmed a few minutes later.  “Jess?”

Jessica smiled.  “I sure don’t hope you thought it was someone else,” she replied in a soft voice.

As slumber left his body, Jeremy slowly pulled himself up to sit.  When he gazed at Jess’ face, he flashed a sly grin.  “I was dreaming of Jess..ica Alba.”

“Oh, really?” Jess raised an eyebrow at his comment.  Jessica Alba was Jeremy’s celebrity crush – had been for years – since they were in their late teens.

“Tell me more,” Jess said – and to his surprise – she decided to straddle Jeremy, linked her arms around his neck and nuzzled her face against his neck.

“We were at the beach,” Jeremy continued as he enjoyed the feel of her in his arms.

“So… did Miss Alba kiss you like this?” Jess simply said as she brushed her lips lightly against his – but flirtingly withdrew when he tried to deepen the kiss and chose instead to move her lips downwards.

Jeremy gave a slight hiss of breath, his nerves on edge as her lips tested a path along his skin, sending a frisson down his back.

“Not exactly,” he said in a soft moan – and gasped when Jess took a little nibble off his neck.

“Hmmm… like this, then?”  Jess inquired just before she decided that a small spot just along his collarbone was interesting enough for her lips’ attention.  She sucked and felt Jeremy jolt in reaction.  Naughty Jess, she grinned silently.

“Jess, what are you doing?” Jeremy asked.

“Branding you,” Jess murmured.  “You’re mine.”  She didn’t stop, intent on her actions.  She felt empowered, in control.  The feeling was exhilarating.   It helped that she could feel Jeremy’s reaction to her kisses.   The heat from emanating from their bodies, as clothed as they still were, was unmistakable.

“I’m gonna get razzed tomorrow if I show up with a hickey,” Jeremy said.  He never realized how potent kisses can be.

Jessica lifted her gaze, her smile impish.  “Just tell them I gave it to you.”   She brought her lips to his and kept them there.

She gave a shriek of surprise when he lifted himself up – and her with him.  Jess instinctively latched onto his hip with her legs to hang on, but Jeremy had her securely against his body.

“Did you carry Miss Alba like this in your dream, too?” she whispered against his ear and gently nibbled at Jeremy’s earlobe.

Jeremy laughed, “Maybe.”

“Well, then, I might as well make sure you forget all about it,” she proclaimed.

They made love that night in what Jess felt was like a daze. Their movements were slow, almost lethargic.  It felt like they had all the time in the world.


The living room vibrated with the sound of explosions as Jeremy and Joseph lounged on the couch, their faces intense as they played Halo 4.

Jess smiled as she sat looking at them.  Jeremy would occasionally slide his gaze to hers to give her that smile she found so heart-warming.  She smiled sweetly back at Jeremy as their eyes met again in silent exchange.

“Concentrate on the game, bro,” Joe said, without moving his eyes from the screen.

“I am,” Jeremy grinned.

“Yeah, right. Then, again, it’s your problem – easier for me to win,” Joe continued.

“In your dreams,” Jeremy countered.

They’ve always been competitive, the Lin boys, Jess thought. There were just the three of them at the moment.  Gie-min and Shirley were on their way and Josh Fan was on his way from the airport where was picking up Joshua and Patricia.

They were celebrating Thanksgiving together – gathered as they were since their boat trip in Hong Kong.

Joseph looked so grown-up, she couldn’t wrap her head around it.

“College going well, Joe?” she asked.

“Uhuh,” Joe grunted.  “Uhm, I got an e-mail from Dylan,” he volunteered a few minutes later. His eyes darted quickly to where Jeremy sat.  Jess understood.

“Yeah, me too. She’s enjoying her stay,” she answered and played along – Joe obviously did not want to tell too much in front of Jeremy.

Jeremy, on the other hand, was quick to pick up on the signals.  “She? Who’s she? Who’s Dylan?” he insisted.

“None of your business,” Joe replied.

When Jeremy looked at Jess with a grin, she shook her head .

“So you both think you can keep me out of the loop? I thought you loved me!” he said in false indignation.

Jess laughed as she stood up.  When she left the room, Jeremy turned to face his younger brother.  “Spill.”

Joseph tried to ignore him, but since Jeremy stopped playing, he had to surrender.

“Dylan is Pansy’s younger sister,” he explained. “She’s on a semester’s trial stay at a local college near Hamilton. We met in NYC in September.  She’s cool – plays with me on-line.  Her handle is D-mize, by the way,” Joe rushed the words out.

“Wait… D-mize?  The dude who’s been kicking my butt in DOTA 2 is a girl?”  Jeremy said in surprise.

“Yeah,” Joe confirmed.

“Really? Whoa. Well…“ Jeremy looked at his brother’s face.  “So does she know you had a crush on Pansy?”

Joseph blushed, “How did you…?”

Jeremy laughed, “Who didn’t know?”

Joe opened his mouth to say something, but chose to close it again.  He honestly did not know what to say.

“You never answered my question,” Jeremy commented.

“No, she doesn’t know,” Joe sighed. “And we’re more like pals, I think.”

“You like her, huh?” Jeremy’s question was met with a shrug.


“Don’t waste time if you do like her,” he advised Joe with a quick nudge with his elbow.

Joseph nodded.

When Jess entered the room again, all talk about Dylan ceased.

“You ready?”  CP asked him as they sat in the locker room.

Jeremy shrugged.  He did not have words for what he’s feeling at the moment.

The Rockets were meeting the Knicks – his former team.  All eyes will be on Jeremy and the game.  The Toyota Center was by no means Madison Square Garden, but this was home for his team now.  He did not want to lose to the Knicks at home.

Jeremy’s eyes drifted around the room – looking at his teammates.  They were all so young – inexperienced.  It’s been a rough start for everyone.  They’re all learning to play with one another, off one another.  

He looked across the room to where James was sitting.  They exchanged a little nod.  James gave him that look –  the look that almost always made him smile or laugh.  His lips automatically broke into a grin.

“Dude,” CP nudged as he sat beside Jeremy.  “We got this.”

“Yeah,” Jeremy nodded.

“Wait, is that a hickey?”  CP laughed.

Jeremy winced.  Nearly every player in the team reacted to CP’s outburst, so he decided to be honest and joke about it.

“My girlfriend couldn’t help herself,” he said with a grin.

“Ha!” Marcus Morris teased. “The closest you have to a romance is one with CP.”

“That’s bromance, Mook,” CP pointed out, which elicited laughter in the room.

Jeremy absorbed the humor and relaxed.  He was a bit anxious, but it helped knowing that everyone he cared for were now in Houston.  His friends, family and Jess were all there.

“Showtime,” Toney said, as they walked towards the doors to the arena. Jeremy gave his teammate a huge grin – Toney and he were in this together – he of all people would know the apprehension Jeremy was currently feeling.

“Let’s go,” Jeremy nodded.

The Rockets won.  They won – against the Knicks.

As the Rockets stood in a huddle, Jeremy met CP’s stare and got a nod from his friend.  He doubted the Knicks would ever forget CP – he simply dominated tonight.

His former Knicks teammates came over one-by-one to give him a hug and a goodbye. They would soon be on their way back to New York.  The next time their teams meet will be at the Garden.   Jeremy refused to think about it and ignored the feeling of sadness.  MSG will, of course, always be a part of his heart – where everything started.

He looked up at where his family sat and he felt their support all the way down to the court.  His eyes darted – where was Jess?

Jess stood a couple of meters from his family and blended with the crowd of Asian fans.  She gave him a smile even as she started to move with the crowd.

He started to walk towards her – to intercept, but he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Haven’t you learned Texan hospitality?” Steve Novak laughed.  “Can’t run off without saying goodbye to the guests, you know.”

“Of course not,” Jeremy replied as he gave Novak a hug.

“Hey, your family’s here,” Novak observed and started to walk towards the Lins.

As Steve greeted Jeremy’s family, Jeremy looked around for Jess.

“She’ll meet us outside,” Shirley discretely told him the answer to his unsaid question.

“I wanted her here,” Jeremy simply said.

“I know you do,” Shirley smiled. “She was here when it mattered.  I know you also understand why she’s not ready for all of this.”

Jeremy became conscious of the flash of cameras and phones from journalists and the public who were still gathered around and on the court.  How could he have forgotten?

He turned his attention to his former teammate.

“You’re as big a star as you were in New York,” Steve grinned.

Jeremy shook his head.

“Houston is an awesome city,” Steve said.  He was a former Rocket and had spent great times in Houston.  “I hope they’re taking care of you.”

“They are,” Jeremy smiled. “I love being more normal here.”

They companionably walked together through the crowd – almost like they used to – but as they neared the locker rooms, they parted ways.

“We’ll have our revenge next month,” Novak shouted out.

“Not if we can do something about it,” Jeremy grinned and turned his back.

He was moving forward and everyone who mattered was with him.


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Book Two,Serendipity: Chapter Two


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Authors: PrincessofJLin and Fauxscandinavian

“How’s Jeremy doing in Houston, Jess?” Karin asked as they shifted pose from Downward Facing Dog to Child’s Pose.

“Mostly irritated at himself,” Jess answered with a sigh, concern discernible in her voice, as she mirrored her friend’s pose.  They were gathered in Jess’ apartment and were doing a round of yoga led by Karin.

“Let’s take a breather,” Karin decided after sensing their friend’s need to talk. “Is his knee still bothering him?” Karin asked.

linarm1“He says it’s not.  His shots are just not falling,” Jess replied.   She lay on her back at the moment and stared at the ceiling.

Christine sat cross-legged beside Jess. “He’s bound to be rusty,” she reasoned.  “Have you sensed if he’s putting too much pressure on himself?”

“Is he having problems adjusting to his teammates?” Pansy inquired, while taking a sip of water.

“That’s just it,” Jess shook her head.  “As far as I could sense while I was there, his teammates are great and friendly.  They’re young and fun – like Jeremy,” she continued with a laugh.  “Jeremy said he didn’t really read articles about him, so he doesn’t think about pressure from others. ”

“Hmmm, but he’s the type who puts a lot of pressure on himself, isn’t he?” Christine continued.  The girls have followed the course of Jeremy’s career since his debut in MSG and remembered how hard-working a person he had always been.

Jess nodded and sat up to look at her friends.  “He’s struggling with his shots and I can’t do anything to help him,” she buried her face between her knees in frustration.

“Stop right there,” Karin interrupted Jess.  “I don’t like the feeling that you think you could do more if you moved to Houston and be there with him.”

“I’m not…” Jess started to say.

“Yes, you are,” Pansy agreed with Karin.

“You’re ganging up on me?”  Jess was amazed.

“No. We’re telling you that you can’t solve Jeremy’s shooting problems,” Christine said in a soothing tone while shooting a quick glance at Karin and Pansy.

Jess looked at their faces and conceded defeat.  They were right, of course.

“With all the money that team has invested in him, I doubt that they’re just letting Jeremy get stuck in a shooting slump.  Jeremy knows how to solve his problem – he’ll be fine,” Christine said.  She reached out to give Jess a hug, because she knew exactly how difficult a long distance relationship can be for people.

“I wish I could help him,” Jess said.

“Of course you do,” Karin put a hand on Jess’ shoulder.  “’Cause that is what we want to do for the people we love.”  A glimpse of sadness crossed her eyes, but it was quickly gone.

“Maybe he needs to, you know, de-stress,” Pansy said with a smirk.

“What?” Jess asked; she wasn’t sure what Pansy was talking about.

“Have you tried phone sex yet?”

“Pansy!” Christine was laughing.

“What?” Pansy asked.

Jess was so shocked at the question she didn’t know what to say.

“So?  Have you?” Pansy insisted.

Jess could feel the heat rise in her cheeks and shook her head.  “I…we…” she started to say, “I don’t think we’d dare do that.”

“Well you should,” Pansy.

“Sometimes he has some teammates in his apartment.  It would be awkward,” Jess blushed.

“Oh, that Parsons hunk is soooo fine,” Pansy commented.  “Sorry, got distracted.  Send him a text to make sure he’s alone.  Not only would he be relaxed afterwards – it’d spice up your long distance relationship.”

“You’re giving Jess relationship advice?” Karin snorted a laugh.  “You’re not even in a relationship.”
Pansy just grinned, “Does not mean I don’t know sex. I have a friend with benefits.”

“Yeah?” Karin asked sarcastically.  “Who?”

“Shump.” Pansy deadpanned.

Jess nearly choked on the water she was trying to drink.  “Shump?”

Christine was giggling like crazy at the expression on Karin’s and Jess’ faces.  But the serious look on Pansy’s own made her stop.  “Seriously?” Christine asked.

“Oh yeah, he’s awesome,” Pansy sighed. “Totally addictive.   Sex with an athlete is… yeah, you two know all about that,” she looked at Jess and Karin who still had not said a thing.

Pansy cleared her throat, “Okay, since I opened this can of worms… we ran into each other shopping a couple of months ago, after I came back from California.   He’s such a flirt, and one thing led to another.”

Karin shook her head, “Wow, I never thought he’d be your type.”

“I don’t have a type,” Pansy replied.  “It wasn’t like he was a complete stranger.  He and I have been texting before and I like him – he’s fun and friendly.  He thinks the world of Jeremy – and misses him, by the way.“

“Are you d…” Jess wanted to ask.

“No,” Pansy answered before Jess could continue, “We are not dating – we are just two adults who meet once in a while when a need arises.”

There was silence for a few minutes.

“How did we go from Jeremy’s shooting slump to phone sex to Shump sex?” Christine wondered out loud.

Karin’s grunt turned into a giggle to a smirk then a laugh that infected the others in the room.  They sat laughing for a few minutes.  When they settled down, Pansy sighed.

“All the sex talk is making me hungry” she said, “– for food!”  she pointed out at Jess’ facial expression.

That was what they all needed to laugh all over again.

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LinSons: A Budding Bromance (Part II)


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Bright sunlight washed into the room as Chandler was stirring in the bed.  Hands to his head as if he was awoken with a hung over; maybe this was his version of a drunken night.  In reality he was drunken, drunken with needs and desires.  The event of last night came back to chandler…no, no…what have I done?  What will I say to Jeremy when I see him?  How can I face him?

They kissed…soft, warm full lips pressed against his own…that image was still fresh in his mind, along with the heat he felt.  Bringing his finger to his lips he traced them as a smile crept across his face.  The kiss…Chandler closed his eyes to allow himself to recall last night’s kiss once more.

Noises coming from the other side of his closed door recalled Chandler back to the present. Jeremy must be up,  he thought.  Hand on the door knob Chandler took a deep breath before turning it.

Jeremy was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.  He looked up upon hearing Chandler’s approach, and gave him a bright smile.

“Hey, good morning, buddy!”

“H…hey, good morning, how did you sleep last night?” asked Chandler nervously.

“Good; your couch is nice; but your pantry is even nicer!” said Jeremy with a chuckle.

Chandler had to laugh at that, “Thanks, yeah help yourself.”

Chandler was nervous and scared.  He didn’t know if he should wait for Jeremy to say something; or if should he say something first.  He opened his mouth…about to get the words out…

“Chandler, would you like some breakfast?”

“Huh?!…uh…yeah sure.”

Chandler didn’t know whether or not he should be grateful for Jeremy’s interruption… maybe this can wait for a little later, thought Chandler. Besides, today is media day and he didn’t want to ruin the day for himself and Jeremy.

“Man, I must be allergic to your detergent or something ‘cause the bottom of my face was itchy this morning; I think it might be a rash.”

Chandler looked at Jeremy’s face and noticed little red spots around his mouth.  Horror set in as Chandler realized that his beard had probably caused the irritation around Jeremy’s mouth.  He flashed back to last night’s kiss and remembered how hard he was pressing into Jeremy.  Dammit Chandler!  The kiss…oh the kiss! Stop thinking about it…stop thinking about it.

“Sorry about your face man, today is media day too!  People wanna see that pretty face of yours and now they have to see that.”

“Haha, you got jokes huh, gator boy!?”

“Go, Gators!!”

They both laughed before they settled down to the breakfast Jeremy made.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs, turkey sausage patties and some fresh fruit.  It was delicious.  As they ate, they talked about the upcoming season and how excited it will be to play with each other.  Jeremy was so giddy and excited like a little kid, Chandler was hardly listening to him; he was too busy staring at the man sitting across from him.

The way Jeremy moved his head as he talked, a smile constantly on his face as he’ chewed and talked at the same time.  Chandler couldn’t help but notice how simple and down to earth Jeremy was, so much had happened to him yet he was still the same person Chandler met late last year at training camp.  That was Jeremy’s attraction; his friendliness, simple and down-to-earth personality; plus, him being really good-looking helped too.

His eyes mentally caressed Jeremy’s face as he chatted away.  He could get used to this, he thought, having breakfast with him every morning.  Soon they were both finished with breakfast and getting ready to head out the door to the Toyota Center for media day.  As expected, as soon as they pulled into the players’ entrance at the Toyota Center a throng of reporters were already waiting.


“Man, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this…”

“Just smile, you’ll do great.  You ready?”

Jeremy took a deep breath…”Yeah, I’m ready…”

As soon as Jeremy stepped out of the car all the reporters swarmed around him, pushing their mics and cameras in his face, all vying for his attention; Jeremy being who he is just smiled and waved to the media.  Toyota Center’s personnel came to our aide and escorted them to the locker rooms.  Once inside Jeremy greeted his new teammates and the coaching staff, who all greeted him warmly.

“Welcome to H-Town” Said Patrick Patterson.  “This season will be good bro, can’t wait.”

“Hey, there he is…” added Toney Douglas.

“Hey, Toney” Jeremy warmly said as he gave Toney a hug.

It was nice to see a familiar face.  Toney had been nothing but a gracious teammate and friend in New York.

After meeting all his new teammates, Jeremy and Chandler got dressed.  Having a locker next to Jeremy’s is going to be a problem thought Chandler.  He didn’t want to glance over, but he couldn’t help himself.  Chandler was trying to be discrete as possible because he was afraid someone might notice him glancing too much in Jeremy’s direction.  When he did get the nerve to look,  Jeremy was removing his pants.  Standing there was a nearly-naked Jeremy with nothing on but his black Nike briefs.  Jeremy has a nice built, not too muscular, he was perfectly toned with silky smooth, almond skin.  What Chandler wouldn’t give to be able to reach over and run his hand down that toned back.  Chandler quickly snapped out of his fantasy to turn back to the task at hand.  He had to change out of his clothes and into his uniform as well.


Once they were all done changing, they headed to the media room down the hall.  They saw that a make-shift photo stage was set up in the back of the room.

“Ok, so first up, we have Jeremy Lamb and Royce White please,” said the photographer.

“Big smiles, guys!”

The mood was fun and relaxing for all.  Those who weren’t up for the photo shoot were hanging in the back chatting and laughing it up.

Up next were Patrick and Toney.  Everyone was teasing them to take a cute picture together.

“That was nice, Toney and Pat.  Ok last one, guys.  Great!  Next up can I have Jeremy and Chandler, please?”

Jeremy was busying fixing his shorts and jersey as the photographer was barking out instructions for them; before he knew it, Chandler instinctively wrapped his right arm around Jeremy’s entire upper body.  Jeremy had little time to react so all he could do was look up and smile big for the picture.


*snapped* The picture was taken.

“What was that about?”  asked Jeremy before the photographer took a second picture of them.

“Just showing my new team mate some love” replied Chandler as he flashed his sly, handsome smirk towards Jeremy.

They continued to take more fun and flirty pictures together.


“That’s great, Chandler and Jeremy.  I think we have more than enough good pictures of you, guys.  OK, Omer you’re up.”

Chandler and Jeremy were all smiling and chatting away in a corner and for a moment they both felt a charge in the air.  This was the moment Chandler thought, maybe I should confess about last night to Jeremy.  Before the words left his mouth the photographer called Jeremy over to take a few pictures with Omer.  Dammit!  Another lost moment.

Remembering Jeremy’s body coming into contact with his own, Chandler had to smile to himself.  Feeling Jeremy’s warmth and inhaling in his fresh, clean scent caused Chandler a moment of intoxication.

After everyone had their pictures taken they moved to another room down the hall which was already filled with reporters and camera crews.  Jeremy was up first for questions and answers from reporters.  Chandler found himself a seat in front of a big screen TV to watch Jeremy’s Q&A.  As always Jeremy was funny, charming, intelligent, humble and sincere with his answers.  He made all the reporters laugh and fall in love with him.  It was easy to love Jeremy as Chandler recently discovered.  It was Jeremy’s easy personality and charm that drew people to him.  Having gotten to know him for a short period last season nothing had changed with Jeremy, even after what he had gone through in New York and Linsanity.  None of it had gotten to his head.  If anything Jeremy being himself was the biggest turn on for Chandler and the reason why he had fallen for him.


It was Chandler’s turn for the Q&A.  As Jeremy was watching Chandler do his interview session the memory of Chandler wrapping his arm around him put a smile on Jeremy’s face.  Every time Chandler flashed that boyish smile of his, it gave Jeremy little butterflies in his stomach.  Chandler had been such a great friend to him ever since he signed with Houston; he even let him stay on his couch.  Jeremy knew something was happening between them but he wasn’t sure, maybe he was, but he needed to hear it come from Chandler.  Jeremy was comfortable in his own skin, but he wasn’t sure about Chandler.  He didn’t want to push Chandler into something he wasn’t ready for yet, he needed to discover that for himself.  For now having Chandler in his life as a friend was good enough for him…as for the future, that was still unwritten.



Media day was a great success.  To continue the happy day the team decided to head to dinner together to have more bonding time.  Dinner was a great success and everyone got to know each other more which wasn’t hard because they were all around the same age and had similar interests.  Of course Chandler and Jeremy sat next to each other the entire night.  Chandler was hoping they could talk on the drive home but…

“Hey, Chandler can I have a ride back to the apartment?” asked Morris.

“Sure, man, since we all live in the same building.”

There goes the plan to talk on the ride home, the thought of which made Chandler a little frustrated.  He wanted to get his feelings off his chest but every moment he tried to talk to Jeremy today they got interrupted.  Once they got back to Chandler’s apartment Jeremy started to pack his things to move to his apartment.



“Can we talk for a moment?”

“Sure, what did you wanna talk about?” Answer Jeremy as he was folding his clothes to pack it away in his suitcase.

As he was getting the courage to confess Jeremy’s phone rang.

THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS thought Chandler…as he stormed off to the kitchen to get something cool to drink.  He didn’t realize Jeremy was following him into the kitchen.  They were standing opposite of each other in the kitchen.  Jeremy was still on the phone as Chandler was chugging the water down, glaring at Jeremy.

“Hey, Landry can I call you back later?”

Landry…LANDRY!!  He’s talking to LANDRY FIELDS?!?!

Oh, that just made him madder.  Calm down Chandler, of course Jeremy can talk to whomever he wants to. 

“Are you ok, Chandler?”

“No…no, Jeremy, I’m not ok.”

“What’s wrong, buddy?  You can tell me whatever that’s bothering you.”

“You really wanna know what’s bothering me?”

“Of course!  We’re friends.”

Chandler took another swig at his water and with a deep sigh, he thought, here goes nothing

“ YOU…you’re what’s bothering me!”


“Yes, YOU…Jeremy!”

“What did I do?!”

“You…you’re causing me to have these feelings…feelings that I have never had before.  I don’t know what’s going on with me or even with us…but…I…I have feelings for you.”

Whoa…I did it!  I confessed!  Whoa. Chandler felt oddly relieved.

“Chandler…what are you saying? “

“I’m…I’m saying I like you, Jeremy and I have developed feelings for you.”

He couldn’t look Jeremy in the eyes or even in the face.  His head hung low, eyes looking down at his feet. He had just confessed his feelings for his friend.  He wanted to look up to see Jeremy’s reaction but he couldn’t; he was afraid to look up.  In that moment he felt small and exposed.  Eyes still focused on his feet as another set of feet came into sight.  Jeremy took the water bottle away from Chandler’s hands as he replaced it with his.

“Hey…Chandler, look at me.”

Head slowing rising to meet a warm, smiling face, which caused him to smile a little himself.  Jeremy took his hand and led them to the couch.  Hands still intertwined, Jeremy began to speak first.

“I know this is new for you and I don’t want you to rush into anything you’re not comfortable with, Chandler.  You have been nothing but a terrific friend to me and I don’t want to lose your friendship.  I want you to really think about this and only when you’re ready than we’ll see where this goes.  Ok?”

“Ok…” Chandler weakly replied .

“Good.  Well…it’s getting late.  We had a busy day today.  And we both have a lot to think about.”

Jeremy gave Chandler’s hand a little squeeze as they sat there a little bit longer before Jeremy got up to gather his belongings.

“Thank you again for being a great host and letting me crash on your couch.”


As Jeremy headed for the door something overcame Chandler as he rushed towards Jeremy…he only intended to hug him but his lips were reaching for Jeremy’s.  He gave Jeremy a soft, yet sensual kiss.  Realizing what was happening Chandler release his lips from Jeremy’s.  He had a dumfounded look at his face, surprised by the kiss.


“I’m sorry…I don’t know where that came from.”

“Don’t be.” said a smiling Jeremy.

“If you need anything I’ll be just down the hall. Good night, Chandler.”

Still blushing from the kiss Chandler replied with a soft “Good night.”

A touch of Linsanity


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written by fauxscandinavian

I wasn’t one of those people who caught Linsanity on February 4, 2012 – the night Jeremy Lin lit up Madison Square Garden with his off-the-bench do-or-die performance that would eventually catapult him to international stardom and dub that crazy seven-game winning streak “Linsanity.”

Then again, this post is not about Linsanity, but about the lasting effects it has brought to my life and of three other women.

This is our story – we who have been touched by Linsanity.

Morning, Ladies – so goes the start of nearly every morning I’ve had since the middle of February last year.  I’d usually wake up to a long conversation thread on Facebook – that was not unusual.

What was unusual about this conversation thread was that the four women communicating were spread out  on three continents and four different timezones.  We were usually “together” at around 6 in the morning or six in the evening (and I am talking in terms of my Northern European timezone).  One of us would be on the way to bed, another just getting out of one, another halfway through the day and the last trying to get off work earlier than she usually does.

We met each other on-line on a Lin fanblog, where we knew each other only by the first letter of our blognames.

Don’t assume that we’re in our teens because we’re Lin fans.  On the contrary,  our average age is 30 – we’re all working women. Besides our common admiration for Jeremy Lin, we later found out that we have shared interests and that we were all of Asian descent.

With what I’d assume the ease with which we connected, we decided to become Facebook friends.  The only condition was that anyone would be able to back-out without judgement.  Our mail thread was a no-judgement zone – that was what we believed in – that was what it meant to be a LinLady and we’ve hung on to that belief.

We obviously talk about Jeremy Lin – that’s a given.  I think it’s called fangirling.  

We do that – a lot.

Don’t worry, we don’t  always talk about Jeremy Lin.  We do talk about other stuff, too.  Topics have included women’s rights, being young female Asians in the the 2010’s, democracy (since we live in various countries), family, love, fashion, sex, religion,  freedom and politics.

We’ve given advice on what one of us should wear to a wedding, on  relationships and career,  and  helped the other survive a long and tedious day at work by mailing her funny pictures of Jeremy Lin.  If you’re one of our fans at our LinLadies fanfiction blog, you’d know what I’m talking about.  Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot – we write fanfiction together, too.

I haven’t written anything non-academic in a long time – without their encouragement I never would have dared write fiction, let alone fanfiction.

We now adress each other by our real names – when we started doing that, I can’t really remember.  These past months – almost a year – has been the most fun I’ve had for a while.  I can’t even explain it – I am trying to.

Hopefully you’ll get it.

The first time Princess called all the way from Southeast Asia, I screamed at the phone.  She was stuck, yet again, in her office and needed a break.  She dialed my number since the other two LinLadies we’re still asleep on their continent.

“You sound so European,” was her comment.

“You sound Brit Asian,” I laughed.

Needless to say, that was a very funny and surreal afternoon for me.

You might think it’s weird to have such affinity for someone you’ve never met.  I might as well say that this is NOT a T’eo punchline.  I have never had truer friends – despite the fact that we’ve never, ever seen each other in person.

We’ve followed each other through frustrations, sadness, anger and disappointment.  Hey, our periods are even synched.

It’s a rare day when we don’t write to each other – but it has happened.  We do have our own lives to live and we can’t just lock ourselves away from the rest of the world.  There is something soothing, though, with knowing that if one of us types a message – somewhere, whether it be in Europe, Asia or the US – a reply will come.

Our words have consoled each other across the thousands of miles between us.  With all the trials some of us have been experiencing lately, it has been awful not to be able to give another Linlady a hug – that comfort she obviously needs.

I guess, that is just how we’ve been touched by Linsanity.

I do dream of being able to one day actually meet these wonderful ladies.  We’d sometimes joke how great it’d be to win in the lottery – so we could all just hop on a plane and meet at a Rockets game.  None of us are rich – we’re all basically the same – women trying to figure their way through adulthood, through life.

It’s just appropriate to share our story on this historical day – the day we celebrate the birth of Linsanity.

We have Jeremy Lin to thank, for without him, I would never have met three extraordinary ladies from other parts of the world.

If I, at one point, ever stop fawning over Jeremy Lin, my friendship with these three extraordinary women is that which I will keep.  I can’t even imagine how I’d be if I had not met them – if only he knew just how he’d changed our lives.

So, Thank You, Jeremy!

Book Two, Serendipity: Chapter 1


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AUTHORS: Fauxscandinavian and PrincessofJLin

Jess strode towards the elevator doors and absent-mindedly ran her fingers through her hair while waiting.  She could barely talk straight to the concierge.  Her mind and her eyes couldn’t focus; her brain flickered through images of the last time she was with Jeremy.  The memories made her blush – even her ears were warm.

Ilinphonet’d been two months since she’d seen him – two long and agonizing months in her opinion.  They’d called each other, sent text messages and Skyped as much as they could, but it was never enough.  She’s finally in Houston and couldn’t wait to be with him.

Just as the elevator doors were about to close, she heard a “Hey! Hold the door.”  Jess instantly pressed the button to give that person a chance to get in.

“Thanks,” huffed Chandler as he rushed in.

“It’s nothing,” Jess replied, instantly recognizing him as Chandler Parsons, one of Jeremy’s new teammates and fast-becoming friend in the team.

He threw a brilliant smile at the pretty girl with a small suitcase by her side.  A new neighbor perhaps or someone’s visitor, he assumed.  Moving his eyes upwards, he admired the lean shapely legs discernible under her Capri pants.  She had on a white boat-necked tee and a tank top underneath; the soft curve of one of her shoulders visible.

“My name is Chandler,” he introduced himself, putting forward a hand.


“Jess,” she answered and took his hand in hers.

Chandler was on his way to pester Jeremy into going out for lunch before they head for Toyota Center.  They had a game early in the evening, so practice was set for the afternoon.

“So we’re getting off at the same floor,” he told Jess.

“I guess so,” she commented.

Why isn’t my charm working? Chandler wondered.

They both stepped out through the elevator doors and walked towards Jeremy’s apartment.

“Are you following me?” CP grinned.

Jess shook her head and smiled.  As she rang the bell, slow realization came.

Barely a few seconds passed before the door was opened and Jeremy rushed out to give Jess a tight hug. He lifted her off her feet and gave himself the luxury of inhaling the familiar scent of lavender.  As Jess nuzzled Jeremy’s neck, she sighed, God, she missed him so.

Jess finally whispered, “We’ve got company.”

Jeremy did not ease his hold of her, but whispered back, “I know. Don’t care.”

Chandler stood and gawked.

“Uh, hey CP,” Jeremy said, after a slight nudge from Jess forced him to let go.

linwork“You’ve been holding out on me, buddy,” Chandler teased.

Jeremy looked a bit embarrassed – only a bit.  You would have to be blind not to see the happiness in Jeremy’s eyes, though.  He had his arm around Jess, his hand resting on her hip – a sure sign of “Yeah, she’s mine.”

Jeremy shrugged, “Not every part of my life is out there.”

“I get it,” Chandler agreed; he knew that Jeremy protected his privacy like a hawk.  “I won’t say a thing – nor will I keep on disturbing.”

“If you needed to talk to Jeremy…” Jess said.

“I just wanted to ask if he wanted to go out for lunch,” Chandler explained, but judging from the look in his friend’s eyes, Jeremy had more things in mind  than lunch.  “We can all catch up and get acquainted later, right, Jeremy?”

“Sure,” Jeremy replied, “…after the game.”

“Nice to meet you, Jess.”

“You, too, Chandler,” she replied.

As Chandler took the elevator down to his floor, he thought, No wonder the flirting didn’t work.

“You must be tired,” Jeremy said in between kisses.

He had Jess exactly where she should be – in his arms, in his apartment, by his side.  They sat on his couch and relaxed after their lunch.

“Nothing a quick shower and nap won’t cure,” Jess murmured as she nipped at Jeremy’s lower lip.

Jeremy groaned – he so desperately wanted to do those things with her.  He hated not having more time with her before he had to leave for team practice.

“Have I said I missed you?” he asked.

“More than a dozen times since I arrived,” Jess grinned, “same number of times I said I missed you, too.”

He looked at her face, at the quick smile on her lips.  She’s really here.

“Josh will pick you up and bring you to the game,” he told her while he took her hand in his and became amazed at how big his palm was in comparison to hers.  The two J charms on the bracelet resting on her wrist jiggled and caught his attention.

“We’ll be having a late dinner with some of your teammates after?” Jess asked.  She rested her head against his chest and listened to the beat of his heart.

“Yeah,” Jeremy confirmed.

“I hope we get to say hi to Jared.”

jared Jeffries was a Blazer now – and the Portland Trailblazers are playing against the Rockets tonight.

“Me, too,” Jeremy shared.

“Do you miss the guys?” Jess asked.

“We send messages.  Landry’d call once in a while but we’re all busy with training and the season starting and all,” he sighed.  “I’m happy Toney is at least a familiar face – and Chandler, of course.  He’s been a great support.”

“I hear a new bromance is in the air,” Jess laughed.

LinSons19“Landry razzed me about that, too,” Jeremy chuckled.  “We talked about doing our handshake when the Raptors visit us later this month – but we decided that would be really weird for everybody.”

“Okay, enough talking,” Jeremy decided and lifted her unto his lap, her face facing his.  He took Jess’ hands in his and kissed them.  “I really missed you,” he said, his face serious, his forehead resting against hers.  Jess felt a twinge in her chest.  “I love you, Dumbo,” she whispered, as their lips met in slow but deep kisses. 

“I have never met a – person – like you – who is so crazy with karaoke,” Jess told Chandler.

“A white guy, you mean,” Chandler laughed as Jess lightly blushed.  “Jeremy told me the same thing the first time I dragged the newbies singing.”

“That’s true,” Jeremy laughed.  “He’s a whasian (white Asian) when karaoke is concerned.”

Josh Fan shook his head and added, “He is more Asian than I am, if that is what it means to be one.”

Chandler, Josh, Jess and Jeremy were gathered in the elevator on their way home.

The Rockets lost their first game at Toyota Center.  Jess felt Jeremy’s and Chandler’s disappointment, but it did not seem like they took the loss too badly.  The Rockets is the youngest team in the NBA and the whole roster was practically new.  Everything is an adjustment, Jeremy had said during one of their Skype conversations.

It had been weird sitting and watching the game at Toyota Center.   Part of her couldn’t help but compare it to Madison Square Garden during the “Linsane days”; it was definitely a change.  Jess did not voice her thoughts to Jeremy, though; because she knew that he probably felt it, too and was doing everything to adjust to all the things that were new in his life.

Jeremy needed her support – as much as she could give him with the distance they had between them.

“I just need to get some stuff from the apartment, Jer,” Josh was telling Jeremy.

Jess looked at him with a puzzled expression.  Josh was sharing the apartment with Jeremy and had his own room.

“I’ll be staying with CP,” Josh explained.

“You don’t have to,” Jess protested.

“Oh yes, he does,” Jeremy interrupted with a grin on his face.  Jessica blushed.

“It’s okay,” Josh reassured her.  “It’ll give me a break from him.”

He turned to Chandler and said, “Don’t even think about having karaoke sessions.”

“Thanks, Josh,” Jess said when their laughter died down.  Josh just gave her a smile.

“It’s great to see you’re in good hands,” Jess said as she stood and brushed her hair, her gaze following Jeremy as he took his shirt off.  He stood in bare feet and the usual shorts he loved to wear when he was at home. “Your teammates and friends are great.”

Jeremy crossed over to her and leaned to give her a soft kiss and said “But they’re not you.”  His words gave her a warm feeling.

Jess was quiet.  Knowing her, Jeremy knew she was probably feeling bad about being far away from him.

“Don’t be sad, Jess,” he said.

“I’m not…” Jess started to say, but she knew she couldn’t lie to him – not when he knows her so well. “Yes, I do feel bad.  I want to be here with you,” she admitted.

“You and I both know we don’t have the luxury of that – yet,” Jeremy reasoned.  “I am not going to ask you give up on your dreams.”

“And I love you for it,” Jess replied, “but…”

“No buts, Jess,” he said.

He took her in his arms, absorbing the emotions they were both feeling at the moment.  He just loves her so much.

When Jeremy suddenly lifted her towards the bed,  Jess hung on.

“That bed is – just wow,” she said.

“The best investment I’ve made,” he laughed as he gazed at the wide – and extra long – double-bed that had one of the best matresses he’d ever slept on.

He looked down at Jess as she lay in the middle of his bed now – his.

“Let me show you how much I’ve missed you,” he said with a smile.

“I missed you more,” Jess retorted.

“We’re even, then,” he mumbled against her lips.




Read on to Chapter 2

LinSons: Part 1 Audio Book

Hello everyone,

I would NEVER, NEVER thought that one of our piece of work would be turned into audio form.  BUT IT HAS…Thanks to the incredible person or persons at Infinitelydeep on YouTube that has happened.  It is incredible, myself and the rest of the Lin Ladies are extremely happy and excited and we cannot believe that our little blog has so much love.  THANK YOU ALL =)

P and Ladies

Letter from an Editor: The aftermath…


So amidst all this Reddit-bruhaha that flooded our blog with visitors in numbers so unreal these past two days – I felt overwhelmed and sad.

First of all, thank you to all those who “curiously” gave this blog a look and who had the decency not to barrage it with demeaning comments.

Second, we would like to reiterate that the writers here have written works of fiction and it would be foolish of anyone to take them seriously. Nothing is meant to put anyone in a bad light, spread rumors nor any other insinuations.

The next sentences are on me – and me alone.

As the person who has the written the most number of posts here, I just want to point something out – I hate the tags “gay fanfic” “homoerotica” or “homosexual fanfic”. 

I wrote a whole series of stories about undeniable attraction, human relationships and the highs and lows of loving.  I wrote what I imagined would be an epic and beautiful love story between two people. They aren’t perfect, they make mistakes, they get swayed by others around them and they hurt each other sometimes.  They are curious, affectionate, passionate, hard-working, emotional, temperamental, but most of all, they LOVE.

I wrote a story that has made readers laugh, giggle in excitement, cry, smile and wish for more when I had to end the tale. It was an awesome love story that just happened to be about two people of the same gender. I refuse to let tags malign that.

Judging from our stats before a couple of days ago, we’re not that unpopular – in fact, we have loyal readers.

It’s not for everybody – that I know.  I never assumed that it would be, nor did I ever want to stick it down people’s throats.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Just me,